Organic Thai Red Curry Paste



Our best-selling Thai Red Curry is a complex, flavorful paste with a kick. Made from organic dried red chillies and fresh herbs. Ideal with meat, root vegetables, tofu, and fruit. Also doubles as a marinade.


  • USDA & EU Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • No added sugar
  • Nut-Free
  • Oil-Free

USDA Organic
EU Organic


Delicious, authentic, certified organic Thai Red Curry paste made from organic dried red chillies and fresh herbs. This easy-to-use paste requires no additional herbs or spices! Just add coconut milk and your choice of ingredients. Ideal with duck, beef, lamb, root vegetables, tofu, and fruit.

*USDA and EU certified organic


*No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors

*No added sugar




Shallots*, Garlic*, Lime Juice*, Dried Red Chilli*, Galangal*, Lemongrass*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Gluten-Free Soy Sauce* (Brown Rice*, Soybeans*, Salt, Water), Cumin Seeds*, Coriander Root*, Kaffir Lime leaves*, Water *Organic ingredients
Medium Spice

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74 reviews for Organic Thai Red Curry Paste

  1. BillyJo

    Great flavor
    I couldn’t find this in the stores. I love cooking with this. It adds so much flavor, and the best part is, I don’t have to worry about if it’s full of crud I don’t need. The jar is small, BUT it’s not like you use a ton of it at a time. Unless of course you really like it hot. This adds so much flavor to your dish, and of course some heat. I will be buying this again.

  2. Loubell

    I buy no other – HIGHLY recommend! And the seller is wonderful
    I simply loves this Thai Red Curry. It is delicious in everything I use it in. I buy no other – HIGHLY recommend! And the seller is wonderful, received product well packaged and on time.

  3. R. Francis T.

    Authentic and Delicious
    Nice to find something with no fish paste that can used by vegetarians. Makes an excellent Thai curry.

  4. Pooja V.

    knowing you only need a tiny bit for a curry and seeing the ingredients are better for you makes it worth it
    This curry paste is delicious – you only need a teaspoon for a ton of flavor! Jar is smaller than I expected, but knowing you only need a tiny bit for a curry and seeing the ingredients are better for you makes it worth it!

  5. Amber

    Easiest way to turn a simple, plain dish into something remarkable
    I received a set of Mekhala products about 1 week ago and experimented a bit with it. I have to say, they are delicious and super easy to use. Depending on what you are cooking (veggies, meats, fish, …) you can crate super flavorful stuff with just some coconut milk and one of the Mekhala pastes. (WRT to the Red Curry, it is quite spicy – you may want to take it easy at the beginning and increase the dosage gradually)

  6. Olga Lyudovyk

    Best red curry paste on the market
    Yes, it is organic and gluten free. But I buy it because it is hands down the tastiest, most authentic red curry paste on the market! And it goes a long way: just one tablespoon makes for a perfect curry. (It takes the whole jar to make curry with the other pastes out there…)

  7. Madhuri Madhava Kaginele

    Flavorful thai red curry!
    Great option to make thai curries at home if you love thai food..its vegan and organic which makes it the perfect combination..bit pricy for the quantity

  8. Tom

    Thumbs up!
    I love how easy it is to use. I used it to make a chicken curry. Used half a jar with 1 can (400ml) of coconut milk. I didn’t have bamboo shoots so I used hearts of palm. I added some sugar and fish sauce to achieve an authentic flavor. I like the fact that I can control how much sugar is going in my Thai curry. My family also loved it.

  9. Lorrie

    I love this brand. It was easy to make and so delicious. If you like spicy you’ll love this. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  10. Shera willetts

    Great flavor, tiny opening!
    I love this stuff the only downfall is the jar opening is so small that my standard teaspoons don’t fit inside.

  11. D. L. Slowe

    Delicious and great in a stir fry
    This was delicious. Just enough heat. I like Thai food but I don’t like the fish sauce or dried shrimp that’s normally in it. When I saw this was vegan, I gave it a try and was not disappointed.

  12. Adrian Hamilton

    The store was out…
    The store was out, so I bought it online. Taste great, will last us a really long time.

  13. Philip J. Gatti

    Very good
    Pretty spicy, No shellfish or peanut. Good for allergies

  14. MO

    Spicy but good!
    Whew! This is super spicy! I have used a different brand of red curry paste in the past and it wasn’t nearly as spicy. Just an FYI if this is your 1st time using this brand. Start out with less and add after tasting. I accidentally made quinoa that was like fire by using the amount I would have with my previous brand.

  15. Robert Zuccarelli

    My favorite- very spicy and flavorful
    Flavor is on point and it’s the perfect level of spicy

  16. Mikee

    I made red curry noodles with this. They were delicious. It was supposed to be noodle soup, but the water thickened and it turned into pasta with sauce instead. But that wasn’t the curry pastes fault.

  17. Jeri

    Just what I needed for my Thai curry soup! And it’s organic! Would repurchase for sure.


    Great flavor!
    These tastes awesome and has an authentic Thai flavor. I made Thai curry noodles and enjoyed it a lot!

  19. dadnextdoor

    Best Curry I have Ever Made!!
    The title says it all. The family loved the shrimp curry so much, I had to get another jar!

  20. Kris

    Great red curry base flavor!
    Excellent tasting red curry paste! Made a red curry with chicken, carrots, and green beans. Still needs other ingredients to make a decent curry dish. Coconut milk and paste alone isn’t enough. Add some lemongrass, fish sauce, lime, and bamboo shoots to give it a full-bodied flavor.

  21. daryoush z.

    Just try it once and you will never buy any other pastes, I tried Organic Red Curry Paste, very tasty and easy to prepare, just add it to your favorite meal and enjoy. I will try other flavors next time

  22. Andrew T.

    We tried the organic red curry paste by cooking it with tofu and it was delicious! One of our new brands for red curry paste. Nice kick to go with anything.

  23. Christa M.

    This paste was very good and made a great tasting sauce over rice! We mixed it with other ingredients to make a really good sauce! I want to try the lemongrass tumeric next!

  24. Firoozeh S.

    I tried the cooking paste for the first time and was very pleased with it. I used it inside a recipe and it turned out great with really good flavor which I think the paste really helped with. I would buy this again.

  25. Apisak S.

    Tried this cooking paste for the first time and was happy with it. I used it in a recipe which turned out great and it had a fabulous taste to it. I like the consistency of it as well. I would definitely purchase this again in the future.

  26. Kusuma W.

    i tried the red curry paste, the taste is good and its so convenient just need to add coconut milk, some meat and there you go, meal ready to eat.

  27. SHANON R.

    i reaaly like this product, it is really delicious with many many spicy flavored ingridients and good for all occasions too, my family and friends really enjoyed this food.

  28. Gabriela K.

    I love making curry! So I was super excited to try this product out and it was great. I am not disappointed at all and very please with the paste. Delicious flavor and perfect balance of taste.

  29. Alexa S.

    Yummy good overall flavor very tasty I enjoy this a lot and will try it again soon it was good with chicken and fish for dinner and lunch options

  30. miley s.

    Awesome flavor. Not too much of a kick but just enough. Really tasty I enjoyed this a lot and will try it again soon yum overall a good product

  31. Benjamin S.

    This is the best cooking paste I have ever tasted! The flavors were all natural and also the variety of sauces available make it so everyone can find their special paste!

  32. Jack L

    I tried the red curry paste and was so pleased. I really enjoy the flavor profile of this product and will be buying it again. I am excited to try the other flavors.

  33. Amanda C.

    I love this curry paste! It has truly enhanced my curries. I bought the red curry paste and it is significant;y better than any curry blocks or pastes I’ve used before. The taste is strong and flavorful so a little goes a long way!

  34. daryoush z.

    I tried the Organic Red Curry, very tasty and gives the food a special Oder, I love it and will try other flavors on my next shopping day out.

  35. Virginia M.

    “Tasty tasty TASTY.!
    You have to try this product. Nothing else on the self tastes as good. I was so happy with the quality and tast of the red curry paste. It was like I made it from scratch.”

  36. Mandy Z.

    I like this curry product is so easy to cook. It comes with different flavors and all ingredients l are clean. I hope the price could be cheaper.

  37. CJ G.

    These pastes are so convenient! It was easy to add new flavors to my cooking without having to buy a lot of new ingredients that I might not use.

  38. Vinh P.

    I love Red Curry and it’s so hard to find a good premade curry paste in store. The product that I have brought before from the stores is not as authentic as the label states. The flavor and the seasoning is not a flavorful as it should be so I’m very excited to give this Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala a try. Wow, I’m quite impressed with the highly concentrated red curry paste. It’s fully packed with flavorful ingredients, and the paste is ready to cook with any vegetables to your liking. I love to add garbanzo beans, chopped tomatoes, onion to the red curry paste and the dish is amazingly delicious. I have seen other varieties from the brand and would love to try them all. The taste is so authentic, flavorful and well balanced. Love it.

  39. Andrea H.

    I found a terrific recipe online using Red Curry Paste called Thai Chicken Coconut Curry, and my son and I collaborated in making it. Coincidentally, I happened to have all of the ingredients already available. It turned out so amazing! I served it over Coconut Jasmine Rice. We all loved it, and the house smelled so good for several hours afterwards. This was one of the best products I’ve ever received from Social Nature.

  40. Alyssa D.

    Very good! Has some kick to it and tastes great. I got the red curry flavor that I sometimes just spread onto foods when I need some flavor for it.

  41. Cry R.

    This organic red curry paste makes my curry sauce look so pretty. I love how the flavor is so rich and creamy. I would add it to most of my dishes.

  42. Natanya W.

    The Red Curry paste is soooooooooo good and a little goes such a long way! There is so much flavor, a hint of spiciness, and a great, thick texture that allows for lots of versatility.

  43. Jodi J.

    I absolutely love trying new flavors and getting away from the boring typical dinners. Mekhala organic red Curry was so good and a hit with the family.

  44. Agiane T.

    This curry paste is amazing; flavorful and so easy to use. The ingredients are simple and make cooking dinner a breeze. I simply added some paste to a can of coconut water with my choice of meat and vegetables. Great way to add flavor to any meal.

  45. Nancy S.

    I love ethnic foods but don’t have the ingredients or skill to make my own curry pastes. I was so excited to try this. I used canned coconut milk, frozen shrimp, peppers and peas and made a delicious curry that I served over rice. It made for a quick and satisfying meal that was ready in less than 30 minutes.

  46. karn s.

    I rarely cook but this curry paste was really simple to use. The paste is fragrant and contains only natural ingredients. I like how it’s organic as well.

  47. sheri e.

    Yummy Ii got the Organic red curry paste and used it with chicken and rice and my family loved it. Had the right amount of spice to and it tasted fresh.

  48. K J.

    usually it’s so hard to find a premade cooking paste that’s vegan. all the other ones have fish sauce or meat broth. glad this one exists and I can use

  49. Hu n.

    “We like spicy food very much.
    My children complained that we ate chicken too often.
    This is a great new cooking paste to cook chicken.
    Not too spicy. Just the right amount of spicness. “

  50. Amy L.

    I got the red curry and really liked it! It was so flavorful and was great in Thai curries with vegetables, chicken, and rice. I have a hard time finding curry pastes but will definitely be buying this one again.

  51. Kris W.

    I tried the red curry flavor and I love it! It was so flavorful and delicious. I slow cooked it with chicken and served it with rice. Everyone was so pleased!

  52. Brian L.

    Yummy is a great choice when you are looking for a good curry flavor. We used this product in a range of recipes including soups, stir-fries and other dishes requiring a balance of spice and sour. It’s definitely going to be one of those sauces that we keep stocked in the pantry at all times.

  53. Linda C.

    Time to add some kick to my tofu with the Red Curry Paste. After cooking my tofu with the Red Curry Paste I sat down to a nice dinner as the first spoon of tofu I took to my mouth I felt the taste of the tofu did not disappoint. The paste make the tofu so flavorful that there was no need to add anything else. Love and enjoy the Red Curry Paste with my tofu so much.

  54. Ben T.

    The red curry was delicious. It was very easy to use in cooking and the taste was not too strong. It was just to my liking and I will definitely be using it more often.

  55. Claire T.

    Mekhala red curry paste was very flavorful. I used it in a chicken and vegetable coconut curry dish. Nice spice and ingredient. Would buy again.

  56. Emma H.

    This packs just enough punch and flavor. I was scared it would be too spicy but it really wasn’t. I used coconut milk per the recipe and it needed less liquid.

  57. Helen D.

    I was hoping the Mekhala curry paste would be spicier than it was but it was still a good add on taste to my food. I tried the Red Curry paste and it was my first time cooking with curry at all.

  58. mike n.

    My whole family loves Thai food so I was very excited to try Mekhala cooking paste in my Asian recipes. The paste really added authentic flavor and spice and raised the level of the food taste. They also have some great recipes on their website that I tried and now make regularly.

  59. katia X.

    Delicious curry paste that packs so much flavor. I thoroughly enjoy it in stews mixes with coconut mix for a nice Thai spin!!!! I also tried as a marinate for roasted veggies and it was absolutely amazing!!! I highly recommend it!

  60. Kalia C.

    This in my opinion is even better that the well known competitor brand. It brings authentic taste of Thailand to your food and I like the fact that it isn’t extremely spicy. A little bit can go a long way. Excellent red curry paste

  61. Shreya S.

    I enjoy making vegetable/tofu curries using red curry paste and coconut milk. With other brands, I end up adding a lot of other things to make it more flavorful, as I generally find that most jarred curry pastes are pretty bland. However, this one really packs a punch! There is so much flavor and great heat (I have a high spice tolerance and love the amount of heat that it brings, so be careful if you have a low spice tolerance). This is by far the best curry paste I’ve tried.

  62. Lisa B.

    We tried the Red Curry Paste. It packs a power punch of flavor without being overly spicy. I cooked it with chicken and vegetables which I served on top of a bed of jasmine rice. It was very satisfying and I would definitely buy it again. #trynatural

  63. Heather S.

    I used this in a new dish that I had never tried before. It was really good! I’ve never made a curry dish, so I was really excited to try this. It was delicious!

  64. Monika C.

    I tried the Red Curry one and it was delicious. It even came with a recipe attached to the jar. Very delicious and authentic tasting. Want to try the green curry next

  65. Sue H.

    This is my first time trying a cooking paste and I like that it’s so easy to give flavor to the dish. I added the Organic Red Curry Paste to a chicken stir fry and it was great

  66. Paula P.

    I enjoyed the red curry paste very much. I stir fried some chicken breast cubes with some fresh veggies and made a sauce with coconut milk and the red curry paste. It did need a bit of chili oil to add a kick to it as it was a little on the bland side but other than that it was delicious.

  67. Donna F.

    This product was the perfect flavor for my tastebuds. I love how it can complement so many dishes. I love the complexity of flavors and heat it offers. It is a must try. Would like to try the lemongrass and green curry, as well.

  68. Varsha B.

    This is the 1st time I am trying any paste since I like cooking on my own. Just to say not bad. Tastes good and nice aroma after cooking. Spices are good. Since we like little more spicy side but it’s more tangy.

  69. Mckayla G.

    I was excited to try this product and see how it preformed compared to my regulars . I was pleasantly surprised and will be using these from now on . Flavor is spot on and healthier than the alternatives .

  70. Chris M.

    I tried the Organic Red Curry Paste and it was delicious. The dish I used it in came out amazing. I can’t wait to try the other flavors and see how great they are.

  71. Mich G.

    This is by far and away the best ready made curry paste I’ve ever tried. The flavor is amazing and the ingredients couldn’t be any better. It’s all organic with zero preservatives, colorings, gums. or added sugars. A very high quality product.

  72. Persis C.

    The Red Curry Paste by Mekhala is very versatile and easy to use. Could do with a bit more of a spice punch. great to have on hand to create a home cooked meal in a short time.

  73. Marissa N.

    “I love that I can use this as needed! Great taste and the right amount of spices. I eat curry a lot and it doesn’t upset my stomach.
    Quite happy it is organic and vegan!
    I use smaller amounts so it last longer.”

  74. Tina L.

    I was so happy to try Mekhala Organic Red Curry Paste. I usually use a cooking sauce that is just pour and stir, but I saw a recipe that used curry paste and coconut milk that I wanted to try. The recipe called for five tablespoons of curry paste, that seemed way too hot, so I used three tablespoons (should have used 2). The curry was delicious, put in butternut squash, chick peas, carrots, onions ,lemongrass etc. The curry flavor was great. Even though it is a small bottle you can get a lot of uses because of the concentrated flavor. Highly recommend!

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