Organic Lemongrass Turmeric Paste



This aromatic paste is inspired by Vietnamese grilled street foods and is perfect as a marinade or in stir-fries, and even to make a non-spicy curry for kids!


  • USDA & EU Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • No added sugar
  • Nut-Free
  • Oil-Free

USDA Organic
EU Organic


Lemongrass and turmeric are well-loved for their flavor and anti-inflammatory qualities. This aromatic paste is inspired by Vietnamese grilled street foods and is perfect as a marinade or in stir-fries, and even to make a non-spicy curry for kids!

*USDA and EU certified organic


*No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors

*No added sugar




Lemongrass*, Shallots*, Galangal*, Lime Juice*, Turmeric*, Himalayan Pink Salt *Organic ingredients
Not spicy

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166 reviews for Organic Lemongrass Turmeric Paste

  1. Kindle C

    An excellent lemongrass paste
    Excellent product. Arrived in promised time frame. I didn’t realize it was coming directly from Thailand. It was very well protected for shipping and in perfect condition when recieved. It tastes great, adding a fresh asian lemongrass essence to recipes. I have purchased lemongrass paste here in the states and it has muddied my recipe with tiny woody undissolvable detritus from the plants used. This doesn’t do that. It’s a true paste and dissolves well into the rest of the ingredients.

  2. Cheryl Ng

    Delicious and Convenient
    I used this lemongrass turmeric paste as a marinade for a roast chicken recipe and it worked out beautifully. I’m definitely going to be stocking up on this as a go-to kitchen staple for easy-to-make meals which are still incredibly delicious and healthy!
    Normally, a paste like this would entail scouring various Asian supermarkets for ingredients and then laboriously blending or grinding these ingredients. This saved me all that time and all that effort without compromising even a bit on flavor! And knowing that there are no icky chemicals in the paste is definitely an added bonus!

  3. Emjay

    While I have liked all of them this one is my favorite!
    I have tried most all of the products from Mekhala Living. While I have liked all of them this one is my favorite. They are always packaged nicely and arrive on-time. I’m a health nut and these products are the only delicious Thai seasonings I have found that are, Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Almost Sugar free, No Corn Syrup, No MSG, No artificial preservatives, No artificial Colors, No artificial flavors.

  4. Tamara Johnson

    This is fantastic!
    I agree with the other five star reviews of this fabulous lemongrass and turmeric paste. I love Asian food, but it is hard to keep fresh lemongrass in the house. I also like getting more turmeric in my diet. I have cooked three fish, noodle and salad meals with this so far, and I am extremely happy with it. I threw it into recipes that didn’t even call for lemongrass or turmeric (Thai peanut sauce) and it enlivens everything. This will be a staple in my house from now on.

  5. Sally

    My fav for “kids” curry. Just like curry without the spice

  6. Suebedo

    Organic lemongrass too much paste is vegan and it’s certainly a way to spice up your dishes so yes, I would recommend

  7. AnnieTea

    This was exactly what I was looking for and came beautifully packaged. Highly recommend!

  8. Joi

    This product is fresh and has a depth of flavor. A little goes a long way.

  9. S Traveler

    This Stuff is Deliciousness Squared!
    Excellent tasting red curry paste! Made a red curry with chicken, carrots, and green beans. Still needs other ingredients to make a decent curry dish. Coconut milk and paste alone isn’t enough. Add some lemongrass, fish sauce, lime, and bamboo shoots to give it a full-bodied flavor.

  10. Wil_fam

    I have used in stir fries, soups and stews. It is not spicy. I will definitely recommend it.

  11. Jennifer T.

    I tried the lemongrass turmeric paste and it was great. It has a great depth of flavor and there is a slight kick. A little of the curry paste goes a long way.

  12. daryoush z.

    I tried the organic Lemongrass Turmeric Paste and loved it, it is very tasty and textured. easy to prepare. I will try other flavors on the next shopping trip.

  13. Artemis D.

    I loved the lemongrass turmeric because the flavor is spot on and delicious. Usually turmeric is a bit bitter for me but in this case it was perfectly crafted and made my chicken taste delicious.

  14. Audrey G

    This is a very delicious cooking paste. I loved the flavor. I love the ingredients. This is a plus all around. I made a tofu stir fry and everything came out perfect. I highly recommend it.

  15. Alyssa J.

    I used this to make curry and it was wonderful. It was very strong so we didn’t have to use much and that was great. I was pretty upset I couldn’t get another one for free because the options I had, looked great

  16. Jessica S.

    I am already looking for ways to add rich flavor to a quick dinner for my family. This paste made dinner so easy and everyone thought it was delicious.

  17. Beata D.

    I tried turmeric yellow pasta and I have to say that it’s delicious! The pasta is organic, No gmo, no artificial colors or any ingredients (contains simple ingredients). I actually went on their website and use they own suggested recipes. Very good stuff!

  18. Ashlee W.

    I loved trying out these pastes. They brought so many fresh flavors tiny Thai dishes. I love that they are organic and I can trust where they are coming from.

  19. Homa B.

    Thanks to Mekhala for introducing organic cooking pastes.yes i liked it because its not only organic but also vegan and natural .it has very nice flavor and my family liked it.

  20. Kitraina G.

    This paste was perfect, I used it everyday since I bought it and it is all gone! I bought the organic lemongrass turmeric flavor and now I buy it myself

  21. Magali W.

    First impression was I’m glad it’s free because would not spend $7 on this small glass bottle. But then I tried it on some vegetables and I’m hooked. Im not good at making things with fresh lemongrass but now I don’t have to worry about that and it tastes great. Nothing junky in the ingredients either. Great job!

  22. Olga B.

    I tried organic lemongrass turmeric paste. I really enjoy using this paste with stir-fry and on a salad. Interesting flavor and it’s gives totally new vibe for regular dishes.

  23. James A.

    I added this paste to a stir fry and also some chicken and it added such a pleasant flavor to the dishes. It didn’t taste fake or artificial in any way. It really brought the food flavors out to a different level.

  24. Ally L.

    The Organic lemongrass turmeric paste is to perfection. I marinade my meat and veggies and it tastes amazing. My family loved it so much. I can’t wait to try the other flavors.

  25. Lilly N.

    The organic lemongrass turmeric paste smells really good. I put a spoon full into my soup and everything I’m cooking. I love anything with turmeric.

  26. Stephani A.

    I enjoyed the flavor. It definitely gave a kick to my sauce I tried a flavor that was new to me and it was a big hit with the family. I look forward to trying the other flavors

  27. Andrew L.

    I added it to some fried rice. Turned everything orange. Definitely a quick easy way to spice up a dish. A single jar can probably be used for only a few dishes tho

  28. Amy S.

    I am always on the lookout for new products to easily change up my current list of recipes. Mekhala is one I will be drawn to for incorporating new tasty meals, especially lunch options.

  29. Taylor M.

    I really love that this has fresh and organic ingredients. It didn’t have any fillers or unnecessary ingredients. I got the lemongrass tumeric paste and it makes a great addition to chicken or a quick coconut curry. Will definitely but again.

  30. Paul M.

    Dear Mekhala products . Thank you for letting my family and I try your products prior to buying them. It was a little difficult to find but worth the search

  31. Sally F

    The lemongrass was different then any other . It taste better . Easy to find . Something to try and it was great and awesome. They have different flavors

  32. Danielle B.

    nice fresh rich taste. good texture, tastes like its fresher with better, natural ingredients! the labeling is nice. i like the jar size its a good portion!

  33. Leticia S.

    Me encanto organic cooking pastes by Mekhala la disfrutaron mucho mis ninos ya que pude cosinar algo rapido y rico sobre todo muy saludable con los ingredientes de alta calidad

  34. Pollyanna K.

    Really liked the taste and has unique recipes on their website. Tried a couple of the recipes and they tasted very good. Good option if you are vegetarian or vegan.

  35. Chelsea B.

    The line of organic cooking pastes from Mekhala have fully transformed the way I prepare meals at home! These pastes are the perfect base for so many delicious new recipes to try out in your own kitchen!

  36. Erika Z.

    I like the benefits of turmeric and had only tried it in coffee previously. Got the lemongrass turmeric paste and put it over tofu. Paired very well with the tofu and was delicious.

  37. cindi s.

    The organic lemongrass turmeric paste was delicious. It was so easy to add to a pan of zoodles for a boost of flavor. Also used it on cauliflower rice and tofu. I am definitely going to try the other two flavors for a simple healthy addition to my veggies. The ingredients are organic and clean.

  38. Ivana P.

    Mekhala’s organic paste was the perfect way to turn my bland dishes into healthy, flavorful, satisfying meals! I love that they are organic, made with great and nutritious ingredients, and that they elevate anything you add this to. Definitely a new staple in my home!

  39. Alena K.

    I’ve cooked Parmesan-crusted chicken breast tenders Ian’s used the organic lemongrass turmeric paste to add some flavor to it. The chicken turned out amazing! I definitely see myself purchasing more of these in future!

  40. Kel F.

    im asian so curry paste is not something new to me. I used to buy curry package from Japanese stores but this one is fresher and easy to cook with

  41. Candy W.

    I love trying different curries and thoroughly enjoyed this one. I tried the lemongrass turmeric flavor and it tasted very fresh and was so easy to cook with. Love the flavors and that it’s made with simple organic ingredients. Would buy again!

  42. Janell R.

    My husband and I loved the Lemongrass Turmeric paste and we mixed it into some rice to give it a little extra flavor. I was more interested in this flavor since there are many curry pastes available, but this was a unique taste. Also, loved that they are dairy and gluten free for my celiac husband.

  43. Brigitte D.

    I added a couple of teaspoons of the lemongrass tumeric paste to veggies in a pan and the mixed in precooked rice. The flavor and color easily mixed through the ingredients making such a delicious meal. Tastes great, can’t wait to try the other flavors!

  44. Lauren M.

    The paste came packed with a lot of flavor! I used the lemongrass tumeric paste instead of a yellow curry that I normally use and put it into a veggie and plant based meat ‘curry’ and it was delicious!

  45. Annie B.

    I love to experiment with different and new items when cooking. This was a by far something that I need in my kitchen, it has limitless possibilities to make a unique and tasty dish. I recommend this to my friends and family

  46. Carly T.

    I loved how clean the ingredients were, and that the was so versatile on how you use.- Since we all have different tastes. Choosing one was hard so I got two different ones.

  47. Karla M.

    I am a big fan of lemongrass, and Mekhala Lemongrass Turmeric paste did not disappoint. It has a bold and flavorful taste. I used it in rice and my kids couldn’t get enough.

  48. Judy B.

    I tried the Lemongrass Turmeric Paste. It’s very versatile for a quick meal. I just stirred a tablespoon into some cooked brown rice and it was an easy and flavorful side dish. I plan to try it next in a stir fry with rice and vegetables. I appreciate that the jar isn’t huge. 7 servings are packed in the 3-1/2 oz jar. As the only vegan in the household, I am confident I will be able to use the entire jar while it’s still fresh.

  49. Barbara R.

    Small jar – packed with great flavor. I added the paste to stir fry vegetables and it was so good. Love the smell of the spices. I also love that it’s organic, made with all natural ingredients, although, sodium level is a bit high – so I used only a half tsp which worked for me. A little goes a long way. I really look forward to trying all flavors. I recommend.

  50. Yong Y.

    I like Curry… These small bottles curry are very good curry. of course, at this prioce, it goes to be good. I tried the lemon grass one, I added some coconut milk and made a decent fish curry.

  51. Emmitt J.

    I love this cooking paste! I never buy cooking pastes after reading all the unnecessarily bad for you ingredients they usually contain. The Mekhala pastes are very clean and yummy.

  52. Meg L.

    Mekhala’s Organic Lemongrass Turmeric Paste uses organic ingredients from local farmers which makes it sustainable. The paste is also vegan and gluten-free. I love the turmeric flavor because you can taste the freshness of the ingredients. It worked so well with my dish that cannot wait to use it in another meal.

  53. Andrea K.

    Love the idea of having this Spice Paste on hand. It was a great eay chicken marinade when I was quickly try to pull a weeknight dinner together. It was also handy when I was following a more complex recipe from scratch. Having fresh lemongrass ready, avaiable, cleans and chopped was a dream.

  54. Samantha G.

    This is absolutely delicious. I added coconut milk, chickpeas and carrots to my sauce. Simmered it for a bit and pour it over rice. The products are made with organic ingredients. Very good stuff!

  55. Maria L.

    The lemon grass turmeric paste was delicious. It was such a delicious component in making a Thai dish. I had in Thailand. I would definitely purchase this product again since the lemon grass flavor it was very potent

  56. Kat J.

    Im not good in cooking but anyway i had to try this product it was ok prefer to eat basic meals anyway it was ok to try to cook it by myself thankbyou

  57. Victoria C.

    This was a yummy change from my typical cooking pastes that I default to. I used the lemongrass paste with some veggies and plat-based meat and it was delicious. The smell alone from the jar was enough to crave more

  58. Anne Y.

    We tried the lemongrass turmeric paste, we mixed it with tofu, carrots, bamboo, mushrooms, and broccoli. It was like a stew/curry. It came out really delicious, the whole family enjoyed it.

  59. Miriam R.

    I am still in shock how delicious this paste is. Flavorful yet nutrients are on point. Cooked stir beef straps and my husband and kids asked for seconds because the flavor on the beef was absorbed great

  60. Tina L.

    I really love Organic Cooking Pastes By Wekhala its so packed with great flavor and taste made my homecooked meals so much better my family loved their food I always use different bouillon’s that this flavored cooking paste is my new go to for now on my family & friends love it

  61. Cora C.

    It was convenient to use and made my life simpler making dinner even though it looked like I had been more creative. It was hard to find i the store but worth it.

  62. Banning J.

    I got the lemongrass and tumeric paste and it is AWESOME! Totally easy to find in my local albertson’s. I like that fact that it’s a basic paste and can be used in a multitude of ways

  63. Harmony C.

    I have been using a simple lemongrass seasoning in my Thai coconut soup. The coconut turmeric paste brought my soup up a few layers. Love this new addition to my pantry and am looking at other ways to use it.

  64. Amy V.

    Tried the Organic Lemongrass and Tumeric Paste. It was so convenient and all loved the flavor. Lemongrass isn’t something we readily have on hand. So this product is a welcome cooking addition

  65. Tracy X.

    I really love the fact that the cooking paste has No added sugar. it is a big challenge to find any cooking sauce or paste with no added sugar in the markets.

  66. Karen L.

    I made lemongrass chicken with chinese eggplant, onions, and bell peppers with the lemongrass turmeric paste. I used it to marinade the chicken for 2 hours in the fridge. I saute the chicken and vegetables. Delicious meal!

  67. Marilyn C.

    I cook a lot of Thai food and sometimes fresh lemongrass isn’t always at the store. I’m so glad to have tried the lemongrass tumeric paste. It’s delicious and comes super handy for those times I need lemongrass in a pinch.

  68. M.S.

    good spice good spread on my fish and salmon i made the other night a yummy paste with flavor but not too much overall paste i liked this a lot

  69. Jennifer K.

    I really enjoyed this organic paste. The ingredients are simple and the paste tasted great on chicken. A little bit also goes a long way, as it’s very flavorful.

  70. Jian G.

    I used the lemongrass turmeric paste to make some very simple turmeric rice. As I began cooking the rice in the pot, I just mixed the paste and it blended in seamlessly with the rice. Good way to add some flavor to some rice!

  71. Lacie S.

    Really liked this one if only because the lemongrass turmeric favor is something unique on my grocery store shelve. Great, easy way to add a ton of flavor to all of your dishes.

  72. Jen C.

    wow! just wow! the flavors that is packed into one little jar is so delicious and flavorful. I tried the lemongrass turmeric on chicken and it was out of this world

  73. Kori V.

    I loved the tumeric lemongrass paste in a coconut cream dish I made. Especially as the weather changes it’s nice to make on chilly nights to warm the whole body. Easy to add veggies and protein as a one pan dish.

  74. amanda l.

    I tried the lemongrass flavor and thought it definitely made my dish! My chicken was definitely more delicious using this! i will try the other flavors as well.

  75. Jill D.

    I mixed this delicious paste into my noodle dish and *Wow*! A little went a long way. It added so much bright flavor to my cooking. I tried the Lemongrass Turmeric flavor and it was great. I’m looking forward to trying it out it other recipes. It is oil free, which was strange for me, but there was already a bit of oil involved in the recipe, so that worked out fine. SUPER hard to locate, but well worth it.

  76. Antonia K.

    This essential product, Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala, brought out all types of aromatics in the foods. I know this is a staple for my family.

  77. Jackie A.

    i couldnt find in the stores. i love cooking with this. it adds so much flavor, and the best part is , i dont have to worry about it the taste is great. the jar is small and unique but its great. great will purchase again.

  78. Jay K.

    This is a great cooking paste, tasty and convenient! The lemongrass tumeric had great flavor and it’s great that it’s organic too. I would definitely try the other flavors!

  79. Emily S.

    Love this product! It’s in a glass jar which is great. I used them a variety of different ways. In bowls, on pasta dishes, as garnish, everything! I highly recommend as a staple!

  80. Marilda L.

    Finally one good and tasteful lemongrass tumeric paste ,I get this one I bought red curry paste and I cooked all together with fresh mussels so my delicious mussels red curry I love with bread .üòú

  81. Ricky S.

    I just love the Mekhala Organic Cooking Paste. A little goes a long way and it has a very authentic taste. Combined with coconut milk and a few veggies and I have dinner on the table in less than thirty minutes. Very hearty and a good change to our weeknight rotation. Highly recommend.

  82. Rebecca P.

    I made baked chicken and rice with the lemongrass turmeric paste and it was fantastic. what flavor! Delicious lemongrass flavor with a spiciness to it. Clean, organic, vegan ingredients. Top quality you can taste!

  83. sally I.

    I loved making chicken with the Organic Lemongrass Turmeric Paste Organic Cooking Paste by Mekhala. My family and I loved it with steamed rice and a salad with tomatoes. We thought it added good flavor to the chicken.

  84. Yvonne H.

    I purchased the Lemongrass paste. I liked the taste and texture. It melted and blended well. Yes, I would recommend this product to my friends and family. I would buy this product again.

  85. Ja T.

    When the picky hubby says, “I actually like this!”, you KNOW this is a good product. I chose the turmeric lemongrass because I wouldn’t need to add coconut milk separately in order to use it. I followed the instructions, 2 heaping tsp to 2 cups of cooked rice. Added scrambled eggs and shredded rotisserie chicken. It was really good! I also liked that it’s made with true ingredients and no additional weird additives. I would totally buy this again, esp to get out of the rut of using the same flavoring all the time for fried rice. The only thing I would ask for is to get a larger package. It was so small, so the instructions were also printed so small. I missed the instructions the first 5 times I read the label!

  86. Angie K.

    I got the Lemongrass Turmeric flavor and was very impressed with it. It’s more lemongrass forward than turmeric, but has a pleasing balance of all ingredient flavors. I added it in with olive oil to make a tofu and veggie stir fry and it worked perfectly. It has a slight tanginess on the 1st bite, and a lingering earthy flavor after you finish eating. I’ll happily be finishing this jar, and would get it again in the future.

  87. Dominique D.

    First time trying the Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala. I used it in a chicken dish that came out tasting and smelling delicious. Great flavor!

  88. Courtney R.

    I got the lemongrass turmeric and it was so good! I made some rice with some vegetables and mixed this into the tofu and veggies and it was an easy simple meal. It tasted great and these pastes are perfect for meals

  89. rebecca c.

    I enjoyed the flavor of the paste and how the flavors didn’t overpower each other.
    I try to make it from scratch, but when I’m wanting a quick meal, this really works. I’m excited to try the other flavors.

  90. Danielle B.

    I just tried Lemongrass Turmeric Organic cooking paste by Mekhala and it was wonderful. I followed the recipe on the back to combine with rice and added some protein.

  91. Ashley F.

    I tried the lemongrass turmeric paste. I followed the instructions on the bottle which said to add a heeping teaspoon to stir fried rice. It definitely tastes of turmeric and lemony so that’s something to keep in mind, if you aren’t used to the flavors you may want to use than what’s recommended on the packaging. Love that the ingredients are truly clean and turmeric and lemongrass offer health benefits when consumed

  92. Claudia G.

    I used this paste for a stir fry, it gave my dish a delicious tangy flavor. The combination of lemongrass and turmeric is perfect. I’m looking forward to try it in different ways.

  93. Jessica R.

    One of the best cooking paste I have ever tried. The lemongrass is perfectly potent. Tumeric pairs perfect with the lemongrass. Not over powering and packed full of flavor. Can’t wait to try this brands other flavors.

  94. Destini K.

    I mixed the product with potatoes like patty and was impressed how delicious it was. Will be purchasing more of it Will be buying this product for sure
    Highly recommend.

  95. Julia K.

    Not too strong. I added it to some noodles and it definitely imbued it with a dimension of flavor without being overwhelming. Nice addition, but I wish the shelf life was greater than 30 days. A little goes a long way, so may be difficult to use even a small jar in a month.

  96. Kristen W.

    This is a great product, I call it small but mighty. With just a little bit you get amazing results with any recipe. I used one of my own and one of their recipes and they both turned out great with this product.

  97. Kristen W.

    I’ve tried different flavors of their cooking pastes and loved them all. I found it thoughtful and helpful to offer recipes. I personally love to try new recipes, and these products did not disappoint!

  98. muriel b.

    I’ve tried different flavors of their cooking pastes and loved them all. I found it thoughtful and helpful to offer recipes. I personally love to try new recipes, and these products did not disappoint!

  99. Susie O.

    I used the Mekhala cooking paste in a throw together plant-based dish, and it gave the dish a new and delightful flavor. Even my son said it was good!

  100. Daniel S.

    I felt like I was eating in downtown NYC with the flavorful paste mixed in with my rice and chicken. I used a light coconut milk and the paste and it was creamy and spicy and simply delicious. Next attempt will be to use it in the broiler but for now it’s a great way to add flavor in my rice cooker.

  101. Leslie I.

    A little bit of Cooking Paste goes a long way! Just a tablespoon of paste adds a burst of flavor to my fish, chicken, veggie, and rice dishes. Or stir it into soups or noodle bowls. I can no longer tolerate spicy, but love Thai and Asian flavors and Mekhala Cooking Paste adds flavor without heat–perfection. And Bonus: Organic ingredients with no added sugar, Non-GMO and Gluten Free!!

  102. Shannon E.

    I tried the Mekhala Organic Cooking paste in the Lemongrass flavor and it was really good! Much better than I expected. I love lemongrass and this was just so tasty. Highly recommend.

  103. Inna J.

    Very tasty addition to all kinds of cooking and asian fishes. Adds a nice flavour and adding that in quite a bit of dishes to cook. Tasty and easy to add up some flavors

  104. Irene M.

    I loved this simple to use cooking pastes! I used them for all my recipes and dishes. They were convenient and easy to follow the instructions.

  105. Danielle T.

    I love trying new things & I love Asian food of any kind! These pastes make it so easy to try something new. You can look at their label for where to get recipes & how to use it. I’ll definitely try the other flavors & use them again!

  106. Kristi W.

    I tried the lemongrass tumeric paste, as I love lemongrass flavor and this was so delicious. Made a curry fried rice that did not disappoint! Love that this has great natural ingredients and delicious flavor.

  107. Marnie S.

    I loved the organic lemongrass turmeric paste. It was delicious on salmon with a small amount on steamed broccoli. I will be buying again real soon.

  108. Laura M.

    I purchased the organic lemongrass turmeric paste and immediately used it with veggies and tofu. It made for a quick and delicious dinner in 10 minutes

  109. Millisa S.

    These cooking paste added so much depth of flavor to different dishes that I created throughout the week. They were a great addition to pasta, meats and vegetables

  110. Lisa K.

    Lemongrass is a delicious flavor, but all the chopping and cooking to extract flavor from the dry stalks is daunting. The lemongrass turmeric paste was so delicious, and all I had to do was just spoon it out of the jar!

  111. Zack S.

    I recently tried the Lemongrass Turmeric Paste from Mekhala, and I was very impressed. My wife and I cook often at home and love to try different Asian flavors. This paste was quite flavorful without being overpowering. It helped us make a delicious yellow curry dish.

  112. Lisa L.

    I made Chicken with the Organic Lemongrass Turmeric Paste Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala. We all loved the taste of the chicken that it came out of. I will do it next time again.

  113. Herman P.

    Affordable and convenient, the organic turmeric paste is the perfect ingredient for your lemongrass shrimp tom yum soup. The yellow color Tumeric is a great addition to both the broth, shrimp, and veggies. Adding a stalk of lemongrass from my garden is a great compliment to help make each bowl a bit tastier.

  114. Melina D.

    I just made roasted carrots & broccolini with the lemongrass turmeric paste and it was delicious! It took 2 mins to whisk the paste into olive oil, mix it into the veggies and pop it into the oven. It tastes fresh and flavorful, and I love the organic, clean ingredients.

  115. Heather M.

    I love the texture and the taste, it was very thick and covered my noodles and used as a sauce as well thank you fir the chance to try it out I found a leaner product

  116. suzanne h.

    I used the lemongrass turmeric paste to make potato and pea samosas last night and they were so, so good! I only used one tablespoon to flavor the filling and it really elevated the dish.

  117. Elham Y.

    I purchased the lemongrass and turmeric which has now become my favorite spice in the stews I make. I highly recommend this product. Going to try the curry ones next.

  118. Josephine C.

    I got the lemongrass turmeric paste and I got it at Albertsons. The ingredients are really good and clean. I added the paste with a bit of water before mixing it with tofu. The only downside is that I will have to use up the paste within 30 days.

  119. felicia m.

    I used organic lemongrass turmeric paste on chicken for dinner and it was so tasty! I will definitely be using this paste in more recipes. the combination of spices were perfect and it had the right amount of flavor. I was so easy to use that anyone can easily make their dish delicious!

  120. Jay S.

    Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala – is Handpicked organic, all-natural & vegan-friendly ingredients. Organic Lemongrass – Turmeric Paste is.

  121. Jennifer L.

    I love these pastes! they allow you to quickly make a dish without the hard work involved. it provides great flavor and you can whip up a meal in no time!

  122. Steven L.

    As a fan of Thai food, these pastes provide access to great thai flavors at home without the stress of making the sauces from scratch or running to the restaurant to pick up food.

  123. Sharon T.

    This is my first time trying The Organic Lemongrass Tumeric Cooking Paste by Mekhala. And I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised that it made a delicious sauce for my angel hair pasta.

  124. Robyn R.

    I loved the Lemongrass Turmeric paste. It had a nice lemon flavor, is a beautiful color and simple pure ingredients. I friend up some Tofu in coconut oil, with fresh ginger and the paste. Even my 93 year old Dad liked it! The bottle is super small but I only needed 3 teaspoons for a whole pack of Tofu, so it should last long. I like that you can use it for 30 days. It’s a bit pricey but super delicious and fresh tasting!

  125. Thuy N.

    Where my AAPI fam at!? Growing up, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an organic curry paste option so I was so excited to try this out. I consider myself a healthy eater so this was right up my alley.

  126. Yuliia P.

    I liked this paste. It adds colorful taste to my regular veggies and rice. Ingredients are clean. No preservatives or chemicals included. Packaging is convenient

  127. Rosemary n.

    I used it for my chicken and even soup! I love how clean this is! It is small but is so good. I got the lemongrass turmeric and I suggest this to anyone who wants a clean paste.

  128. Jessie D.

    I tried the lemongrass turmeric paste by adding a tablespoon to my hot jasmine rice. Holy yummers. This instantaneously kicked it up a notch. For anyone who likes aromatic rices this is an easy addition to your condiments. I also mixed it into my stir fry and it was delish. Great quality product, full of flavor and instant option for adding more flavor to your food. WINNER!

  129. Adriana D.

    i really like lemongrass and this paste didn’t disappoint!
    i would suggest trying this product and infusing it into your favorite dish…or come up with a new one!

  130. Nathan H.

    This versatile paste is a welcome addition to some of the food I’ve made. I tried fried rice as suggested on the jar, and it was really aromatic. I feel that this product is better sourced than most of the pastes currently on the market.

  131. Rene W.

    I was so excited to try this lemongrass turmeric paste to add to a curry dish I was making. I enjoyed the clean ingredients and no preservatives, also that it was vegan friendly. Adding this paste to my regular yellow curry dish really enhanced the flavor.

  132. Laura C.

    I got the Lemongrass Turmeric and added it to my soup to add some extra flavor. Definitely enjoyed this because it was not too overpowering. The mild flavor was enough and it’s not salty at all! I highly recommend trying and look forward to cooking with them soon.

  133. Katelin B.

    I’ve never cooked using paste before but this was delicious. It added. Great flavor to my meal and was easy to use without overdoing it. Can’t wait to use it again.

  134. Leslie S.

    Really Yummy cooking paste, great with chicken I bought the lemongrass tumeric one and made the chicken so good. I liked that it all natural , organic and vegan friendly for people who want to use it on veggies

  135. Francis P.

    I loved cooking with this product since Mediterranean food is my favorite and I tried making it with chicken and vegetables and the flavor was super delicious

  136. Nataly C.

    Absolute game changer! Added this to my soup as a base and the flavors have just been incredible! My family loves them and so do I. The lemongrass turmeric is my favorite!

  137. Ana C.

    I tried the lemongrass turmeric paste and it tastes marvelous. I used it on top of a grilled chicken and I want to try the other flavors with different recipes

  138. Kat B.

    I honestly don’t know how quickly I’ll get through this jar- I thought it was small but then I used just a little bit and it flavored up my whole recipe. Definitely strong and authentic taste. Like that it’s not all packed with sugar.

  139. Hannah B.

    Loved that the ingredients were super clean and pure, and turmeric is great for anti-inflammatory purposes. Great with veggie stir fry. Just wish it was less salty.

  140. Richard D.

    I got the organic lemongrass turmeric paste and used it for a marinade for some chicken. The chicken tasted great and I could use it in anything!

  141. Christiana T.

    I love that the Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala have simple ingredients so that I know what I’m using. The flavor was great; even my kids liked it. Definitely will use again.

  142. Violet D.

    I love how these sauces are perfectly crafted to taste so you don’t have to waste time mixing spices. It saves me so much time and makes cooking faster and easier.

  143. Heather M.

    I used the lemongrass turmeric paste as the base for a chickpea curry dish I made. It was fantastic, and my entire family loved it! Would definitely recommend/buy again.

  144. Nadia m.

    Used the organic cooking paste in my recipe and it added great taste. I also like the packaging and the size was perfect. Would get this again.

  145. Jasmine C.

    This might be my new cooking staple. This year I’ve been wanting to cook more dishes at home because I’m on a health journey. However, I’m trying to move away from plain food and make food that’s healthy but also taste delicious. With the sauce, I found it very easy to incorporate in the food that I already make, but elevating all the flavors. It is very fresh and flavorful.

  146. Andrea C.

    I really found this product has the highest quality ingredients, low sodium, and absolutely delicious! Highly recommend. I love how I can incorporate this into my meals, easily versatile, for main dishes, mid-day quick lunches, and on the go for when I cook at my family’s and friends’ houses to add to their dishes as well.

  147. Kara H.

    This paste has such a great flavor and really adds a lot to any dish. It’s so easy to use. My family enjoyed this with chicken, and I would absolutely buy this again. It seems healthy as well! Turmeric is so food for you.

  148. Cecilia B.

    I tried the organic lemongrass turmeric paste and really loved the flavor it gave to the dish. I also love that it’s organic and vegan friendly.

  149. Carmen Q.

    I tried the organic lemongrass turmeric paste and really enjoyed the great flavor, was very delicious and was not salty. I like the small jar presentation. This paste really help to have a taste recipe,

  150. Mildred M.

    I needed lemongrass paste for a dish and I ended up using this paste. Let me tell tell you it made the dish so much better and amazing will definitely buy when I make a dish involving that spice. The blend was so good and I would not change it

  151. Maria L.

    Wow ! Amazing to have these pastes available for cooking and to be presented beautifully! I loved cooking with the pastes and making delicious dishes

  152. Carrie W.

    This paste is so amazing!! I’m obsessed with lemongrass in Thai dishes and the turmeric is a huge added bonus. It adds a rich flavor but even better, I know how good it is for my body with its anti-inflammatory benefits. I’m hooked.

  153. Nadia S.

    Tried out the organic cooking paste for first time and was very happy with it. Felt it added a lot to my recipe and I like that it’s organic as well. The packaging is nice too.

  154. Craig H.

    I really love this paste I highly recommend it for chicken beef pork lamb they have a lot of different flavors for your cooking needs enjoy!

  155. Jennifer P.

    My meal was delicious thanks to organic cooking pastes from Mekhala. I third the lemongrass turmeric paste with rice and veggies. It’s a great meal starter or marinade also. I would purchase it again in the future.

  156. Jodi O.

    This is really good paste. I tried the lemongrass/turmeric and I thought it was really flavorful, authentic and easy to cook with. Having grown up in Asia, this paste really does a great job of transporting me back to my home there and the delicious foods we ate every day.

  157. Lesley A.

    I’m into cooking pastes of all sorts so I was hella excited to try this brand. I was hoping to try the Green Curry paste, but the store only Carrie’s the Turmeric Lemongrass. Still no complaints. It was great in My fishhead soup; accompanied with the fresh lemongrass I use in the broth. The flavor was bomb. I’m excited to try it with other dishes.

  158. Winnie W.

    I added it into the curry I was making and it added a nice addition to the dish. I definitely would not have done this before but I’ll be doing it from now on

  159. erica n.

    the lemongrass turmeric paste was incredible. it went so well with the meal I was making. the flavors were great. I will definitely try the red and green

  160. Sheila F.

    I tried the lemongrass tumeric. I love the flavor it had. I cooked with chicken and rice. It was so tasty. I can’t wait to try other flavors

  161. Rena S.

    This product really surprised me. I love how short and clean the ingredient list is and without added seafood. I found it delicious mixed with rice, noodles and vegetables. My favorite is in coconut milk for a quick soup.

  162. Victor H.

    Their curry pastes are absolutely delicious! You can cook them with chicken, fish, shrimp….. the list goes on. Good to know it’s healthy ingredients too

  163. Lance P.

    I was excited to try The Mekhala Oganic Lemongrass Tumeric Paste and it was so flavorful and savory! Easy to cook with and so unique and rich in taste! I also love the fact it is All natural, organic and vegan! A new addition in my cooking world!

  164. ana c.

    really enjoyed this paste and how convenient it is to add to dishes or beverages. not a lot of stores carried it, but if you can find it, would definitely recommend

  165. Shlomi K.

    This is a treasure in a jar. For realz!! What??? It’s so good you won’t regret trying it. I’d pay double of the retail price to have it again. Really great flavors.

  166. Serenity

    It’s such a great curry product. I plan on using this brand often. I love that it’s all natural and organic ingredients. I also love the ease of ordering from Amazon.

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