Organic Thai Green Curry Paste



Voted “Best Thai Green Curry” by Epicurious, our deliciously spicy Thai Green Curry paste is made from organic green chillies and fresh herbs. This easy-to-use paste requires no additional herbs or spices! Just add coconut milk and your meat/vegetable of choice. Also doubles as a marinade.


  • USDA and EU certified organic
  • Vegan
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • No added sugar
  • Gluten-free
  • Oil-free

USDA Organic
EU Organic


Voted “Best Thai Green Curry” by Epicurious, our deliciously spicy Thai Green Curry paste is made from organic green chillies and fresh herbs. This easy-to-use paste requires no additional herbs or spices! Just add coconut milk and your meat/vegetable of choice. Also doubles as a marinade.

*USDA and EU certified organic


*No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors

*No added sugar



Green Chilli*, Shallots*, Garlic*, Lime Juice*, Galangal*, Lemongrass*, Spices*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Gluten-Free Soy Sauce* (Brown Rice*, Soybeans*, Salt, Water), Kaffir Lime Leaves* *Organic ingredients

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339 reviews for Organic Thai Green Curry Paste

  1. Beckie S

    Wonderful curry!
    This is a great product! The order came when it said it would arrive. It was packaged well. The green curry paste has a wonderful, fresh flavor and is a little hot. It spreads really nice and makes anything taste great!

  2. D. Collins

    This is a delicious paste!
    The green curry paste is very good! (Have not used the red and yellow yet.) I used some to make a tempeh curry. Yum! Thank you! ☺

  3. ErnieBerley

    awesome product!
    awesome product…..if you like Thai food this is a great base….lid hard to get off however,, if u must, punch a hole in top and it will come off easily.

  4. Cheryl Ng

    I loved it and will definitely start cooking a lot more Thai foods. I used two tablespoons in a sweet potato/carrot/coconut milk soup. I was so pleasantly surprised at how spicy and flavorful it was.

  5. Andoa

    Delicious and Potent
    Last night I threw together a meal with ground turkey, onions, potatoes, dandelion greens, carrots, coconut milk and this green curry paste. It was delicious! I put in two tablespoons of paste, and I probably could have gotten away with one. It is potent stuff! I love that there are no fillers or additives, no added sugar either. Great product!

  6. John

    Just plain delicious, and healthy too!
    In general I like to make things from scratch, and since I have tried giving up added sugar in products, it makes it even harder to find a ready made sauce or product that doesn’t have added sugar. So I was really delighted to find this Mekhala sauce… super easy to work with, saves me time like a pre-made sauce should, but without compromising my health.
    I should make it clear I also find it really, really tasty… so it is win-win – great taste, and ingredient profile that I want. I’d highly recommend.

  7. Amie C

    Easiest way to turn a simple, plain dish into something remarkable
    I received a set of Mekhala products about 1 week ago and experimented a bit with it. I have to say, they are delicious and super easy to use. Depending on what you are cooking (veggies, meats, fish, …) you can crate super flavorful stuff with just some coconut milk and one of the Mekhala pastes.

  8. Glomaster General

    Will buy again
    Delicious taste and very clean ingredients. My husband and I both love this curry paste.

  9. Kate

    Deliciously Hot & Spicy
    I loved it and will definitely start cooking a lot more Thai foods. I used two tablespoons in a sweet potato/carrot/coconut milk soup. I was so pleasantly surprised at how spicy and flavorful it was.

  10. Arcy

    Good but spicy!
    We ordered both green and red curries. I made the green curry first and found that the recommended half a jar was almost not strong enough and the heat was mild. So when I made the red, I held back a little of the coconut milk. It was so spicy we could hardly eat it! I added a second can of coconut milk and that calmed down the heat but also diluted some of the flavor. I would recommend adding the coconut milk first, then adding the paste to match your taste. The good thing is that I will be able to get more meals out of a single jar of red… unless perhaps we happened to get a batch with particularly potent peppers? Regardless, this is the better than any paste I’ve found at the grocery store.

  11. Lisa Powell

    Love the light aromatic flavor
    I love using almond milk instead of coconut, this curry pairs wonderfully. Love that it does not contain any shrimp paste. I would recommend to a friend and will buy again.

  12. Jim Cyganek

    Yummy curry, but hot!
    Outstanding flavor. Makes it easy to create curries with wonderful depth of flavor. The heat was a tad more than expected – be careful with how much product you use within your first dish.

  13. Betsy

    Wonderful flavor
    Made a new recipe and this brand was recommended. It was a soup. It was delicious with a great flavor and just enough heat!

  14. Krista

    Decent green curry paste!
    This is a pretty good paste to use if you are pressed for time. It has decent flavors and if you’re craving green curry for dinner and only have 40 minutes, this is a good buy. Simply add your choice of protein and/or vegetables and stir in the paste and you’re good to go. I’d like for it to be a little more spicy but that’s just a personal preference – I could easily add more red chili flakes. Overall I’d recommend it!

  15. Amber

    The best green curry paste i’ve found
    Green curry is always my go-to order for thai food, and until this curry paste, I have always been disappointed with attempts to make it at home. Not anymore! This stuff is fantastic and green curry is now a weekly staple in our house. I originally found it at the grocery store, but it’s been hard to find there lately so I’m happy to order online now.

  16. may may

    best ever, love it. Quite spicy, beware

  17. Morgan L.

    🤤🤤🤤 I made a marvelous curry with this stuff. I used the whole jar and it was quite spicy. I am handle spice pretty well but as I was making it for the family, I added an extra can of coconut milk to tone it down a bit. It’s spicy! But so flavorful and I will probably stick to this curry brand for long while. Highly recommend!!

  18. Kshade27

    Restocked on all my curries and this brand is the best. I like to get their red, green and yellow curries.

  19. Amazing G

    It’s got authentic Thai green curry flavor
    So much better than the usual Thai green curry paste. Just mix with can of Thai coconut milk.

  20. Rosalyn a.

    I normally make my own curry sauce but tried this to save time. The spice level was perfect. I mixed it with rotisserie chicken and some rice. Super fast, super easy and super delicious. Will definitely buy again.

  21. Carmen L.

    I really enjoyed the Mekhala Organic Green Curry Paste. I made green curry with tofu, and am so impressed with the product. I am happy to buy this again in other flavors.

  22. Merrique R.

    These were incredibly easy to cook with and full of flavor. It gave my curry a flavor with a lot more depth. It also tasted more authentic to me. It added something that was missing from my homemade curries.

  23. Marley N.

    I used the green curry paste to make a delicious tofu curry. Was blown away by how strong and authentic this paste tasted. It’s unlike any other store bought curry I’ve had. Better than some resturaunts. I love that flavors are all natural and it’s vegan. I will purchase the other flavors next !

  24. Laura T.

    I tried the Organic Green Curry Paste by Mekhala in my chicken dish made following recipe using coconut milk and it has just the right amount of spices. The chicken soaked up the flavors in the paste and over rice it was even better. I’m trying Tom Tum next

  25. Max S.

    i thought it would be way too spicy but just right amount of kick in my stir-fry noodle chicken dish yum the whole family loved this dish and sauce

  26. David S.

    The wife couldn’t believe I made it! It was so easy too. I just cooked some chicken, chopped some veggies and simmered the curry paste with some coconut milk. It was just like the restaurants.

  27. Mia H.

    I loved trying these pastes because I’m always looking for easy ways to try restaurant quality food at home. The green curry paste was just like what you get at the Thai restaurants and was delicious with coconut milk, noodles and veggies.

  28. Cindy L.

    This tastes very good. It is convenience to cook. Small pack keeps it fresh. Just needs to put the pertain and ingredients and you will get the delicious curry.

  29. Brianna J.

    I tried the green curry paste and it was great with mixed vegetables. I would love to try the others as well. It has a strong flavor so you don’t have to use much.

  30. Anita M.

    I love this product because flavor wise, it really does stand up to the Thai flavors. I like that it’s vegan so I can use this to cook for my vegan friends, but also, for myself and my family, I can always add fish sauce for added flavor. This paste is not overly salty and works well in stir frys as well as curries.

  31. Maria B.

    I love green curry and this Mekhala curry was so authentic tasting. Easy to find in the store and easy to use. Ready to go and did not need much.

  32. gil k.

    I got the green curry paste and the lemongrass option and used it for a ramen dish and a curry. Both had a lot of flavor and tasted very fresh. I especially appreciate that these are all vegan products and do not contain fish as many other asian pastes.

  33. Janeth A.

    I did NOT expect this to be as authentic tasting as it is. I got the green curry paste and expected it to be pretty mild in taste. I opened it and throughtlessly took a big whiff and let me tell you that it made me sneeze like crazy lol. Just by the smell, I knew it was going to be deliciously strong and just plain good. I made a chicken veggie curry with Thai basil and snow peas and diluted it with a bit of veggie broth and coconut milk. Let me just say that this was AMAZING. Yes, it is pricey but, in a pinch when you don’t want to make your own or don’t have the time, this is a wonderful backup.

  34. Sam M.

    I love making curry and always use green curry paste from Thai Kitchen. So this time I bought green curry paste from Mekhala and it was great! Much more flavorful than Thai Kitchen paste.

  35. Rosanne A.

    Absolutely delicious. Loved the spice level. Made with chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers and coconut milk. Threw it over some rice. Easy to find at Safeway and we would definitely purchase again.

  36. Nancy C.

    I used the Organic Green Curry Paste to make a Veggie Curry. This brand is really delicious. Gave it a really nice flavor. I will be buying this brand again.

  37. Komal A.

    I like that this green curry paste was all natural and no fish added. It tasted just like restaurant. I am very impressed and it is my new favorite. I have tried several paste from other companies but they tasted awful. Love this new product.

  38. Linda K.

    “I love the Mekhala green curry paste! I followed the directions and added coconut milk, veggies, and chicken. It was delicious, so easy and quick .. 15 minutes! The dish was spicy and flavorful without being too hot. I also love that it is organic. This made such a healthy meal and was so convenient.
    I am looking forward to trying Mekhala’s other products.”

  39. Rusmin H.

    Our family love keto coconut Thai curry chicken dish. I tried the Mekhala Organic Green Curry Paste to make the Thai green curry chicken and vegetables dish. I followed the label instructions, it’s very easy and quick to prepare. The chicken green curry and jasmine rice was a perfect family dinner.

  40. Refka A.

    It was easy to find in the aile but hard to find a store that carried it. I looked in three stores until i was able to find it. Its my first time trying something like this. It makes cooking alot more fun. Food tasted very delicious. I recommend it highly

  41. Bari G.

    Thai food is one of my favorites, and curry paste makes it so easy to get all of the flavor without having to buy a ton of ingredients. I decided to go with the green curry paste and made a tofu curry the whole family enjoyed. I’ll be replacing my current curry paste with Mekhala.

  42. Lauren J.

    I tried the green curry paste and it was delicious! I would definitely try more of their products. They were flavorful and spicy and made a great meal!

  43. Jessica N.

    This was really easy to use and easy to put together for a quick dinner meal. I made mine with chicken and some veggies that I needed to use up. The best part is that you don’t really need a lot of things to make this curry; just whatever you have at hand. After it all simmers together, it tastes so good. The instructions say to use a few tablespoons per cup of liquid, but I ended up using about half of the jar for one can of coconut milk. It definitely made it spicier but I love it that way, I even added extra jalapeno. Of course you can adjust it to your liking/preference. I love to top my curry with cilantro and lime too, served with rice or pita bread. My partner LOVED it. It’s a comfort meal and I can foresee having this a lot more during the winter months. I would recommend and I look forward to trying the other flavors.

  44. Jazmin G.

    So I do buy and use paste but I usually buy the red but I chose the green curry paste and it was so delicious and tasty made it with chicken and rice

  45. Cathy Y.

    These are soooooo yummy! I got the organic green curry paste and cooked baby corn, carrots, onions and chicken together with it. Taste just like straight from restaurant!

  46. Ken l.

    The Green Curry paste was fantastic and tasted fairy authentic. I like how easy it was to prepare the dish and the flavor was great. I appreciate the organic materials and environmentally friendly production process.

  47. Kelly M.

    This sauce was really good I used it with some vegetables in a stirfry and I also use it in a stew it was very good I like the flavor is very intense and very authentic

  48. Mia I.

    I tried the Organic Green Curry Paste. I love the flavor, the minimal ingredients and the kick! It’s very delicious! It is also easy to use.

  49. Victoria F.

    I loved these pastes! I used them in my chicken marinades and they really gave it a deep flavor and richness than my usual marinades. These help to elevate any meal to something better.

  50. Hitomi K.

    I’m so lucky to have a chance to use the Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala. The product is made with handpicked organic, all-nat& vegan-friendly ingredients. Also it’s an environmental-friendly production process. I can make more Asian dishes often, cause it’s so easy to use.

  51. james l.

    I am always looking for a new flavors or dishes to try and the green curry tasted great. You just need to add some coconut milk to make a delicious dish.

  52. Sophia W.

    We tried the green curry paste. It smells and tastes fresh. We made green curry seafood, just a little teaspoon made the entire pot flavourful and spicy.

  53. Karen N.

    I absolutely love the flavor of the green curry paste. You can taste the freshness and the quality of the ingredients. I used it with my rice, chicken, and vegetables and it enhanced the flavor without overpowering it. It was so delicious and I appreciate al the good clean ingredients in it. My kids even loved the flavor which is great for family dinners. I will be definitely getting this again for lunch or dinner.

  54. Melissa M.

    “Loved how easy this product made it super easy to add a gourmet flavor to plain ole dishes. Sure
    did brighten up the taste buds. Also liked the all-natural, vegan ingredients, mindful of who I
    am serving it to.”

  55. Ellen Y.

    I’ve struggled in the past to make green curry from scratch and it always lacked the right flavor. I’m so glad to find the Mekhala green curry paste because it makes making green curry a breeze – which is important because I have even less time to spend cooking now that I’m pregnant! And since it’s organic and made from high quality ingredients, I don’t have to worry about eating junk food while growing my baby.

  56. Jitendra A.

    I have tried so many green curry paste in the past but it just never worked. After using this paste I was very happy that finally I was able to make green curry that has no fish taste and smells amazing too.

  57. stella d.

    I love the flavors of the green curry paste. I added it to a rice and vegetable bowl, and added a nice zing to the dish. This is made with clean organic ingredients, which is a huge plus!

  58. Sally D.

    The green curry paste is outstanding and full of flavor. It is made with organic and clean ingredients. I added it to a rice and chicken dish, and the family loved it.

  59. Peter S

    I bought the green curry paste. I never purchased a product like this before; I previously made my own curry paste. This was extremely convenient to use, great flavor, quality ingredients.

  60. Rajeev J.

    The paste tasted great, we enjoyed with family and friends, we enjoyed the unique flavor and taste, will go back to the store for more and recommend

  61. Judee S.

    “I liked everything about this Curry. It added much flavor to the Chicken recipe I used.I Would recommend this product.
    My Husband had seconds.”

  62. Angela C.

    This feels like it could last a long time. A little goes a long way here. (Learned the hard way.) Sour tangy lemongrass makes the citrus flavor flavor and it’s why I prefer the green or yellow to red. 🙂 Lots of heat but eh prefect amount. And the burn does not stay with you. It’s such a flavorful and enjoyable experience. So easy to mix with veggies, protein, rice, etc. We enjoyed it with veggies, tofu, and rice.

  63. Jennifer U.

    This is the BEST green curry paste I’ve used. OMG you can actually smell and taste the spices and herbs unlike other green curry paste that just douse their paste with flaming hot spiciness from chilis. That is not spices! Spicy doesn’t equate to “spices”! Mekhala has mastered the green curry paste all while using whole, organic ingredients. This is my new go-to green curry paste forever now!

  64. John O.

    This is a really good product with great flavor. I love spicy food and my only caveat would be that it is quite spicy. The container is small but a little goes a long way. Recommended to anyone who likes something with some serious kick.

  65. Stacey W.

    I’m usually a fan of red curry but decided to try the green curry paste for a new recipe. It was amazing! High quality ingredients, great taste and texture! I’ll be adding this product to my normal cooking staples!

  66. Katye B.

    I was very impressed by the flavors and the quality of ingredients. I made a curry and it was so fragrant and delicious. I plan on buying the lemongrass for soup. Clean and delicious!

  67. Stacy L.

    Tried the green curry paste and it was fantastic! Perfect timing for SOUP SEASON upon us. Rice noodles, veggies and tofu curry. For another night we did chicken. Added some light coconut cream to it at the end and it was delicious. Definitely adding to my future grocery list. Will try the red curry paste the next time. I only wish they sold this at Sprouts or Whole Foods where I normally shop.

  68. Nicole O.

    I tried the Green Curry paste and used chicken and rice with it. My family loved it! It was just spicy enough and super filling. Easy to use. I will definitely be trying other flavors!

  69. Esther C.

    It’s organic and it packs a punch in your curry recipes. Be careful, the green curry is very spicy! I used approximately 2 heaping teaspoons in a vegetable and shrimp curry dish I was making with vegetable broth and coconut milk. My husband and I both enjoyed the spicy flavor, and the product easily dissolved in the broth.

  70. Caroline W.

    This is what I really needed in my life! I like cooking, but oftentimes, it gets too complicated, and after a long and exhausting workday, I am not in the mood to hunt for 74 different ingredients to make a delicious dinner. This is where these little guys came in. You only need two tablespoons in milk, almond milk, or any other plant-based drink, bring to a boil, and within minutes you have created a yummy sauce for your rice and protein dinner. The texture is very smooth, and it is so easy to work with. But you can also use it as a marinade for chicken, shrimp etc. Soooooo good! I cannot wait to try the other flavors.

  71. Liza J.

    “The Organic Green Curry paste by Mekhala I tried was amazing.

    The paste, coupled with coconut milk, served as a wonderful base for a delicious chicken vegetable curry I made. It was bursting with a lovely combination of flavors and was reminiscent of delicious Thai curries I have tried in restaurants. The curry I made was great along with some Jasmine rice.

    I look forward to trying this curry paste in other ways, including as a marinade and featured in suggested recipes on the Mekhala website.

    Based on how great the Green Curry paste was, I am sure the other flavors will be wonderful as well and I plan on eventually trying all of them. “

  72. michelle h.

    The Green Curry Organic Cooking Paste by Mekhala was easy and convenient to use. It was full flavored and delicious and had a pleasant consistency and spice level.

  73. Kathy P.

    The paste are very concentrated and goes a long way. Loved it for a quick paste to add to coconut milk. Will buy again to use for dinner. Loved it

  74. Lee M.

    Wow! These pastes are so tasty and convenient to add to our cooking! with natural ingredients and balanced taste our family gobble up the food in no time! will try these pastes with a small turkey or other poultries in the coming weeks!

  75. ste k.

    I had never tried this before but thought it was worth a shot. It is easy to use and add to my dishes to create a new flavor that everyone likes

  76. Michelle B.

    I really enjoyed using this paste. It was so easy to use. All you had to do with add coconut milk. It would be great if there was a version that had the milk already to make it even more user friendly. But amazing taste. I love making my own curry with vegetables.

  77. Melissa M.

    I really like this paste. I added it to sauted broccoli,carrots, mushrooms, and baby corn. I also added some coconut milk and i served it over a bed of rice! My family loved it!

  78. Jay G.

    I like the taste of this paste are use the green curry to make Asian dish, A vegan green curry, of course I had to add coconut milk but still I feel like I could’ve used two jars

  79. Araceli A.

    I tried the Green Curry Paste tonight. I made chicken and vegetable green curry with coconut milk and it came out delicious! It was so easy to use and such a time saver to use the Green Curry Paste instead of having to buy all the individual components that go into a green curry. The flavor and spice level were just right. The only trouble I has was it was a little hard to find in the grocery store. I went to the sauce aisle I was told it be at and could not find it. I did try the international aisle and that’s where it was.

  80. Julie B

    I really enjoyed this product. I like that it doesn’t have shellfish in it so it’s vegan and safe for allergies. I also like that it’s so small because larger jars of curry pastes usually go bad before I use it all.

  81. Stephanie H.

    Mekhala’s green curry paste is so easy to use. I made green curry in less than 30 minutes! How awesome is that? Having a jar of curry paste is a time & energy saver. It’s very convenient, easy to prepare and most importantly very delicious.

  82. Shoshi R.

    Loving the Organic Green Curry Paste by Mekhala. It’s so easy to prepare and goes great with chicken, fish or vegetables and pairs amazing with tofu. Spicy savory flavors that meld perfectly together. Pairs wonderfully with Basmati rice as well. A definite yum!

  83. Oxy B.

    I’ve never made a curry before, it came out great. I just followed the instructions on the can: combined veggies, coconut milk and a couple of spoons of green curry paste and let it simmer for 10 mins. It has some kick to it, but not too hot.

  84. Beth K.

    I enjoyed this product. We added to tofu and vegetables and it created a great flavored meal! I love that it is vegan and easy to make a great curry sauce.

  85. Lorena L.

    I really like this cooking paste! I tried the green curry flavor and it was amazing to add to rice bowls, I will definitely be getting this again

  86. Kay L.

    It’s super easy to use, really well packed for easy storage and it is potent enough that you don’t need a lot of it to cook with. It’s really tasty and healthy too.

  87. Grace C.

    This green curry was wonderful. After following the instructions and frying it up, it tasted just like our usual Thai takeout. It was very fragrant and blended perfectly with our coconut milk. This jar would probably last about 3 meals for 3 people.

  88. Annie C.

    We used this paste with coconut milk and chicken. We also add some onion and potatoes. It tastes so good and love the aroma of the green curry.

  89. Heather L.

    Tastes good. Tastes fresh. Seems like a healthy option and much easier than making my own! I will never make my own again after trying this product

  90. Estelle K.

    I enjoyed the Green Curry flavor! It wasn’t too spicy or too sweet and complimented my dish perfectly without overpowering it. I anticipate trying it out again!

  91. Suzanne h.

    I mixed the Mekhala green curry paste with coconut milk, potatoes, garlic and peas to make samosa fillings. I only needed to add a small amount of the paste to add delicious flavor.

  92. Lane F.

    Loving Mekhala’s Organic Cooking Pastes. I tried the organic green curry paste and it was absolutely delicious. I used the paste with both chicken and shrimps. The flavor, texture and mouthfeel was incredible. So aromatic bite after bite. It pairs wonderfully with basmati rice as well.

  93. Maddy E.

    this product was great size is very small for price almost makes me hesitant to buy but seeing as you only use a little i can kind of justify the price

  94. Christine N.

    This was my first time trying Mekhala’s cooking paste. I was very satisfied with the all-natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, and it was a perfect combination for my broth.

  95. JERRI A.

    I love this green curry paste as I can cook my veggies and meat with just 2 teaspoons. This little jar lasts for a long time. I love it because it is organic and from Thailand.

  96. Bianca E.

    I love this green curry paste as I can cook my veggies and meat with just 2 teaspoons. This little jar lasts for a long time. I love it because it is organic and from Thailand.

  97. Tung N.

    Tried the green curry paste recently and thought it was just as good as the brand I currently use. I didn’t tell my family of the change and nobody could tell the difference. I also like that it is organic as we are trying to eat better.

  98. Sylvia L.

    This paste was a little challenging to find, but worth the search. Flavorful and blended well with seafood, poultry and vegetables, it has a kick and yet very pleasant to eat. Highly recommended and will repurchase!

  99. Chris T.

    This is a great addition to cooking pastes. I especially like the one I tried – the Green Curry. It could be added to many items. I added it to a plant based patty on the grill and got a delicious flavor.

  100. Jazzmin R.

    I used this to season my chicken breast. I am not used to cooking with curry but I decided to give it a try and bet on my cooking skills to guide me on making a new flavorful dish. It was so tasty I could really taste the freshness in every bite.

  101. Donna L.

    Love this curry product! Its like making restaurant quality curry at home with all natural ingredients. No fillers. No ingredients I can’t pronounce! I tried the green curry paste and it had the perfect amount of heat. Can’t wait to try their other products.

  102. Lyn C.

    SO GOOD and a must buy! Made it using some chicken breast and it was delicious. Highly recommend the green curry, it was definitely the perfect meal

  103. Chandrakant P.

    I like the taste, flavor, variety and the source of the paste. It tastes authentic and reminds of old good days. It goes really well with all curries and adds taste and flavor.

  104. Zairah M.

    Great authentic tasting curry paste! The taste was just right and very close to what I used to eat at home. Would love to try again as it was easy to use.

  105. Sophia A.

    Using a recipe from Mekhala’s website, I made a delicious Thai chicken curry with eggplants and mushrooms using the Green Curry Paste. A delicious and easy weeknight meal I would recommend, especially in the colder months!

  106. Ashley A.

    I’ve already purchased every flavor after trying the green curry. This manages to bottle true Thai green curry flavor with clean vegan ingredients and no artificial. Love the brand mission too.

  107. matthew d.

    I really liked this product. the spicy kick was crazy and unexpected but I loved it. I got the green curry paste and want to try the lemongrass

  108. Chelsea a.

    I used this product to make some chicken curry with some mixed veggies and rice,& it turned out so Delicious! I only seasoned my chicken and didn’t need to add anything else to the sauce because of how flavorful it already was .love that it’s organic & has no oil ! Definitely recommend and I can’t wait to try the other flavor options.

  109. Mandy E.

    I’ve tried many different green curry pastes on the market and this is my favorite. Such clean, healthy ingredients with no preservatives and such a great flavor. Love!

  110. Alyssa P.

    So freaking good! I love cooking ethnic foods, especially curry. But since curry has so many ingredients its so hard to make from scratch. This product tastes like the real deal and makes cooking asian food so much easier. It’s so versatile too, you can use it with chicken, tofu, fish, shrimp, etc.!

  111. Kyle A.

    I enjoyed the green curry paste with a little chicken veggies stirfry. It comes in a tiny jar but it is packed with flavor. Very tasty and looking forward to trying red curry next.

  112. Hallie H.

    At first I was surprised at how small this jar was but once I opened it I realized it was full of flavor. I followed the instructions in the back and made a green curry with vegetables to eat over rice. Super flavor and delicious I liked how quick and easy this was to cook up as well for a healthy meal!

  113. Trina W.

    What an easy dinner solution! I served this over chicken, rice and spinach it was absolutely delicious. It’s very easy to make and my family loved the Asian flavors!

  114. Leah G.

    I use this brand as a base to my curry. The flavor was delicious but I mostly appreciate the organic and clean ingredients! I will purchase again.

  115. Susan J.

    I used this curry paste for a new recipe and it was delicious. It was my first time cooking with a curry paste and won’t be the last. I have bought the lemongrass tumeric to try as well. Great flavours and easy to use. Highly recommend

  116. Aly M.

    This was soooo good. I got the green curry sauce & the minute you pop the top you smell those great spices. I think it had a good picture to it & honestly surprised. I thought it would fall bland but I was sooooo wrong. You definitely need to try these. There are red & yellow I need to get my hands on now. This is a lot of flavor in this jar.

  117. Adrienne

    Organic Thai Green Curry
    It was easy to use & delicious. Sometimes I just crave green curry and this satisfies the tastebuds. Mixed with coconut milk and veggies over coconut rice. OMG Yum! It has just the right amount of heat, not too hot & not too mild. 😋👍

  118. Cherie R.

    I never thought I could make a curry at home, but this cooking pastes allow me to do just that! The pastes are super concentrated and all you have to do is add vegetables and noodles and you have a super delicious curry in no time. Would absolutely recommend!

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    I really enjoyed the Organic Cooking pastes from Mekhala. It tastes better than my current product, and my whole family enjoyed it! Highly recommended!

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    Great organic cooking paste I would definitely recommend this for anyone that likes to cook with this. I will purchasing this in the near future

  122. Jenna K.

    I tried the green curry paste in my tofu coconut curry dinner. I really enjoyed the flavors of this paste and it brought such a brightness to the dish. I loved the colors of their pastes so I am excited to try the others!

  123. Karen R.

    This curry sauce is great.I was a bit taken aback by the tiny size of the jar but it is quite concentrated and a couple of spoonfuls goes a long way. The sauce is very flavorful and definitely enhances the taste of the dish.

  124. Jesse J.

    Got to try this product for free, and really liked that this organic cooking paste used handpicked organic, all – natural and vegan friendly ingredients

  125. Simi B.

    I really appreciate that these are all vegan and have a really wonderful amount of flavor. There is a balance of spices and a nice kick, which you can always adjust to taste. I always will reach for Mekhala when I cook Thai!

  126. Caitlin o.

    Definitely was a good taste. Different taste but would use again and try different flavors. Would definitely try different products of theres also

  127. joseph f.

    My family really love this organic cooking paste. They were very easy to add to our Asian dish. I feel good about using them because they are organic all natural and vegan.

  128. Piyapa T.

    Organic green curry paste is so delicious. I fry with chicken breast and green tomatoes and it’s perfect taste. Maybe little too sweet but over all is great

  129. Marianne M.

    I got the Green Curry paste. I wish I could try more flavors! I mixed it into a coconut stir fry and it was good. A little bit goes a long way. It tasted nice and had a good amount of acidity.

  130. Caroline P.

    The green curry paste was delicious! really clean ingredients and potent which make a really yummy green coconut curry. Would buy this again

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    This sauce has an excellent combination of ingredients that manage to give a unique flavor to different dishes that are commonly made at home.

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    I love how authentically delicious this green curry is! Superior quality and organic ingredients. Easy to incorporate into a favorite recipe. I look forward to trying other flavored sauces by this brand.

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    Perfect for a tofu or chickpea curry! I love how versatile it is and easy to use. I really appreciate that this product is coconut-free as I am allergic. Really easy and tasty!

  134. Ady G.

    The green curry was sweet and good enough to waken the palate and liven up the dishes! I like how the jar is easy to open and store for a long time!

  135. Christina W.

    I mixed this with oat milk, chicken stock, and chicken and leftover veggies. A DELICIOUS, quick, and healthy dinner! Super easy to use. Will buy again.

  136. Marty L.

    I chose Mekhala organic green curry to try. I are a sauce with it and used it over some roasted mixed vegetables. Very good flavor and something I will make frequently

  137. Ruveyda C.

    I loved the flavor. It is organic. I am not so familiar with Indian cuisine but I loved it. I used some salt and sugar. You need to add coconut milk. I added kefir and it made a great dish.

  138. Spike L.

    My husband is from Guyana. It’s all about the CURRY!!! Green Curry is NOT the same as Yellow Curry. The first time I had it, I thought his mother was trying to kill me. Curry, or as I call it, “”The Colon Cleanser”” can be bland or spicy enough to peel paint. Most people add it to oil and then, use it in their dishes. A small amount of this will clear your sinus & your entire intestinal tract.
    If you have lost your sense of taste due to health issues, you WILL TASTE THIS!!!! I put it on some fried chicken. It was GREAT! I very rarely give 5 stars to Anything! This gets my vote.”

  139. Charles S.

    I had the green curry paste and used it to make a delicious greeny curry soup. The paste has a great flavor and is very strong . I was able to use less than the recipe called for

  140. SANDRA B.

    I used the paste with coconut milk to make a chicken and vegetable stir fry. Wow I absolutely loved it and will for sure make again. Easy to find. Organic is a plus!

  141. Corey B.

    The sauce was easy to use and provided a ton of flavor with just a bit of paste. We used the Green Curry Paste to make one of the suggested recipes and we really enjoyed it. I also love that they are mission based as a company.

  142. Nami S.

    Our regular green curry Paste is no longer imported so we decided to try Mekhala’s Green Curry Paste. Added some chicken and veggies and the result was an amazing Thai Chicken Green curry as good as the one we order from our favorite thai food restaurant. Loved it…and it is natural…

  143. Gordon Y.

    i tried the green curry paste. i mixed it with some coconut milk and chicken and it ended up being very tasty. i wish it was a bit cheaper though.

  144. Rutuj C.

    I was skeptical about the product at first, but I would say I absolutely love it. I used it to make a dish I like and used it to replace a paste I normally would cook with, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

  145. Mei L.

    This little bottle packs a lot of flavor. I had cooked a 4 serving portion and just had to use 2 tsp. I love green curry and this Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala really satisfies my craving and I can cook it in a few minutes.

  146. Divya M.

    This is an incredibly flavorful cooking product that can enhance the flavor of almost any dish with just one scoop of this paste. Perfect for curry

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    This made one mean, green vegetable curry over rice. The taste and flavor was authentic to traditional recipes. This was convenient, organic and vegan friendly so checked all of my boxes.

  148. Rick M.

    I love green curry I recently tried mekhala Thai Green Curry Paste. I absolutely loved it. I follow the recipe on the bottle it was super easy and quick recipe. From now on it will be the only brand I’ll using it.

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  150. Tami D.

    I tried the Mekhala Green Curry Paste, and it was very good. I used it in a curry stew and everyone in the family loved it. The next product I’d like to try is Lemongrass Turmeric.

  151. Jeanell O.

    I tried the green curry paste to make Thai curry. It was so convenient to have a base and the dish turned out so flavorful! I love the simple ingredients and will be trying their other varieties next time.

  152. Virginia T.

    I loved this seasoning paste and was impressed by the high-quality ingredients and good nutritional profile. It was not too salty and had a good spicy curry flavour. The spice was not overpowering and the flavours were complex. I have not tried other green curry pastes before so I cannot compare it directly to other brands but I can say that I am a fan. It came with a little recipe suggestion pamphlet and I liked that it was in a sustainable glass jar. It also says that it’s sustainably made which I appreciate.

  153. Nancy H.

    Mekhala Organic Cooking Pastes are better than restaurants for me. I can read the ingredients, and they are vegetarian friendly. I feel like I can cook without having to buy 50 ingredients for one dish.

  154. wilson c.

    I like curry on rice and to use the green curry it maje the food and rice taste that much better abd very delicious I have gotten a few mire for the family thanks.

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    Tried the green curry and loved it. Not too Spicey, which I loved, and was great with coconut milk, veggies and chicken.
    Would be interested in trying the other ones.

  156. Sandy L.

    This product was so easy to use. All you had to do was add a protein or vegetable of choice and cook away. The product was both delicious and made of good ingredients

  157. Sarena M.

    First I’d like to say that I received this product in exchange for my honest review of Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala.
    I haven’t seen before green curry, I could eat it morning noon and night and snacks in between I absolutely love it.
    When I first opened the jar and tasted Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala I was pleasantly surprised. I like how the flavors were dancing in my tongue. It welcomed me. I added my normal ingredients and I will be honest it was wonderful. I have only had one that was better but it was at a restaurant.
    So I will say I will be buying more green curry I also tried the lemongrass tumeric flavor I make a simple broth soup this stepped it up a notch. I can see myself buying more and making this a normal addition to it.
    I love that the salt content is low it relies on natural flavors to season. I’ve had others I taste too much salt. This was definitely not at all like that.
    Give it a try you’ll love it.

  158. Linda S.

    I throw some veggies and chicken into the crockpot along with some coconut milk and it turned out amazing! My house smelled amazing and everyone in my family really enjoyed it. This tasted like take out!

  159. Yashwant K.

    Making curries from scratch takes a lot of time. If it is a week-day and you want to hurry the process you can use the Mekhala paste. I got the Green curry paste for putting together a dish with summer squashes and mushrooms. Came out very well, light meal where you don’t need to worry if you missed any spices.

  160. Ashley D.

    I loved these cooking pastes! So flavorful and great to marinate veggies in for stir fries, and also for meat like cooking chicken. I loved and will buy again.

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    I really like the taste of this paste, and my family likes it too. I tried the green curry spicy flavor and it is super. I will definitely buy more and cannot wait to try other flavors.

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    I am very fond of using various spices in my food and was very happy to try these out as well. I tried the green curry paste and found it very similar to what I have had at home. Makes cooking easy. Happy that all ingredients are organic as well. Great!

  163. Ylihas G.

    With this pastas that contain a great combination of vegan ingredients our dishes acquire a unique and special flavor. Ideal for macaroni and meats in sauce.

  164. Helen L.

    I tried the Mekhala green curry cooking sauce and I’m sold. The taste is authentic with some heat. The flavor and texture blend well with my chicken and rice. It was very convenient to use. I recommend it.

  165. DJ M.

    Wowie… we enjoyed the green curry paste and found the flavor to be amazing. The curry was a great add-in to our favorite rice dishes, but we also used it as a dip base.

  166. Ranj S.

    This vegan friendly organic cooking paste is a must have in every pantry. I tried the vegan curry with vegetables and it turned to be so delicious and flavorful. I would like to try new recipes and other flavors.

  167. Bogdan S.

    As a cook I prefer to add raw and organic ingredients&spices and mixing it to my taste. Surprisingly I discovered this paste, with a great taste and awesome ingredients.

  168. Jessica Z.

    I followed the 10 munite green cutter recipe and my home made curry did not disappoint me. Each jar is said to make 7 servings but to us it may only be enough for 4 servings.

  169. Kelly g.

    Excellent Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala. Ideal for sauces, macaroni, soups, meats. It is a spectacular seasoning that gives your plate flavor and color.

  170. Kiran K.

    I was so happy to find a clean organic Thai curry paste! Do not let the small bottle fool you. The quality of ingredients and lack of fillers make it well worth it and the flavors very clear.

  171. Summer Y.

    These were with the cooking sauces in Whole Foods, and were hard to find because the jars were much smaller than similar products. It makes sense though, because you only need a little in each recipe to have a big impact on flavor. Delicious!

  172. Caroline R.

    These pastes are really flavorful and clean! We made a vegetable green curry but i really want to go back and try the lemongrass paste for a soup

  173. Yolanda Z.

    i loved these organic cooking pastes. i got the green curry and it tasted like the ones in restaurants, honestly very delicious and i like them.

  174. Doro H.

    Mekhala Organic Cooking Pastes is easy to use. I made a delicious curry dish using onions, potatoes, carrots, chicken and added the green curry paste.

  175. Sarah S.

    I love Thai curries, but never have all the ingredients on hand to make it suddenly. I loved having the curry past available to save my some time shopping, but not sacrificing flavor. I added a bit of extra chilis to amp up the spice, but found that this paste had a lot of body and was well-rounded. I’d definitely try other flavors from them!

  176. Ashley C.

    It’s robusting with flavor aand pleasant smell. Food taste great tried it on chicken and shrimp. Parked with rice and a Salad. It was a hit in the house.

  177. Kristen E.

    I love a good curry but I’m not the best cook in the kitchen, Mekhala cooking pastes are the perfect addition and have the great quality you can taste. Not only are these easy to add to any dish you’re cooking, the all natural and sustainability of this company/product is well worth it.

  178. Caitlin M.

    The Green Curry was so good, and made for such an easy dinner! Even my kids loved it over rice.

  179. Ashling T.

    I used it to make a green curry with pork and served it over rice. It was very spicy and delicious. The paste definitely goes a long way so you can get multiple meals out of the jar. Would definitely recommend.

  180. Michelle B.

    This paste was really delicious! We made chicken curry over rice with it. All we did was all coconut milk and a little extra thai chili’s (we like spicy!) But you really don’t have to, it’s got great flavor without extra chilis.

  181. Harry C.

    Mekhala’s Organic Cooking Pastes are tasty and flavorful cooking pastes that are sure to boost any meal. I love that they are made with organic ingredients as well to really taste the natural flavors. They are easy to add into any dish and the taste is long-lasting.

  182. Anna N.

    I took the jar of greens paste a can of chicken broth and a can of coconut milk and mixed it with a pound and a half of chicken and a bunch of veggies and that over rice was an amazing dinner!

  183. CJ P.

    I bought the green curry paste at my local Whole Foods. The consistency was perfect. It blended well in my food and it had the expected punchy flavor profile. I will definitely try their other flavors.

  184. Jessy J.

    Delicious and easy to much better than usual curry paste. It’s healthy and organic. My family liked it. Would buy again. Would recommend to friends and families.

  185. Celeste R.

    I love these cooking pastes and love that they’re vegan. I add vegetables and coconut milk and have an easy and fast dinner. I would definitely recommend.

  186. Jesse S.

    Nice touch of Asia in the comfort of your kitchen. since your the cook a little goes far. Worth trying. Good flavors. A taste treat. A bit pricey but well worth a try

  187. Melanie K.

    This cooking paste product was easy to use in a variety of different flavors and it mixes well with other ingredients in your dish to make a good meal

  188. Brianne C.

    After purchasing this product I was impressed with the taste of it when used. This is a product I will continue to use regularly. I will try other flavors.

  189. Rituraj S.

    I am not a paste kind of a guy cuz I usually make them from scratch. however, I was curious how these turn out and I was pleasantly surprised! Easy to yse, lots of flavour and plenty of options!

  190. Hon N.

    I used the voucher to try Mekhala’s Organic Cooking Paste, the one I tried was the Green Curry. The first ingredient is green chilis, and heat was there with each bite. If you like spiciness that warms your mouth and tongue, then the green curry is great. The serving size of one tablespoon is the right amount of heat and flavor. The best thing about this paste is there’s no added salt. You can adjust to your tastes compared to other curry pastes I’ve tried. Also it’s vegan friendly which many Asian curry pastes arent, they have fish sauce in them. Overall good and looking forward to see if they make other sauces.

  191. Abby S.

    I am so in love with this Green Curry Paste and was so blown away by the taste. I could not contain my excitement to try this, because Green Curry is my all time #1 favorite meal in the world. So, when I discovered this organic jar, I was thrilled and ecstatic.

  192. Joe N.

    This is a perfect little curry paste for lazy people. I tried the green curry one and the flavor was amazing and strong. I will have to try others

  193. Bhumika M.

    Organic cooking paste by Mekhala are all natural plant based pastes which makes cooking a breeze. We tried green curry paste in chicken with vegetables and it turned out nice.

  194. Elizabeth R.

    This green curry paste is definitely spicy. I haven’t made curry yet but plan to. I put a little bit on a spoon to taste and it was spicy. I added a little to my beans and it gave it a little kick. Love that it’s organic and vegan.

  195. Ira V.

    Have been cooking with golden curry paste for decades, but never really heard of green curry paste, so was happy to try it per recipe on the back of the jar. The jar is on the smallish side, but a little goes a long way! – Thanks for our new culinary experience!

  196. yasmine k.

    New staple in my kitchen! So delicious and an awesome amount of spice. I added quite a bit of salt but that’s no issue when it comes out like I just picked it up from a restaurant. So good!

  197. Wendy T.

    Awesome sample, thank you! Easy to use with clear instructions on the jar. I didn’t follow the instructions exactly and adapted it to another recipe, and it still turned out delicious. Was definitely on the spicy side for me, but still enjoyable. I would definitely try the other varietes!

  198. Ralphie F.

    This green curry paste was the base of a green curry meal I made and it helped my dinner come together quickly. It has really nice flavor and a little spice too. It was very easy to work with.

  199. donna f.

    I tried the green curry and used it to make soup and stir fry. The taste was awesome and it’s so easy to use. I would highly recommend and have already purchased another flavor.

  200. Van P.

    Grabbed a jar of green curry paste. A little goes a long way! I like the flavor of the curry paste and look forward to trying the yellow, and red curry in the future. Goes great with rice and whatever ingredients you add and you can smell the spices! Organic thai cooking paste is hard to come by so I appreciate that too.

  201. Marc P.

    Good flavor with a spicy kick to it. I like it a lot, but it’s a little too spicy for my preschooler. I wish the portion were bigger! Now I can make great curry very quickly 🙂

  202. Christian G.

    I love cooking Thai food with curry pastes, specifically green curry. The flavor was really nice and it was so much better than my current brand, I definitely plan on getting it again

  203. Elizabeth B.

    Delicious, full flavor, and no gluten! Easy to mix in with a protein and veggies. We served it over cauliflower rice and there were no left overs. I love having a go to curry paste that is GF and doesn’t hurt the gut!

  204. Ekaterina R.

    It was easy to follow the instructions and it turned out pretty well. I’m used to ready curry sauces so it will take me time to figure exact ratio that will suit me well. Other than that taste is ok.

  205. Marj R.

    I love using curry pastes and will I will definitely use this brand again. So easy to whip up a quick meal for the family with some vegetables, a protein and coconut milk. Looking forward to trying the other curries.

  206. Graziella P.

    This is not a typical cooking paste that is drenched in oil and additives. Instead, this is actually an organic brand that tastes and feels healthy

  207. Shari E.

    Mekhala makes five varieties of this cooking paste – and after trying the Green Curry one, I am going to try all five that were available in my store! They are so easy to use and create a fabulous meal for you and your family and friends. You only use a small amount, so it is economical was well. The creation you decide on – either your own creation or from the Mekhala website, will taste so professional and I had to stop myself from trying this several days in a row!
    Basically, I think any style you choose will be a winner – and you’ll probably want to try them all!

  208. Jennifer W.

    Absolutely loved this product! The flavor and aromatic were amazing. This tasted like I had ordered take out! I would definitely buy this again; I cooked some chicken and veggies in a skillet and mixed in the sauce!

  209. Shabeen S.

    Absolutely loving this sauce! It’s bursting with flavor and the fact that it’s healthy with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives is a huge bonus. Looking forward to trying all the flavors

  210. Zoe H.

    My family loved the great taste of the delicious organic green curry Organic Cooking Pastes
    by Mekhala that are Handpicked organic, all-natural & vegan-friendly ingredients.

  211. Sarah M.

    I used this paste to make a green curry. The paste definitely seemed authentic and added a great kick with good flavor to the curry. I would buy this again

  212. Sara D.

    The Mekhala Organic Green Curry Paste is delicious. My family is very particular about their green curry, and they all thought this one was wonderful. We will definitely be purchasing this again.

  213. Amy G.

    I love Asian food but sometimes it’s hard to cook it at home because I don’t always have the right ingredients. This paste makes it easy to get authentic restaurant-quality flavor at home

  214. Min F.

    These organic cooking pastes by Mekhala are made with handpicked organic, all-natural and vegan-friendly ingredients. it is very authentic taste.

  215. Yuliett H.

    Waoo this paste is something else, i love it, ti put in sauces, soups, meats, it’s delicious and very tasty, it makes the food more tasting and enjoyable

  216. Rose B.

    Tried the green curry paste and I’ve made curry before but it came out bland , once, to spicy another time this was amazing great Had a great meal with hubby, the grandkids ages 4,9,14 and my daughter & son in law and it was a hit !!

  217. mev H.

    My family loved the great taste of the delicious organic green curry paste by Mekhala that is Handpicked organic, all-natural & vegan-friendly ingredients.

  218. Katherine C.

    The Mekhala curry pastes make quick weeknight dinners a breeze! I loved the green curry paste mixed with coconut milk, chickpeas, lentils, and veggies as a hearty and flavorful meal.

  219. John M.

    Very good cooking place which I enjoyed making all sorts of dishes with. This is very adventurous for me and my family and you’re buying it .

  220. Harleen C.

    Very good I liked the taste of it, it was extremely delicious. I recommend giving this a trying if you are looking for a product like this to try.

  221. Justine B.

    This made making Thai curry so easy. Was easy to fine in Whole Foods Asian section. They had a variety of flavors available. Really easy to add to any stirfry or soup. Clean ingredients and delicious taste. Will buy again.

  222. Adam G.

    Organic cooking pastes made by the mekhala cooking pastes company were a delicious and healthy alternative addition to cooking authentic meals at home!

  223. Jose O.

    Loved it. I would use this cooking paste to make a nice chicken curry with. Loved the fact that it had organic ingredients. I tried the green curry paste and it was outstanding.

  224. Roseanna M.

    Trying this product gave me a new dish to make while using green curry. I paired with rice and sauteed tofu came out amazing. I would recommend it to others.

  225. Allison C.

    I was very impressed with this product! I love that it is clearly labeled vegan. It is legitimately spicy and I am someone who can tolerate a lot of spice! I found I needed more than the recommended amount to get a flavorful curry but otherwise, it was great and I would buy it again!

  226. Martha G.

    I used the green curry paste to make Thai Shrimp Soup for dinner. It was delicious! I love that it’s a quick way to still enjoy curry without making my own paste. It still holds all the flavors.

  227. Naomi S.

    I gave this to my mom to use because I can’t eat garlic and all of these contained garlic but she really loved it and said it was high quality and very flavorful.

  228. Evgeniia K.

    I am not eat spice food usually. My husband made meat and vegetable on barbecue and tested with green paste. He likes it. Maybe nest time we will use recommendation\recipe on jar. It’s interesting experience and new flavors for us.

  229. Kailey N.

    I really enjoyed this green curry paste. It was quite spicy, so I would caution that but overall it had a great taste and seemed very versatile. I’m excited to use it in my next curry.

  230. Jordan J.

    I tried the organic green curry cooking paste by Mekhala. It had a great flavor and was aromatic. It had a nice kick of spiciness to it that I enjoyed.

  231. Chavonna T.

    I like the taste of the seasoning paste. It gave your good a good taste and it wasn’t to much it wash just right. I will definitely buy them

  232. E.R.

    Green curry was delicious, even though my guest thought it was spicy. Used with veggies & topped on gluten free grains… it was amazing. Excited to try their other flavors.

  233. Susan L.

    Looking forward to trying other flavors. I have tried the Green Curry with chicken and potatoes. Felt like I was eating in a Thai restaurant Just enough heat to make your mouth happy. A little goes a long way. Highly recommend!

  234. Gelly F.

    Mekhala’s organic cooking paste turned a mostly store-bought cook like me into a semi-homemade chef. The paste was easy to use, tastes delicious, and fooled my husband into thinking I spent the entire day cooking green curry for him. He even offered to wash the dishes that night. Winner!

  235. Brittany G.

    Great flavor punch and ingredient list! So tasty and will be buying in the future! Comparable to the other brands on price too! Would recommend!

  236. Donna J.

    The Organic Cooking Paste is the added spark I needed for my Curry Chicken. This tasty product is what I needed to bring my dish to an added level of deliciousness.

  237. Karolina C.

    I have tried the green curry paste and it is really aromatic. It is great with shrimps and fish (I made it with coconut milk and Thai noodles)

  238. Kristen V.

    Used this to make my first ever curry dish and wow it is so flavorful! Added it to rice and coconut milk with a lot of veggies and shrimp. Super delicious! Clean, simple, organic ingredients and definitely adds a lot to the dish! Will definitely make it again.

  239. Andra W.

    I was a bit intimidated at the idea of making my own curry but this paste made it really easy. They also provide recipe ideas and that’s very much appreciated. A little goes a long way and the heat is not too hot, not too mild. (How Goldilocks-ish of me!).
    I love the philosophy behind Mehkala as well.
    This was easy to find in the store (Whole Foods) and I’ll be trying the Tom Yum next time!

  240. Pam H.

    I tried the green curry paste. The ingredients are organic and so clean. I put it with fresh veggies that I stir fried and some canned coconut milk. It turned out so good with just a bit of spice to it and very flavorful. Definitely recommend this!

  241. FERNANDO G.

    I love what an amazing curry i made with this paste. I have tried in the past to make a curry and have failed miserably so was happy with this paste!

  242. Adam G.

    Organic cooking pastes made by the mekhala cooking pastes company were a great tasting and easy experience to make delicious and healthy authentic meals and home!

  243. Daamini V.

    Mekhala Cooking Pastes’ Organic Thai Green Curry Paste is a game-changer in the kitchen. Made with high-quality, organic ingredients like lemongrass, galangal, and coriander root, it packs a flavorful punch. The paste is also gluten-free and vegan, making it accessible to a wide range of dietary needs. With simple instructions, it’s easy to whip up a delicious and authentic Thai green curry in no time. Plus, the company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices make it a brand you can feel good about supporting. Highly recommend!

  244. Parita P.

    At first I saw the size of the bottle and the price of it and thought I wasn’t going to like it at all. But then I realized the paste is pretty concentrated and a little bit goes a long way! Great flavor! As a vegetarian, I don’t like the fishy taste that comes with most curry pastes and this one doesn’t have that without sacrificing any flavor. I can’t wait to try the other flavors.

  245. Cara L.

    I love having pastes like this on hand for a quick dinner. Lots of flavor, easy to use. I just chop up some veggies, sautee, add some paste and coconut milk and dinner is ready!

  246. Matthew M.

    These cooking pastes make it very easy to generate a lot of flavor in not a lot of time. It was as easy as adding it to any sauce and boom done

  247. Danielle S.

    I absolutely adored this paste. It added so much flavor and really simplified my meal preparation and cooking. It might as well tasted as if I had made the paste from scratch and i was able to impress my friends for a asian night dinner partyl

  248. Sara M.

    These curry pastes making cooking much easier. For lentil curry, I saut√©ed garlic, onion, ginger pur√©e and this, added coconut milk and canned lentils and that’s it! It was delicious. My 9 year old ate it up. Will definitely keep as a staple. Also so happy to see some companies making organic certified products like this.

  249. Teri B.

    Very easy to use and gives the wow factor on taste. It’s smooth not bitter. It blends well and adds a very nice flavor and spice that is most satisfying.

  250. Cami Z.

    This is a small jar but a little goes a long way. I got the green curry one. The paste is spicy and flavorful. I added a little bit of the paste, some coconut cream, and lots of vegetables, and the dish came out so delicious!

  251. Kristen M.

    This is hands down the spiciest curry paste I’ve bought (I haven’t tried a ton though). The flavor was really good and worked really well simmering with coconut milk and chicken broth. Throw in some chicken, eggplant, and fresh herbs and voila! Delicious quick dinner. It’s hard to get the paste out of the bottom of container though.

  252. Tiffany L.

    Loved using this paste! It was super easy to use and had a great flavor. I like that this comes in a paste so that you can adjust how much flavor you want

  253. Sophie Y.

    Great product, great flavor and easy to use. It is flavorful that goes well with protein or with rice and noodles. Super easy to make a tasty meal with it!

  254. Saema A.

    Mekhala’s Organic Cooking Paste in Green Curry is delicious. It requires a little more paste than the recommended instructions suggest to intensify the flavor, however, the final product is flavorful and creamy. It is sustainably produced, using organic, natural, and vegan ingredients. I am excited about trying other curry and soup pastes from their lineup of Thai food products.

  255. Val M.

    I like being able to have on hand a variety of flavored sauces. I can pick and choose which one for the mood I am in. So very easy to integrate into anything I was cooking for one or more meals. Enjoyable boost of flavor and excite an otherwise boring meal.

  256. Natalie S.

    The green curry paste I tried was very good and I could tell the ingredients were of much better quality that the cheaper, generic curry pastes I ‘ve gotten in the past. I will be buying this again and would like to try the lemongrass turmeric paste as well.

  257. Ham H.

    My family loved the great taste of the delicious organic green curry paste by Mekhala that is Handpicked organic, all-natural & vegan-friendly ingredients.

  258. Isabel R.

    This is my new favorite product. I love that they are oil free. That is my biggest gripe about sauces. The taste was delicious and I know I was eating something healthy. My new go to.

  259. Karen D.

    I tried the Green Curry paste and I made mussels in a green curry sauce with coconut milk & white wine and it had a very mild curry flavor but it had a bit of a kick to it. I will definitely use the rest of the jar and want to try the other flavors. I thought it was on the expensive side for the size jar it comes in but you don’t need a lot – I will get 1 of 2 meals out of the rest.

  260. Katheryn S.

    Love making Thai food this was delicious lot of flavor and spice. Would love to buy more flavors as I often cook a variety of vegetarian dishes with these types of sauces. Delicious

  261. Cristina B.

    I picked the green curry and it turned out way better than I expected. Great quality and great taste. It tasted like the green curries I order at the restaurant!

  262. Satoko F.

    I love Thai curries. Some of these pastes are very spicy. This one got the right spicy flavor. Just adding a can of coconut mild and left over veggies, I could make the delicious curry!

  263. Dawna S.

    These make cooking curry dishes a breeze! We love them! Just toss in some veggies and coconut milk. I wish the jar was bigger but I’ll live. Looking foward to trying other flavors.

  264. Lori S.

    I got the green curry one and it tastes so good with chicken. The flavor is perfect, not too strong. I love how it’s organic, all-natural and vegan. I can’t wait to try this with other lean proteins.

  265. Lindsay K.

    Absolutley delicious and fancy curry paste. Loved it so much more than my normal one. Tasted like I freshly made the paste for my curry, not that I got it out of the bottle.

  266. Louis L.

    I liked trying these organic cooking pastes made by Mekhala because they have exciting Asian flavor combinations to choose from that look like they taste great

  267. Becky K.

    The Mekhala organic green curry paste was really good, and spicy! I made a recipe following one I found on the website. I added more curry paste than what was recommended, and it turned out very spicy, not that I mind! It is very flavorful, and makes a great curry sauce. I am looking forward to trying other flavors.

  268. Megan M.

    Great, straightforward, ingredient to elevate your Thai cooking. I would recommend buying again, I just wish that it was a little bit cheaper.

  269. Megan M.

    The paste was easy to use without needing to add additional spices or herbs. I found that it worked well with chicken and white fish, and it was also great as a dressing for vegetables. Overall, I recommend Mekhala’s organic green curry paste for anyone who enjoys spicy and flavorful food

  270. Mandy M.

    I’ve never used a curry paste, but now, I might just start! I used this curry paste on tofu to add some flavor, and really enjoyed it! It wasn’t very spicy and had a good taste. I think it would be great to try in a curry sauce in the near future! Yum!

  271. Rosalie A.

    Excellent paste, it helps me make delicious meals. I love trying new products so I enjoyed adding this to my meal prepping ingredients. I’m so happy I found this!

  272. Susan E.

    Organic cooking pastes by Mekhala are great. Many choices, we chose the green Curry and it is very yzmmy. First time I used it, i think I put too much into a homemade vegetarian ramen soup., as it was too spicy, but after that learned to taste before adding more. Would recommend it and hope to try another flavor too.

  273. Susan R.

    I loved the Organic Green Curry Paste I tried. I used it in a soup and also I made green curry with coconut milk and chicken with vegetables and both were delicious. My husband said the dishes were restaurant quality. The paste is spicy but that’s what I like about it. Definitely will get it again.

  274. Brenda S.

    Most affordable n delicious pastes very tasteful n easy adds the touch u need for ur tadte buds..easy to follow label or add to your own style in cooking its amazing paste will add the best taste results you will love

  275. Zachary S.

    I prepared the Green Curry Paste with coconut milk, Chicken and eggplant. I also added some fresh basil and Thai chilis. I loved the authentic taste and it was very easy to use.

  276. Linda P.

    I enjoyed the intense flavor of this curry paste. it combined well with coconut milk and veggies for a delicious meal. Like that the paste was not too salty, as I do not use a lot of salt.

  277. Erin F.

    I tried the Green Curry paste which was excellent in a veggie and tofu curry over rice. Very easy to use and a great fresh flavor that melded well with my meal.

  278. Ruth R.

    The taste of the Mekhala Organic Green Curry Paste was delicious! It was very easy to use and the flavor was that it added to my dish was better than any other pastes I have used in the past. I only wish that the jar was larger- it was a little pricey for a small container but I would definitely recommend and purchase again. Can’t wait to try the other flavors too!

  279. Alison B.

    I’m a big fan of using curry pastes as an easy flavor starter for my meals and these pastes worked very well! I like the range of flavors available and they were very flavorful.

  280. Dan D.

    This organic paste was perfect for cooking! my family really loved that this was handpicked organic, all natural ingredients. The flavors that it provided was the best!

  281. Jenny G.

    The pastes is more thicker than a typical sauce. The taste is very flavorful and a great addition to cook with any protein and a hearty meal.

  282. Renee W.

    We like to try new seasonings/spices and this was a great alternative to dry herbs. We used it in chicken soup with rice/veggies and it turned out great.

  283. Lisa B.

    This organic cooking paste is absolutely fantastic. I enjoy the natural non-GMO vegan ingredients.I will be sharing this product with family and friends for them to buy as well

  284. Viktoryia L.

    Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala has rich content made of good organic ingredients, and herbs that are perfect for your meat, poultry, pasta, and many others

  285. Wisconsin

    Love this Mekhala organic cooking paste! I got the green curry one to try and the flavor is great. I made some stir-fried vegetables and just added 2 tsp of this paste. Easy and yummy dinner!

  286. Wisconsin

    I tried the Green Curry flavor of Mekhala paste. I took a small taste out of the bottle and realized immediately this was very HOT and only a small portion was needed to add flavor and zing to cooking. I added to enchilada filling, and then it didn’t seem that hot so I added a little more. It was a little hotter spice than I normally use, so we loaded up on sour cream & avocado to offset the heat. But it was VERY tasty and flavorful, A nice addition to any sauce that needs a little zing added!

  287. Cynthia G.

    Wow. I have used so many curry paste products over the years and I have to say that this is my new favorite. Amazing flavor! I’m looking very forward to trying the other flavor options.

  288. Shreya M.

    I was surprised at the bottle size because it was so little but you don’t have to use that much to get the taste and flavor of each sauce. It’s delicious, tangy and just the right amount of spice. Definitely going to be buying it.

  289. Linda U.

    These spices are delicious and full of flavor, they add a very super bold,strong flavor to any dish and have a very unique taste to them, they are a good healthy alterative to other spices that do not offer as many healthy alternatives

  290. Wendy M.

    We loved this product!
    I made to different batches
    Followed the instructions. Following the instructions was ok. Family okayed it.
    Seconded batched I added other vegetables and it was a big hit.

  291. Karen M.

    Mekhala Organic Cooking Pastes are easy to use to elevate your Asian cooking. In addition there is a large variety of flavors to choose from. I like that these cooking pastes are organic and all natural. I highly recommend these cooking pastes for you and your family.

  292. Gabriella S.

    Super great and authentic tasting product- delicious to use for making thai curries with the paste and some coconut milk. Great flavor!! Yummy

  293. Bernard G.

    I purchased the 3.53 oz jar of Mekhala Green Curry paste. The regular curry mixture I buy is the Campbell’s Skillet Thai Curry Chicken which I normally apply to my chicken and rice mixture so that it is a sauce like covering and I have enjoyed the meal I have made with it. When I first made a mixture with the Mekhala Green Curry paste, I followed the instructions and utilized whole (cow’s) milk as the liquid. The paste dissolved into the liquid quite nicely and did not clump up. Unfortunately I mixed it with too much rice and chicken so that the taste curry taste was too weak. I tried a new mixture several days later and I used 50% more curry paste than the directions on the bottle and mixed enough of it so that the chicken and rice mixture I added to it would be a more soup like mixture. The outcome was quite spicy, which I liked, and the whole dish tasted excellent. It had a wonderful, spicy, curry taste. I would definitely buy the Mekhala Green Curry paste again.

  294. Yolanda H.

    This organic cooking paste is delicious. I tried the green curry paste on chicken and it turned out great. It was too spicy and it added a boost of flavor to my baked chicken dish. I definitely recommend this product.

  295. Amy C.

    Its so much easier to use the green curry paste than making it from scratch and the taste was perfect. It has just the right level of heat for curry with rice and eggplant.

  296. Kristin T.

    This has been a life saver for me and cooking. Trying new recipes. What wonderful flavor these add. Sometimes it gets hard to figure out what’s for dinner, with these pastes I don’t have to worry.

  297. Mickelle H.

    I had never used a cooking paste before this was my first one trying and I absolutely have to cook it it definitely brings a different flavor to the food and different ways it can change the taste is what I really love about this product.

  298. Donnell M.

    Thank you, this product has upgraded my menu planning. My friends had a great meal, and they were amazed by the taste. There will be many more meals.

  299. Vera C.

    I am excited that I can make and enjoy Thailand’s classic curry food myself. This is high quality and organic product. It is oil free, with no added sugar, and no artificial ingredients or preservatives

  300. Lisa H.

    I liked that these pastes are organic. It’s very tasty and easy to add on vegetables and rice and tofu or whatever you use them on. My son and husband loved them also.

  301. Sammy n.

    Very nice and tasty texture. Very original and authentic. Will definitely try with friends and family
    Will definitely buy again and recommend it

  302. Amanda D.

    I loved this green curry paste! I typically use red curry paste, but I wanted to try something new, and the green curry was perfectly spicy and flavorful. I made a casserole recipe with rice, veggies, and chickpeas. It was delicious!

  303. Natalie E.

    The green curry cooking paste was very fresh tasting and it had a great Asian flavor. I roasted cauliflower and used it on top of the cauliflower for an extra burst of flavor. I will continue to use this because I found and it was an exciting flavor to me and I love that it is vegan friendly.

  304. Laura W.

    This has to be the easier flavor profiles I have ever used! Simply adding a minimal amount gave the dish a wonderful flavor without being overpowering. I’ll be keeping this in stock in my fridge from now on!

  305. Marissa D.

    I really loved how easy this paste was to use! I love green curry but I can never make it from scratch and this paste makes it taste like I’ve made it from scratch. I love it!

  306. Rayna R.

    Mekhala Organic Cooking Paste’s green curry flavor is an absolute delight! The perfect blend of spices creates a rich, authentic taste that’s hard to resist. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an easy way to whip up a delicious meal! 5/5 stars. Good sized jar too in comparison to others.

  307. Beth M.

    this was quite tasty and i like all the different varieties. i tried the green curry but will definitely be trying more soon. theyre nice to have to make a quick meal.

  308. Jess S.

    I bought the green curry paste and can’t wait to try the others. Heated up with some coconut milk, fried tofu squares, and veggies, it was perfect! Such an easy way to add loads of flavor to your meal!

  309. R.J.

    It was easy to make with just mixing coconut milk & lots of veggies. Tasted delicious. It has just the right amount of heat, not too hot & not too mild.

  310. Brittany N.

    The product was hard to find and I had to ask someone for help even though I went down the aisle twice. The jars are very small, but I was surprised at how effective they were. I tried the green curry paste with chicken and vegetables and added light coconut milk. I would try other varieties as well. It seems like you could never run out of options with the curry flavors and then by changing the other ingredients you use. I especially like that these don’t have fish sauce in them or gluten–a lot of other brands do contain both of those and then I am unable to use them.

  311. Ron S.

    Tried the green curry paste. Organic ingredients. Tasty. Great to use in stir fries, both chicken & vegetarian. A little goes a long way. Can get pretty spicy if you use too much, so go easy.

  312. Julia C.

    These cooking pastes have been so helpful in creating my favorite meals. I really like the green curry and am excited to try the others. I would purchase these products again.

  313. Sue S.

    I mixed the green curry paste with coconut milk and marinated it with shrimp. Sauteed it with fresh peppers and onions- delicious! The flavors are so fresh tasting that you can’t even imagine.

  314. Hannah N.

    This is so good!. I love the unique flavors. They are perfectly balanced and not too salty. Love the clean ingredients compared to other curry pastes I have seen.

  315. Sarah G.

    Oh my God I love curry and this curry paste is absolutely amazing!! It’s very delicious and very flavorful, a slight hest to it but not spicy

  316. Crystal F.

    I really enjoyed cooking with these and they had a lot of different flavors to try which made dinner that much easier. They tasted delicious! Me and my whole family enjoyed trying this product. 🙂

  317. Mandy D.

    For years I have been buying pastes that come in a can. I always end up throwing away most of it cause I don’t need that much. This product is great, cause I can use a little and there is no waste.
    It is super delicious too.

  318. Sahitya I.

    I got the green curry paste and loved the taste of it and how easy it was to use! I followed the recipe on the jar but used three teaspoons of paste instead of two to increase the flavor. Would buy this again!

  319. November W.

    This was a great addition to the soup we made. It has a great flavor, dissolved nicely in the soup. Bold, rich flavor. Easy to use and a quick way to add a punch.

  320. Amanda L.

    It’s nice to have an option to make curry in a hurry when I don’t have time to cut up all the components myself. This was flavorful, well spiced, and easy to use. It seemed like the ingredients were pretty clean too!

  321. Israt J.

    I was surprised to find a vegan cooking paste like this one. Tastes really good although I have to admit I never tried Thai green curry before. So no comparison between a freshly made sauce va Mekhala. The ingredients are suitable for a larger group of people because it is vegan.

  322. Sherri T.

    I live in Chicago, within walking distance of fantastic Thai restaurants. Therefore, I do not make Thai at home very often, but I used the Mekhala Organic Green Curry Paste to make shrimp green curry noodles one night recently. Two tablespoons of the curry paste mixed with half a can of light coconut milk made the dish outstanding, nearly as good as the curry at some of the best Thai restaurants in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, the dish would have been at least as expensive as a similar dish at one of these Thai restaurants, if I had not had the free coupon for the Mehhala product and a $1 off coupon for the coconut milk. Just for these two ingredients, I would have spent about $10, and this is before the addition of the shrimp, vegetables, and noodles. The Mekhala Organic Green Curry Paste, but it is a pricy ingredient.

  323. Brice D.


  324. Autumn M.

    I love curry to begin with so I was so excited to try these pastes and they definitely lived up to my expectations! I got the green curry paste and it was so delicious and flavourful!

  325. Margaret B.

    Interesting options, hard to choose one. Decent and appropriate size. I like that it is organic, and it tasted good too. I tried the green curry.

  326. Nautica F.

    It is great to have a vegan option for curry paste for those friends who are extra strict with their diet. Like most pastes, I needed to add some of my own seasoning (salt/sugar etc.), but still good.

  327. Naila S.

    There is variety of options you can pick from. The healthy vegetable options makes it easy to cook. Flavour is good. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Should give it a try.

  328. Lana B.

    Very good flavor and spice. Super easy to make a sauce for many dishes. Saves time and money. Very good flavor and you can mix a lot of different ingredients into this sauce.

  329. Bea E.

    Nice and flavorful with a wide variety of different curry flavors to try. As a celiac it can be hard to find gluten free products. I would purchase this again for my family.

  330. Barb R.

    I just love this. It made cooking a lot easier. The flavor was awesome. Definitely a lot healthier option also plan on trying the other ones to just loved it.

  331. Tracy V.

    I thought this product was great – it was a super easy shortcut that I could take to get an amazing meal out of it – I chose the green curry but am definitely interested in trying all the other flavors too

  332. Pamela G.

    I picked up my sample (green curry), and as I read the label, I was so impressed! My husband is the curry expert in the house, and he is a tough customer. We loved the aroma, and we love the natural ingredients with no added sugar. Very tasty indeed, and it adds so much to the dish you are preparing. It’s also nice to have options!! Other brands just give you one kind of curry.

  333. Patricia D.

    Really great flavor. I love green curry when I dine out and this was a perfect at home version. Love the clean ingredient line. Want to try the Lemongrass flavor next

  334. Greta M.

    I liked the spices in this curry paste. I like that fact that there were not a lot of ingredients. also that the ingredients were clean. This was a quick add to a pasta dish. The flavor was very nice.

  335. Araya T.

    I got the green curry one and was very impressed. It is quite spicy though so you might need to put just a tiny bit. I love it – tastes very much like the authentic Thai green curry

  336. Amber O.

    Easy to use and flavor is very good. I do not believe I would buy again as the price is way to high for a little jar. I guess if for some reason I was in a pinch maybe I would purchase but highly unlikely.

  337. Tina M.

    Curry to time consuming to make? Not no more… These are so easy to use and taste great! I will be buying more and I highly recommend them.

  338. Taylor E.

    I tried the green curry. It was good! It was a Chinese style, not too spicy (relatively), and simple. I’d try other unique offerings if they were around

  339. Meredith G.

    I really liked this one and will try more flavors. Great product. I love the fact that it is organic and all natural ingredients. Great flavor.

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