At Mekhala, we believe in making great products that we want to use for ourselves and our families. And that means doing the very best we can with what is available. 
We ask – what is this going to cost? Our health? Our planet? Our viability? 
More often than not, it is immensely challenging to find the best balance. Here’s how we’re doing it. 

Better-for-You, Better for Us All!

We eschew animal products, use natural ingredients, and are honest on our labels, so you know what you are consuming. This also helps to prevent harmful substances from cycling in our environment. So the food is good for you, and everybody else too! 

Sustainable Production Processes

At our factory in Chiang Mai, our production team is constantly minimizing waste through repurposing, recycling and not over producing. Suitable food waste is sent back to farms to be used as fertilizer, clean water used for cooling is reused, defective packaging materials are recycled instead of being disposed of. 

Regenerative Farming

Our raw materials come from local farmers who use regenerative farming practices like Crop Rotation, Crop Cover, and Mixed Crop.

Conscious Packaging

Choosing packaging materials is an ongoing juggle. Food safety, shelf life, transportability, environmental impact, and so much more have to be considered. So far, we’ve managed no bubble wrap nor shrink wrap. We use reusable/recyclable glass jars for pastes, cardboard for packaging, and minimize plastic use. And we will continue to do our utmost.

What else can we do?

If you know of any ways we could do better, or have any other queries about our products or ingredients, please drop us a note at info {at}!