Organic Thai Red Curry Paste



Our best-selling Thai Red Curry is a complex, flavorful paste with a kick. Made from organic dried red chillies and fresh herbs. Ideal with meat, root vegetables, tofu, and fruit. Also doubles as a marinade.


  • USDA & EU Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • No added sugar
  • Oil-Free

USDA Organic
EU Organic


Delicious, authentic, certified organic Thai Red Curry paste made from organic dried red chillies and fresh herbs. This easy-to-use paste requires no additional herbs or spices! Just add coconut milk and your choice of ingredients. Ideal with duck, beef, lamb, root vegetables, tofu, and fruit.

*USDA and EU certified organic


*No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors

*No added sugar



Shallots*, Garlic*, Lime Juice*, Dried Red Chilli*, Galangal*, Lemongrass*, Spices*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Gluten-Free Soy Sauce* (Brown Rice*, Soybeans*, Salt, Water), Coriander Root*, Kaffir Lime leaves*, Water *Organic ingredients
Medium Spice

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652 reviews for Organic Thai Red Curry Paste

  1. BillyJo

    Great flavor
    I couldn’t find this in the stores. I love cooking with this. It adds so much flavor, and the best part is, I don’t have to worry about if it’s full of crud I don’t need. The jar is small, BUT it’s not like you use a ton of it at a time. Unless of course you really like it hot. This adds so much flavor to your dish, and of course some heat. I will be buying this again.

  2. Loubell

    I buy no other – HIGHLY recommend! And the seller is wonderful
    I simply loves this Thai Red Curry. It is delicious in everything I use it in. I buy no other – HIGHLY recommend! And the seller is wonderful, received product well packaged and on time.

  3. R. Francis T.

    Authentic and Delicious
    Nice to find something with no fish paste that can used by vegetarians. Makes an excellent Thai curry.

  4. Pooja V.

    knowing you only need a tiny bit for a curry and seeing the ingredients are better for you makes it worth it
    This curry paste is delicious – you only need a teaspoon for a ton of flavor! Jar is smaller than I expected, but knowing you only need a tiny bit for a curry and seeing the ingredients are better for you makes it worth it!

  5. Amber

    Easiest way to turn a simple, plain dish into something remarkable
    I received a set of Mekhala products about 1 week ago and experimented a bit with it. I have to say, they are delicious and super easy to use. Depending on what you are cooking (veggies, meats, fish, …) you can crate super flavorful stuff with just some coconut milk and one of the Mekhala pastes. (WRT to the Red Curry, it is quite spicy – you may want to take it easy at the beginning and increase the dosage gradually)

  6. Olga Lyudovyk

    Best red curry paste on the market
    Yes, it is organic and gluten free. But I buy it because it is hands down the tastiest, most authentic red curry paste on the market! And it goes a long way: just one tablespoon makes for a perfect curry. (It takes the whole jar to make curry with the other pastes out there…)

  7. Madhuri Madhava Kaginele

    Flavorful thai red curry!
    Great option to make thai curries at home if you love thai food..its vegan and organic which makes it the perfect combination..bit pricy for the quantity

  8. Tom

    Thumbs up!
    I love how easy it is to use. I used it to make a chicken curry. Used half a jar with 1 can (400ml) of coconut milk. I didn’t have bamboo shoots so I used hearts of palm. I added some sugar and fish sauce to achieve an authentic flavor. I like the fact that I can control how much sugar is going in my Thai curry. My family also loved it.

  9. Lorrie

    I love this brand. It was easy to make and so delicious. If you like spicy you’ll love this. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  10. Shera willetts

    Great flavor, tiny opening!
    I love this stuff the only downfall is the jar opening is so small that my standard teaspoons don’t fit inside.

  11. D. L. Slowe

    Delicious and great in a stir fry
    This was delicious. Just enough heat. I like Thai food but I don’t like the fish sauce or dried shrimp that’s normally in it. When I saw this was vegan, I gave it a try and was not disappointed.

  12. Adrian Hamilton

    The store was out…
    The store was out, so I bought it online. Taste great, will last us a really long time.

  13. Philip J. Gatti

    Very good
    Pretty spicy, No shellfish or peanut. Good for allergies

  14. MO

    Spicy but good!
    Whew! This is super spicy! I have used a different brand of red curry paste in the past and it wasn’t nearly as spicy. Just an FYI if this is your 1st time using this brand. Start out with less and add after tasting. I accidentally made quinoa that was like fire by using the amount I would have with my previous brand.

  15. Robert Zuccarelli

    My favorite- very spicy and flavorful
    Flavor is on point and it’s the perfect level of spicy

  16. Mikee

    I made red curry noodles with this. They were delicious. It was supposed to be noodle soup, but the water thickened and it turned into pasta with sauce instead. But that wasn’t the curry pastes fault.

  17. Jeri

    Just what I needed for my Thai curry soup! And it’s organic! Would repurchase for sure.


    Great flavor!
    These tastes awesome and has an authentic Thai flavor. I made Thai curry noodles and enjoyed it a lot!

  19. dadnextdoor

    Best Curry I have Ever Made!!
    The title says it all. The family loved the shrimp curry so much, I had to get another jar!

  20. Kris

    Great red curry base flavor!
    Excellent tasting red curry paste! Made a red curry with chicken, carrots, and green beans. Still needs other ingredients to make a decent curry dish. Coconut milk and paste alone isn’t enough. Add some lemongrass, fish sauce, lime, and bamboo shoots to give it a full-bodied flavor.

  21. daryoush z.

    Just try it once and you will never buy any other pastes, I tried Organic Red Curry Paste, very tasty and easy to prepare, just add it to your favorite meal and enjoy. I will try other flavors next time

  22. Andrew T.

    We tried the organic red curry paste by cooking it with tofu and it was delicious! One of our new brands for red curry paste. Nice kick to go with anything.

  23. Christa M.

    This paste was very good and made a great tasting sauce over rice! We mixed it with other ingredients to make a really good sauce! I want to try the lemongrass tumeric next!

  24. Firoozeh S.

    I tried the cooking paste for the first time and was very pleased with it. I used it inside a recipe and it turned out great with really good flavor which I think the paste really helped with. I would buy this again.

  25. Apisak S.

    Tried this cooking paste for the first time and was happy with it. I used it in a recipe which turned out great and it had a fabulous taste to it. I like the consistency of it as well. I would definitely purchase this again in the future.

  26. Kusuma W.

    i tried the red curry paste, the taste is good and its so convenient just need to add coconut milk, some meat and there you go, meal ready to eat.

  27. SHANON R.

    i reaaly like this product, it is really delicious with many many spicy flavored ingridients and good for all occasions too, my family and friends really enjoyed this food.

  28. Gabriela K.

    I love making curry! So I was super excited to try this product out and it was great. I am not disappointed at all and very please with the paste. Delicious flavor and perfect balance of taste.

  29. Alexa S.

    Yummy good overall flavor very tasty I enjoy this a lot and will try it again soon it was good with chicken and fish for dinner and lunch options

  30. miley s.

    Awesome flavor. Not too much of a kick but just enough. Really tasty I enjoyed this a lot and will try it again soon yum overall a good product

  31. Benjamin S.

    This is the best cooking paste I have ever tasted! The flavors were all natural and also the variety of sauces available make it so everyone can find their special paste!

  32. Jack L

    I tried the red curry paste and was so pleased. I really enjoy the flavor profile of this product and will be buying it again. I am excited to try the other flavors.

  33. Amanda C.

    I love this curry paste! It has truly enhanced my curries. I bought the red curry paste and it is significant;y better than any curry blocks or pastes I’ve used before. The taste is strong and flavorful so a little goes a long way!

  34. daryoush z.

    I tried the Organic Red Curry, very tasty and gives the food a special Oder, I love it and will try other flavors on my next shopping day out.

  35. Virginia M.

    “Tasty tasty TASTY.!
    You have to try this product. Nothing else on the self tastes as good. I was so happy with the quality and tast of the red curry paste. It was like I made it from scratch.”

  36. Mandy Z.

    I like this curry product is so easy to cook. It comes with different flavors and all ingredients l are clean. I hope the price could be cheaper.

  37. CJ G.

    These pastes are so convenient! It was easy to add new flavors to my cooking without having to buy a lot of new ingredients that I might not use.

  38. Vinh P.

    I love Red Curry and it’s so hard to find a good premade curry paste in store. The product that I have brought before from the stores is not as authentic as the label states. The flavor and the seasoning is not a flavorful as it should be so I’m very excited to give this Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala a try. Wow, I’m quite impressed with the highly concentrated red curry paste. It’s fully packed with flavorful ingredients, and the paste is ready to cook with any vegetables to your liking. I love to add garbanzo beans, chopped tomatoes, onion to the red curry paste and the dish is amazingly delicious. I have seen other varieties from the brand and would love to try them all. The taste is so authentic, flavorful and well balanced. Love it.

  39. Andrea H.

    I found a terrific recipe online using Red Curry Paste called Thai Chicken Coconut Curry, and my son and I collaborated in making it. Coincidentally, I happened to have all of the ingredients already available. It turned out so amazing! I served it over Coconut Jasmine Rice. We all loved it, and the house smelled so good for several hours afterwards. This was one of the best products I’ve ever received from Social Nature.

  40. Alyssa D.

    Very good! Has some kick to it and tastes great. I got the red curry flavor that I sometimes just spread onto foods when I need some flavor for it.

  41. Cry R.

    This organic red curry paste makes my curry sauce look so pretty. I love how the flavor is so rich and creamy. I would add it to most of my dishes.

  42. Natanya W.

    The Red Curry paste is soooooooooo good and a little goes such a long way! There is so much flavor, a hint of spiciness, and a great, thick texture that allows for lots of versatility.

  43. Jodi J.

    I absolutely love trying new flavors and getting away from the boring typical dinners. Mekhala organic red Curry was so good and a hit with the family.

  44. Agiane T.

    This curry paste is amazing; flavorful and so easy to use. The ingredients are simple and make cooking dinner a breeze. I simply added some paste to a can of coconut water with my choice of meat and vegetables. Great way to add flavor to any meal.

  45. Nancy S.

    I love ethnic foods but don’t have the ingredients or skill to make my own curry pastes. I was so excited to try this. I used canned coconut milk, frozen shrimp, peppers and peas and made a delicious curry that I served over rice. It made for a quick and satisfying meal that was ready in less than 30 minutes.

  46. karn s.

    I rarely cook but this curry paste was really simple to use. The paste is fragrant and contains only natural ingredients. I like how it’s organic as well.

  47. sheri e.

    Yummy Ii got the Organic red curry paste and used it with chicken and rice and my family loved it. Had the right amount of spice to and it tasted fresh.

  48. K J.

    usually it’s so hard to find a premade cooking paste that’s vegan. all the other ones have fish sauce or meat broth. glad this one exists and I can use

  49. Hu n.

    “We like spicy food very much.
    My children complained that we ate chicken too often.
    This is a great new cooking paste to cook chicken.
    Not too spicy. Just the right amount of spicness. “

  50. Amy L.

    I got the red curry and really liked it! It was so flavorful and was great in Thai curries with vegetables, chicken, and rice. I have a hard time finding curry pastes but will definitely be buying this one again.

  51. Kris W.

    I tried the red curry flavor and I love it! It was so flavorful and delicious. I slow cooked it with chicken and served it with rice. Everyone was so pleased!

  52. Brian L.

    Yummy is a great choice when you are looking for a good curry flavor. We used this product in a range of recipes including soups, stir-fries and other dishes requiring a balance of spice and sour. It’s definitely going to be one of those sauces that we keep stocked in the pantry at all times.

  53. Linda C.

    Time to add some kick to my tofu with the Red Curry Paste. After cooking my tofu with the Red Curry Paste I sat down to a nice dinner as the first spoon of tofu I took to my mouth I felt the taste of the tofu did not disappoint. The paste make the tofu so flavorful that there was no need to add anything else. Love and enjoy the Red Curry Paste with my tofu so much.

  54. Ben T.

    The red curry was delicious. It was very easy to use in cooking and the taste was not too strong. It was just to my liking and I will definitely be using it more often.

  55. Claire T.

    Mekhala red curry paste was very flavorful. I used it in a chicken and vegetable coconut curry dish. Nice spice and ingredient. Would buy again.

  56. Emma H.

    This packs just enough punch and flavor. I was scared it would be too spicy but it really wasn’t. I used coconut milk per the recipe and it needed less liquid.

  57. Helen D.

    I was hoping the Mekhala curry paste would be spicier than it was but it was still a good add on taste to my food. I tried the Red Curry paste and it was my first time cooking with curry at all.

  58. mike n.

    My whole family loves Thai food so I was very excited to try Mekhala cooking paste in my Asian recipes. The paste really added authentic flavor and spice and raised the level of the food taste. They also have some great recipes on their website that I tried and now make regularly.

  59. katia X.

    Delicious curry paste that packs so much flavor. I thoroughly enjoy it in stews mixes with coconut mix for a nice Thai spin!!!! I also tried as a marinate for roasted veggies and it was absolutely amazing!!! I highly recommend it!

  60. Kalia C.

    This in my opinion is even better that the well known competitor brand. It brings authentic taste of Thailand to your food and I like the fact that it isn’t extremely spicy. A little bit can go a long way. Excellent red curry paste

  61. Shreya S.

    I enjoy making vegetable/tofu curries using red curry paste and coconut milk. With other brands, I end up adding a lot of other things to make it more flavorful, as I generally find that most jarred curry pastes are pretty bland. However, this one really packs a punch! There is so much flavor and great heat (I have a high spice tolerance and love the amount of heat that it brings, so be careful if you have a low spice tolerance). This is by far the best curry paste I’ve tried.

  62. Lisa B.

    We tried the Red Curry Paste. It packs a power punch of flavor without being overly spicy. I cooked it with chicken and vegetables which I served on top of a bed of jasmine rice. It was very satisfying and I would definitely buy it again. #trynatural

  63. Heather S.

    I used this in a new dish that I had never tried before. It was really good! I’ve never made a curry dish, so I was really excited to try this. It was delicious!

  64. Monika C.

    I tried the Red Curry one and it was delicious. It even came with a recipe attached to the jar. Very delicious and authentic tasting. Want to try the green curry next

  65. Sue H.

    This is my first time trying a cooking paste and I like that it’s so easy to give flavor to the dish. I added the Organic Red Curry Paste to a chicken stir fry and it was great

  66. Paula P.

    I enjoyed the red curry paste very much. I stir fried some chicken breast cubes with some fresh veggies and made a sauce with coconut milk and the red curry paste. It did need a bit of chili oil to add a kick to it as it was a little on the bland side but other than that it was delicious.

  67. Donna F.

    This product was the perfect flavor for my tastebuds. I love how it can complement so many dishes. I love the complexity of flavors and heat it offers. It is a must try. Would like to try the lemongrass and green curry, as well.

  68. Varsha B.

    This is the 1st time I am trying any paste since I like cooking on my own. Just to say not bad. Tastes good and nice aroma after cooking. Spices are good. Since we like little more spicy side but it’s more tangy.

  69. Mckayla G.

    I was excited to try this product and see how it preformed compared to my regulars . I was pleasantly surprised and will be using these from now on . Flavor is spot on and healthier than the alternatives .

  70. Chris M.

    I tried the Organic Red Curry Paste and it was delicious. The dish I used it in came out amazing. I can’t wait to try the other flavors and see how great they are.

  71. Mich G.

    This is by far and away the best ready made curry paste I’ve ever tried. The flavor is amazing and the ingredients couldn’t be any better. It’s all organic with zero preservatives, colorings, gums. or added sugars. A very high quality product.

  72. Persis C.

    The Red Curry Paste by Mekhala is very versatile and easy to use. Could do with a bit more of a spice punch. great to have on hand to create a home cooked meal in a short time.

  73. Marissa N.

    “I love that I can use this as needed! Great taste and the right amount of spices. I eat curry a lot and it doesn’t upset my stomach.
    Quite happy it is organic and vegan!
    I use smaller amounts so it last longer.”

  74. Heather C.

    Yay! I love products that take the stress out of cooking when I’m just not feeling it, and this sauce does the trick. Had the red curry paste over tofu and rice… LOVED IT.

  75. Ginger T.

    I made curry according to the directions on the jar for a Thai red curry using rice and chicken and it thickened nicely while simmering to provide a curry with a good level of spice and heat. Nicely done! I would recommend this cooking paste.

  76. Chandra S.

    I love that it is organic and vegan, two of the most important aspects for me. The flavor ended up being an added bonus! The Red Curry is delish!

  77. Holdyn B.

    I tried the red curry paste and I thought it was great! I made a curry with coconut milk, baby potatoes, baby carrots, bell pepper, garlic, and ginger,

  78. Elisa C.

    I was very glad to try this product because many other curry products don’t offer organic options. It’s easy to use and very flavorful. Also is a good option for when you don’t have a lot of time.

  79. Prasad K.

    Love making red curry with this paste.. It makes life so easy to cook. The ingredients are organic, all natural and vegan filled with full of flavor

  80. Melinda M.

    This paste made a good curry! I loved that the instructions were easy to follow and very simple. The jar goes far, for many many meals! My only worry is that it only lasts a month in the fridge, and it would probably take me longer to go through it all unless I’m super intentional about using it.

  81. Destini K.

    This product was different and unique because of the variety of spices used and I was able to use it in different dishes. I would buy this product.

  82. Jennifer C.

    Great Red Curry flavor! I used in a Thai curry soup recipe that I usually use another brand and i have to say the flavors in the Mekhala were much more pronounced and I enjoyed it immensely. I cannot wait to use in other recipes.

  83. Kody B.

    For those that like curries, this will definitely do the trick for you. Perfect strong flavors and even added in small amounts to other dishes, can add so much taste! Highly recommend

  84. Victor H.

    This red curry paste is delicious üòã and versatile!! You can use it for any meat whether poultry chicken or duck, fish, beef… really great to have an easy mixable Thai flavoring at your fingertips!

  85. Claire F.

    Easy to find and so easy to make your own and a little goes a long way so it’s pretty affordable for what it is. Also very tasty and many different flavors

  86. Rocco P.

    Finally a red curry paste with all the wonderful thai flavors, but without the bad-for-you ingredients. I was surprised the jar was so small, but the product is so concentrated that a little goes a long way! Made both a stir-fry with it, and a more traditional coconut-based red curry and both dishes were delicious! I love the clean and healthy, organic ingredients, and the fact that there is no oil, which makes the product less likely to get rancid. Also appreciate the fact this paste is vegan. I am looking forward to trying the other pastes.

  87. Hana L.

    Really delicious. I was surprised by the flavor and ease of cooking with the paste. Definitely will purchase and keep on hand at my home for my family

  88. Hannah K.

    This is really good, it add just the right amount of flavor that it’s not overwhelming. I defineity would suggest just using a TEASPOON or two at most to boost flavors you want to add to whatever it is your making. We got the red curry one and really great!

  89. Elaine Y.

    This was a quick solution for easy week night dinner! All I had to do was just mix the paste with a little bit of water but I added a tiny bit of chicken broth powder for extra flavoring. I cooked some chopped Bell peppers and chicken with the paste and added it on top of rice. Cooking dinner was done within 30 mins!

  90. Selin G.

    I tried the organic red curry paste and wow, it was not too spicy and not too strong, it’s just right. The tones are fruity and vibrant and have a wonderful aftertaste. I used this sauce in chicken and separately in a vegetable strew. It pairs really well with both meat and vegetables so it’s a versatile curry.

  91. lisa s.

    good kick and spice i like it it wasnt too spicy and i like it on chicken/fish it was tasty and good on steak as well i liked it on my grill items

  92. Ava M.

    I always buy red curry paste and its so delicious this is my new favorite one the flavor and texture brings out such a great meal it goes with everything

  93. Emma K.

    I very much enjoyed the red curry paste. It was very easy to use and added a lot of flavor into my mishmash of veggies, chickpeas and rice. Comes in handy when you want something delicious but don’t have the time to cook your own sauce.

  94. Tina L.

    I was so happy to try Mekhala Organic Red Curry Paste. I usually use a cooking sauce that is just pour and stir, but I saw a recipe that used curry paste and coconut milk that I wanted to try. The recipe called for five tablespoons of curry paste, that seemed way too hot, so I used three tablespoons (should have used 2). The curry was delicious, put in butternut squash, chick peas, carrots, onions ,lemongrass etc. The curry flavor was great. Even though it is a small bottle you can get a lot of uses because of the concentrated flavor. Highly recommend!

  95. kalvin d.

    I love using curry sauces in my cooking and im so happy to see an organic and healthier version. You can taste and feel the difference between Mekhala’s sauces and other generic/low grade sauces. I made a curry chicken with the red curry paste and am looking forward to trying more recipes. Will definitely be buying more!

  96. Nora P.

    I got the red curry paste. I cooked it with tofu and vegetables in coconut milk. It added great flavor that was not too spicy. The jar is very small but a little amount goes a long way.

  97. ahmed a.

    I recently started trying Mekhala products and really enjoy the Thai Green Curry Paste. I sort of follow the recipe on the bottle but I double the ingredients so that I can make a meal and have leftovovers for another day. I also add cooked chopped chicken breasts. Husband loves it. Super easy and quick recipe. I’m online right now to buy more bottles. So glad that sells this product as I have a hard time finding it in stores.

  98. Brad B.

    Very warming and delicious for a cold night. Red curry wasn’t as spicy as I expected. But too runny with a cup of coconut milk. Interested in other recipes using it.

  99. Joe A.

    I tried the Red Curry Paste on a pasta for a spicy kick. Got a rich and creamy consistency, very flavorful and not too acidic. Felt warm and healthy after the meal

  100. Julie E.

    Extremely delicious unable to not finish my food for leftover.whoke family had second n requested I remake this recipes more often my food was so good I immediately looked online for more recipes

  101. Gail N.

    Surprised that this jarred product looked and tasted like it was freshly made. My family enjoyed the flavoring too. The color is bright which is unusual for something in a jar. I will definitely buy again. Can be used in many types of recipes.

  102. Rachel S.

    Loved the red curry paste! Put it into a salmon curry recipe from Half Baked Harvest that turned out amazing. Definitely want to try the other kinds next.

  103. Minal S.

    I bought organic red curry paste, it is convenient to use and added additional flavor to the rice. Will have to try other pastes also. The price is little more for the size. would definitely recommend to friends and family.

  104. Jessica Q.

    I am always a fan of Thai curry. They have 3 options and I picked red curry. The flavor is on point, I added fish sauce and coconut milk. It definitely makes a delicious dinner for whole family.

  105. Amy M.

    A great way to add flavor to a variety of dishes…love that they are vegan and organic. Really great flavors…love the read curry with a bit of coconut milk over rice with veggies and tofu.

  106. Hitomi K.

    I love the Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala. It’s handpicked organic, all-natural & vegan-friendly ingredients. It’s very easy to use and so yummy. I’m exciting to cook new Asian flavor dishes.

  107. Steven W.

    This paste is perfect for making a most delicious curry sauce. All that is needed is to add coconut milk, and then add it to your dish. The seasonings are in an ideal proportion and taste totally authentic. I am excited to try the other flavors and I hope they come out with even more varieties.

  108. N.F.

    I tried the red curry paste. The jar is a lot smaller than you think it is but a little goes a long way. I added baby corn potatoes and green beans in my vegetable curry. It was pretty flavorful and I like that there’s no oil used in this so my curry ended up not being so heavy on the stomach, the way some curries sit after a meal.

  109. Ramya L.

    Curry pastes normally dont taste anything like authentically made but the Mekhala organic red curry paste tasted like my grandma hand roasted the spices and used a mortar and pestle to hand grind it. Loved it

  110. Annie Q.

    This product is a little hard to find in the grocery stores. The packaging doesn’t stand out but the flavors are unique. It has clear instructions for how to use.

  111. Clara P.

    The flavor of this curry paste was amazing and tasted so authentic. I cooked it with veggies, coconut milk, and tofu. It added the perfect level of spice and flavor.

  112. Karen G.

    I love making red curry, so much so that I make it from scratch. I’ve tried all of the various jarred curry pastes/sauces and typically I’m left unimpressed. This sauce, however rivals homemade. It’s absolutely delicious, easy to make, and taste like you’ve been cooking for hours. A huge win for me and so grateful I found this product!

  113. Kirsten G.

    I used this to make my boyfriend’s favorite red lentil curry and we loved the flavor! This did make the dish quite spicy so be sure to plan for that in your own cooking.

  114. Kaylah M.

    Very glad i got this i wanted to try making thai curries it tasted authentic and very delicious.Simple robust with some coconut milk i’d buy again.

  115. Veronica F.

    I like these products a lot. It’s hard to find clean-label, low sugar options when it comes to prepared meal bases, so this brand is a welcome addition to our household.

  116. Larry L.

    Absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to try Mekhala’s product. I have always been intrigued by curry but never took a chance to cook up my own curry. Thankfully, Mekhala created a product and various recipes that are simple to execute and absolutely divine! For this review, I opted for the red curry paste.

    The paste is very aromatic and a pleasant red hue. I love the fact that they are organic, all natural and vegan friendly! On top of this, Mekhala’s websites has a series of recipes on how to use their products to create fast, simple and delectable meals. After following the easy instructions using readily available ingredients, I was sitting in front of a nice Bean, Tomato and vegetable red curry. I cannot stress how simple it was to make the meal and how pleasant it tasted. I was shocked at how great it turned out. Both the combination of a nutritious, flavor filled paste in combination with the readily available recipes made this meal that much better. The flavor was amazing, restaurant quality if I do say so myself.

    I am so happy to have found Mekhala. I can definitely see myself cooking more easy and delicious meals using their pastes. I will definitely be incorporating these products into my weekly meals and looking to try out their other two pastes! I would highly recommend giving their products a chance

  117. Laurie G.

    I’ve only tried one other brand of curry paste, but this one was definitely comparable. I love that it has all clean ingredients and makes making curry at home super easy. Does it taste like restaurant curry? No. But it’s still delicious!

  118. Bruce B.

    I enjoyed this paste with white rice. Added a nice touch of flavor. Not over powering too. I like that it doesn’t have any added sugar. I intend to have it with chicken next.

  119. Elena K.

    By far the best curry I’ve tried. Authentic taste of Asian food. The jar is spent economically, but it turns out very tasty! I made a curry with tofu and vegetables.

  120. Gillian A.

    We love curry and decided to use this for dinner – curry soup with rice. It was delicious and as a bonus the ingredients are super clean! I would purchase in the future for sure!

  121. Great K.

    Good things come in tiny packages. The same is true for tiny jars. This red curry paste came in a jar much smaller than all the other sauces around it. That did not keep it from packing a punch of flavor.

  122. Stephen P.

    I recently tried Organic Red Curry Cooking Paste by Mekhala. Fantastic flavor! Fresh tasting and spicy. I put it in a simple stir-fry of broccoli, carrots and tofu over noodles. I am excited on trying the Green Curry next.

  123. Mahsa D.

    Ok so first time making curry and I have to say this was sooooo amazing! I tried the red curry paste and made it into a curry with chicken and veggies.

  124. Kira A.

    I got to try the Organic cooking pastes from Mekhala recently and loved it! I usually use a curry powder to add to my protein to make a curry dish, but the red curry paste from Mekhala was such a convenient and delicious alternative. Really bright flavor in no time

  125. Jonathan M.

    Just delicious. And made with high quality ingredients? yes please! I really loved how the red curry paste made my butter chicken wake up and zing?

  126. Florica P.

    I love Thai food so I use this sauce to make a red Thai curry with chicken. It came out good although the damn jar is small it is quite powerful in taste.

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    This was a good cooking paste. I made red curry with ease. Just added it with chicken and veggies and had flavorful east meal. Highly recommend.

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    The new Red Curry Paste is not only convenient but also very tasty!!! Glad to know that it is available in the Grocery Store and can now make Curry Dishes without alot of hassle!

  129. LINDSAY J.

    This stuff was fantastic!! Tasted great and super easy to use in a meal. Highly recommended for a quick meal or to put with meat or chicken.

  130. Tracy B.

    I wanted to make a couple of different vegetable curry dishes, but didn’t have the motivation to make a curry from scratch. The Mekhala red curry paste, however, saved the day. It was super convenient and fast, made dinner a breeze, and was delicious. I don’t think it’s worth making curry from scratch when I have this as an option. Just added a little coconut milk to it and let it simmer for a few minutes, and it was great.

  131. Ashley S.

    Great flavor. Good clean ingredients. Made as excellent sauce for my veggies and rice. Perfectly full of flavor for the Vegans in your life. Gonna serve at me next dinner party.

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    Paste was easy to use. It mixed well with the coconut cream to make a nice base. The flavor was good. Not too overpowering, a yummy curry taste. I was glad it was easy to use.

  133. Lena E.

    Mekhala organic paste goes long way! Very well balance of flavor and heat! Would definitely give other flavors a try. It was a little bit tricky to find it at the stores but buying from Amazon is a sure thing.

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    I tried organic cooking pastes by mekhala and enjoyed it. It gives the food delicious and spicy flavor and also has good ingredients in it!!

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    This was very delicious! I genuinely enjoyed this in my food! I got the Red Curry paste and made it over pasta! It was a family favorite! I’m excited to try the other flavors as well

  136. millicent k.

    Mekhala Organic Pastes offer a great way to add flavor to your favorite dishes. It is very easy to scoop the paste from the far and add as much or little additional flavor to the food you are preparing.

  137. Katelyn H.

    I tired the Mekhala Red Curry Paste and it was full of flavor. It was not too spicy but you could taste the different ingredients. I would want to try this in other flavors.

  138. Jen O.

    This is exactly what I need to get more curry in my life! I don’t know the first thing about making curry, so I’ve never even tried. This allowed me to make it and LOVE it! I can’t wait to try the other flavors.

  139. Liza S.

    This paste is bursting with flavor you really don’t need to use a lot, which is great because the jar itself is so small. I got the Red Curry and used it to make Thai red curry with vegetables. Incredible flavor!!

  140. Rishi S.

    I bought this Red Curry Paste on the merit of the ingredients, especially because I prefer to avoid refined oils. This paste is great, it has an excellent flavor, and a good amount of spice, so not much is needed. I’m very much enjoying it in a variety of dishes.

  141. Riley S.

    First time trying a red curry paste and I really enjoyed it. I made it with some chicken and rice and it came out great! I did not need much sauce for great strong flavor

  142. Liz Z.

    The organic red curry paste is definitely one of the best curry paste I’ve ever tried! It adds the spice to simile dishes and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Would definitely buy again, thanks for creating such a great product!

  143. K.W.

    I tried the red curry flavor and loved it! I marinaded chicken overnight and then slow cooked it. It was so rich and tasty. I’m looking forward to trying their other flavors.

  144. Kristen W.

    The red curry is so flavorful and packs a punch of heat. Normally I’m wary of things being too spicy but I’m so glad that I tried this. The jar may be small but there’s nothing small about the flavor!

  145. Elizabeth B.

    This brand is quite good. The flavor is very strong, so you don’t need much. It’s got good, natural ingredients without chemical additives. Don’t use too much at once.

  146. Peter C.

    I bought this paste and made a delicious chicken curry with basil and eggplant , the base has so much flavor and all organic natural flavors . I really liked it

  147. Lora O.

    I love curry and this did not disappoint. I got the red curry because it said it was less spicy than the green curry. It was still spicy, but not overpowering. I made a vegan tofu curry with this and loved it!

  148. Trisha P.

    I got this curry paste because I make curry dishes all the time and I wanted to try this brand. I made red curry with vegetables over rice and it was really good! I like that it is Vegan, Organic and Gluten free. I would prefer a bigger jar but other than that it was very good!

  149. Morgan T.

    We love cooking with red curry paste and honestly haven’t found one we don’t like. This one was VERY DELICIOUS and I want to try the lemongrass turmeric and green curry next!

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    I tried the Red Curry paste and it made my food taste delicious I have tried other pastes and it doesn’t compare to this one, I 100% recommend

  152. S.A.

    Used the red curry paste to make a delicious shrimp curry with acorn squash, fresh corn, and basil. One of the best curries I’ve made. Added coconut milk, chicken broth, teriyaki sauce, and gluten free soy sauce to round out flavors.

  153. Jenny H.

    The taste and spices are very authentic. The bottles are small but you only use small amounts in cooking anyways. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to add more spice to their meals

  154. Ursula W.

    I like the variety of flavors. This is all natural and organic set at a value price point. With how sustainably is going, in the future I might would like to see these in recycled pouches.

  155. Elidet L.

    The Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala are wonderful, delicious and tasty, you can create infinite variety of recipes with it and the results are great.

  156. Lisa K.

    I used this the other night just a small pinch in a Tuscan cream soup I made! It gave it that extra little spice but not too much, to my soup!

  157. Alexandra m.

    I already use red curry paste when making thai chicken skewers or to make the peanut butter dipping sauce or just as a marinate with coconut milk or adding it to soups for bolder flavor. This was very good and familiar to me and I loved the ingredients. The flavors really shine in my cooking with this product and I will be grabbing the other variets as well.

  158. Shakeia R.

    I’ve tried other paste, but none of them compares to this one. I like that it has a good flavor and doesn’t have a weird taste to it. I never tried organic anything so that was a plus.

  159. Michelle T.

    My husband was a fan of this as he enjoys cooking and is vegan. We liked that this is all vegan with natural ingredients. Tried the red curry. While I’m not a big curry fan, my husband enjoyed this one. Thank you!

  160. Donna C.

    these paste are to die for, they eleminate the excess seasoning they help bring out the flavor of what ever your are cooking or putting it on, green curry sauce, red curry paste add more pepper to give you that mouth watering goodness that you can’t stop eating, loved it on chicked & Shrimp, it was amazing , making sure I have these on hand when I cook to spice up my dishes in the future

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    I like that this paste is natural and organic. The red curry has a nice texture and strong flavor. I like using sauces on my meals, so I am looking forward to try some other flavors. I can definitely pare this sauce with meat, chicken and rise.

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    This was delicious and had just enough heat. I love spicy food and a small amount of this paste added so much flavor and interest to the chicken I made for dinner. I can’t wait to try it in other recipes…looking forward to red curry noodles next!

  163. Kristin D.

    I enjoyed this curry paste. Great flavor! I love how easy it is to create a beautiful curry with this paste. The fact that it’s organic is a huge bonus, as I’ve never had another organic curry paste.

  164. Jody F

    I absolutely love the curry cooking paste. It last forever in the refrigerator and you only need a little bit. It was easy to find out my sprouts and it will be my go to from now on

  165. Tina B.

    Since I use it in a recipe, it is difficult to taste much difference between the brand that I was using and this one. At least my palate cannot discern much difference. However, this brand is organic. Therefore, I will only buy this one in the future.

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  169. Melinda S.

    Really liked this curry paste. Used it to make a Thai curry with chicken and veggies and it was delicious. I normally use and enjoy the Thai Kitchen brand, but this was possibly even better and more flavorful. You just need a few tablespoons of this paste along with a can of coconut milk and whatever meat/veggies you like to create an easy and delicious Thai curry.

  170. Leslie T.

    I tried the red curry paste by Mekhala in the chicken red curry recipe that was on their website and loved it! It had a perfect amount of spice for me and my family. The red curry flavor was delicious! The paste is easy to use, contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, and is organic.

  171. Aya T.

    I made red curry. I used red curry paste with coconut milk, chickpea, and spinach. The bottle was much smaller than I expected however, you only need 2 tsps to make 1 cup of curry. My curry turned yellow, but the taste was very good.

  172. Pam S.

    I was really happy to find an oil free curry paste. We tried the red curry. It was easy to add to my recipe, but as I am newer to curry, it was a little too spicy for me. It suggested 2 teaspoons mixed into 1 cup of liquid, but I tried 1 teaspoon mixed into 2 cups of liquid. Glad I did cuz it made it so I could eat it. Convenient way to add a healthy curry dish to your meal rotation!

  173. Dina A.

    Full of freshness and depth of flavor. Used in place of traditional pasta sauce over my penne with chicken. It gave it a middle eastern flavor.

  174. Jamie W.

    Ive never really made curry before and this was a great way to learn. Just mix with some coconut milk and saute vegetables and protein of your choice and its like a one pot dinner. Very flavorful and easy. I would buy it again and recommend to friends and family.

  175. Ava G.

    I cook a lot in the house and I love Asian food and this sauce was amazing to make curry vegetable. The only complaint I have is that the bottle is pretty small

  176. Candy B.

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    Like you been cooking all day live it and can’t wait to see more different flavors absolutely live it highly recommend this to all cultures

  177. Kristen M.

    Who likes their curry hot? I’ve decided to try the red curry paste and it was delicious with Asian flavor combination and such a fresh flavor that came out in my dish. I marinated some of my vegetables in the paste and the curry came out in the dish. It was neat trying a new recipe

  178. Crystal Y.

    I love it. It’s really good. My family and I love it. We are trying this product for the first time. It was very good, surprisingly good. The outer packing is very beautiful and delicate. My family and I love it and will continue to buy it.

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    I was very happy with the flavor of this red curry paste. It is full of flavor without being too spicy. I made a lovely chicken curry and the addition of this paste made everything very easy. I will buy this again.

  180. Juliana E.

    My mom makes the best curry, and as someone who works a typical 9-6 job I sometimes dread having to cook dinner. These curry pastes makes cooking so easy, I start by stir frying veggies and some sort of protein (tofu, chicken, beef, etc!) and then I’ll add water or sometimes if I’m not so lazy– coconut milk, then I add in the paste and it definitely makes my dinner super flavorful! I love that it’s gluten free and doesn’t have any added sugar! Pairs great with rice or even some rice noodles. Highly recommend this for people who want to try out curry but don’t know what brand to buy.

  181. Laura B.

    I used the red curry one for my chicken and rice, it was very flavorful and not too spicy, it had the right amount of spices, this would work well with beef and a coconut curry soup, I can’t wait to try the other flavors also in my dishes.

  182. dylan f.

    I used the red curry one for my chicken and rice, it was very flavorful and not too spicy, it had the right amount of spices, this would work well with beef and a coconut curry soup, I can’t wait to try the other flavors also in my dishes.

  183. Kylee H.

    These were really good! I was actually surprised at how much I liked these. I’m a big fan of curry, so I thought it might not be as good as some other curries I’ve had, but it’s great!

  184. Sandra N.

    I always cook from scratch but it’s so much easier when there are sauces out there in grocery stores that have the same flavour as homemade. This is an awesome flavourful sauce.

  185. Jessica H.

    Organic Cooking Pastes from Mekhala is really delicious. I use this in with cooking my meal and it’s quite amazing. I do not have to season as much since this has what I need and it adds so much depth to the dish. I love it.

  186. Heba R.

    I bought the red curry and I use it on shrimps and it was a hit. The taste was awesome and the flavor was authentic Thai. I also enjoyed it on my noodles.

  187. Ryan S.

    Really enjoyed making curry with this paste! I usually like green curry, but I noticed it was spicer than the red so I went with red. Tasted like restaurant quality!

  188. Sandy K.

    This organic cooking paste is amazing! It was a little hard to find at the store at first but I was easy to use and super flavorful! definitely buying again

  189. Cheryl J.

    I tried the red curry paste so I could compare it to the one I usually use. This one was more fragrant, fresh and flavorful than my usual one.

  190. Karina M.

    The organic paste is absolutely delicious.. Made my cooking taste good. The family enjoyed it as well. I would definitely buy it. I can’t wait to make new recipes with the paste..

  191. Donna C.

    This made the most delicious curry. I love adding the red curry with coconut milk to my chicken and vegetables. Then, I eat it with white rice. It tastes great and makes a quick home cooked meal.

  192. Moni R

    Purchased the Red Curry Organic cooking paste by Mekhala. The paste was great addition to our tiki masla meal, our family devoured the meal!

  193. Katherine K.

    I had never used a cooking paste before, except tomato paste. It was so easy to add the amount of flavor I wanted to make a very flavorful sauce with the red curry paste. I really enjoyed the complexity of Asian flavors in concentrated form and how easy it was to use it. It makes for quick dinner preparation and tastes great! And I especially like that the ingredients are organic and natural.

  194. Nina N.

    There are so many different types out there. Glad I got to try this brand. It’s my new favorite now. Flavor was not too strong and I like that.

  195. Laura W.

    I love a kick to my curries and was glad that this paste made a decent red curry with some good heat to it but so that you could still taste the flavor of it. Made it with chickpeas and tofu and it was so good! Really easy to use and love that it is healthy, tasty and natural! I used my own recipe and not the ones/instructions on jar.

  196. Maria B.

    I cooked the curry with chicken and veggies my son loved it and will keep in mind of this product. I enjoyed that it was simple to cook a good change to my meals and would recommend.

  197. Lihui W.

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  198. Amanda R.

    Great product with the perfect ingredients. Made a delicious soup when just added to some chicken or vegetable broth. Couldn’t ask for a better ingredients list, fresh taste with none of the additives

  199. Wendy M.

    I enjoyed using this product for a fall-time warm dinner. I made a veggie curry and a tofu bake with the sauces over it as well. The flavor and spice was great for me.

  200. Katherina M.

    I love curry but I don’t know how to make the sauce on my own. This product is very helpful. Cooking became easier using this. The taste is also sumptuous. So yummy!

  201. Jackie W.

    I tried the Mekhala red curry paste and found it to be a very powerful, delicious addition to tofu dishes. I enjoyed the flavors and color. I also find the environmentally friendly production process a stand out.

  202. h s.

    it was verrrryyyyy goooooodddd i really recommend for those who enjoy healthy alternatives and they are plant based humans with plant bases lifestyles

  203. Monica Y.

    I used this curry paste to make a soup with bamboo shoot ,chicken and fresh basil. It is perfect. Not greasy and a small Amount of paste goes along way. Highly recommend.

  204. Cari D.

    This is an incredibly simple, fast way to go from having ingredients to having real food with very little effort! You just take a couple teaspoons of paste, a cup of liquid, then you toss in whatever vegetables and proteins you want, simmer 10 to 15 minutes, you have a damn meal! If you are too stressed or lazy to chop, just buy some pre-cut stuff and you have a healthy delicious meal with almost no effort. This is definitely going to be a new go to for busy times. I had the red curry, and it does leave your lips tingling, so if you are someone with a fear of spice go with one of the other curry colors. But if you like a little heat, definitely try this one and you can always add more chilies if you want more heat.
    I used roasted kabocha squash, red bell pepper, Daring plant-based chicken, some spinach, some broccoli, some onion, and for my liquid I used a can of coconut milk and some Not Chicken bouillon. Basically I used whatever the hell I had sitting around the kitchen. And it is super yummy!

  205. Joanne k.

    I loved the flavor and spices in the red curry paste. I added it to coconut milk and seasonings over protein and veggies. Will continue to use it on different dishes.

  206. natalya F.

    First time trying these cooking pastes by Mekhala. Wow these really pack a punch and a little goes a long way. The jar will last me a really long time.

  207. Anastasia P.

    Loved this curry paste, it made my dishes so full of flavor and I was able to experiment with my cooking. This was actually the first time I have tried making curry myself and I loved it.

  208. Eunice/Vivian H.

    Always looking for a good curry paste without shrimp and this was it! I loved how it tasted but word of caution as the red curry has lots of heat and may be more than you anticipated. Best to use a little bit as a little goes a long ways! Loved this product

  209. Vanesa o.

    It’s delicious I made a vegetarian dish with lots of veggies with rice mix in with coconut milk and the paste. It’s so yummy my favorite paste is the red curry paste.

  210. Rose W.

    Used this red curry paste to make a batch of Thai soup in the the crock pot. The flavor was great and really blended well worth the other ingredients in the soup (chicken, veggies, coconut milk, etc. ) will make again, and can’t wait to try the green curry.

  211. Vanessa M.

    The Mekhala paste was easy to prepare and use with my dish. I purchased the Red Curry and it was delicious. I prepared it with some chicken and some white rice as a side dish. The flavor is so yummy. I definitely want to taste the other flavors.

  212. Mag L.

    It was my first time using Mekhala product and the Organic Red Curry Paste was wonderful. The curry soup aroma was delicious. I ate it with steamed rice and toasted baguette on the side. Basically, you could add in whatever ingredients you want.

  213. Shoghig F.

    These pastes are good as an extra flavor in a meal. I am cooking with it often and i will buy other flavors next time i go to the market. I recommend u try it

  214. Elizabeth S.

    I liked that there was no extra added things to it. I cook Thai food and this was a good shortcut to not use a mortar and pestle to grind herbs. I used this for panang red curry with red bell peppers, pork with coconut milk and fish sauce. Size is a bit small but it does not take up much space in my fridge.

  215. Lan L.

    It’s not fresh made sauce, but a decent substitute. It doesn’t have that amazing aromatic smell of a homemade paste. It does taste pretty good, however, for something that came out of a bottle. I do appreciate having something that can help me make a quick dinner.

  216. Peder M.

    I have been wanting to make curry more often and this wonderful Mekhala Cooking Paste is an excellent starter. It was very easy to add my own protein, veggies and coconut milk and follow the simple instructions. The resulting dish was very flavorful and delicious. I will definitely incorporate the curry paste into my dinner routine.

  217. Molly B.

    Mekhala’s Organic Cooking Paste (we tried the Red Curry) is great! We managed to make a pretty decent red Thai curry with it. We’ll definitely try the Green Curry and Lemongrass Turmeric pastes, too. Love that they are organic and vegan.

  218. Linda K.

    Love this Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala. Taste really good and easy to use with any recipe. Will try another flavor for sure next time..

  219. Retno S.

    “Great option for organic & vegan Asian (Thai) cooking paste.
    It’s simple, convenient & saves time for ingredients preparation.
    The size was on the smaller size but the flavor was excellent.”

  220. Han T.

    I’ve actually never used cooking pastes before, but this is a total life changer! What an awesome and convenient way to cook up a delicious meal in a short amount of time.

  221. Sunil M.

    We often make our own red curry sauce at home from scratch. But sometimes we need something a little bit quicker and this red curry paste is a game-changer. We use it when we are in a time crunch and our kids can’t tell the difference. They think it’s homemade. Now we will try it the next time my in-laws visit and we’ll see if they can tell the difference.

  222. Victoria T.

    I loved the fact that this was not oily or greasy, non GMO and organic.
    The flavor was outstanding!
    I used for curry and added just a touch of salt !
    Excellent ! Definitely will be purchasing this again.

  223. Kelly S.

    I enjoyed the red curry paste. The paste had a little heat, was convenient and easy to use. When looking to make curry at home, the Organic Cooking Paste is a great go-to starter.

  224. Therese D.

    This red curry paste is made with quality ingredients, better than a previous brand I’d tried. I love that it is organic and not full of added JUNK.

  225. Mindy .

    I though these organic cooking pastes were fantastic! It had good flavor and was really easy to use. I am looking forward to trying out more

  226. Sue H.

    I love to make curry from scratch, but this red curry paste helped speed up the process a bit for dinner. I am curious about the other lemongrass and green curry pastes as well, I love green curry just as much!

  227. Sharon H.

    this was really good, im too lazy to go through the cumbersome process of making my own curry paste, and this was perfect. i used it to make thai curry spaghetti and also to make thai chicken curry, both turned out really good.

  228. Kyra K.

    I usually like to make it from scratch but it’s better for urgent purposes and tastes good and makes the gravy very tasty too. Will recommend to family and friends

  229. Nikki C.

    these pastes are absolutely delicious. I tried the red curry first and then bought the other two. they went fantastically in my dishes and are truly authentic

  230. Julie D.

    If you are a curry fan, these are for you! Easy to cook with and full of authentic flavor. They are organic, too. It makes cooking curry a snap.

  231. Manan P.

    The organic cooking paste is tasty, spicy and flavorful. It adds the taste to savory and variety dishes and we enjoy it much with all our foods

  232. Remi B.

    Oh, I love this it is so good and I would purchase again. My mom made curry for my family and we loved i would love to try the other flavors! I really recommend it

  233. Gregory A.

    I like the organic cooking paste from Mekhala. It went great over my chicken and rice Curry and added a unique and delicious flavor much better than what I have made before.

  234. Juliano E.

    Red Curry is amazing, I could make curry rice and it was better than expected.
    Great to eat and to use in any recipe. Also, I used to add in llamen and it made the flavor even better.

  235. Jen T.

    I loved the Mekhala oil free organic curry paste. It is gluten, nut, shrimp, and fish free and is made without added sugar. Its flavor is excellent! When you have food allergies in your household, you can’t always find Asian flavors that meet those requirements. I’m thankful and happy to have new choices for my family. Yummy!

  236. Andrea R.

    This paste really bring lots of flavor to any dish! It has that strong curry taste that I look for. I did it to my chicken dish and it was perfect.

  237. Sarah T.

    I added the red curry paste to a can of coconut milk and then made a vegetable curry. It was very tasty – perfectly spiced.
    A great quick meal that tasted like I had been cooking for hours!!

  238. Heather E.

    I loved the red curry paste! It was really good in veggie stirfry with air fried chicken! I also trade it in a pita sandwich! Really good, and nothing tastes artificial about it!

  239. Amy C.

    As soon as I opened the bottle it made me want to cook with it. I did feel that I had to use more rather than less to get the desired taste I was looking for. It tasted great and everyone loved it.

  240. Hei M.di

    This gave my dish a ton of flavor and was easy to cook with. I like that it is organic and vegan friendly. The jar makes it easy to use and mess free.

  241. Nadia M.

    Just tried the organic cooking paste and was very pleased with it. I included it in my recipe and everything turned out great and it seemed to have added great flavor. I like the packaging as well.

  242. Skye F.

    This sauce makes cooking a curry dinner so easy! I just cooked up some mixed vegetables, sauteed veggie burger chunks, added the paste thinned with coconut milk, then let it simmer. Great over rice with garlic naan.

  243. Jenna W.

    Where have these been my entire cooking life? I can’t believe how easy these are- perfect for those nights where you don’t want to slave over ingredients but don’t want to compromise quality and flavor.

  244. Erin F.

    I tried the red curry paste. It was easy to use and saved me a lot of time buying and measuring ingredients. The curry came out great with plenty of flavor, and made my kitchen smell wonderful. The bottle is fairly small so you won’t be able to get many uses out of it, but compared to buying a pre-made sauce it’s a pretty good deal. It packs a little bit of heat, but shouldn’t be too much for most people.

  245. KENNY L.

    I mixed this to make a coconut curry and it was great. It made it taste so good and had a rich taste. I didn’t need a lot of it either. Two spoonfuls and you can really taste the curry

  246. Jay H.

    All Mekhala pastes are amazing. Extremely rich flavor, clean ingredients, and not something that I could even begin to imagine making at home or from scratch. I’ll be buying these for life

  247. Samantha S.

    These curry pastes are so good! I have only tried the red curry paste and I finished the bottle within 1 week. As someone who doesn’t eat meat, these curry pastes are great to have on hand because I can make a quick curry within 30 minutes. The pastes are PACKED with flavor. I wish the bottles were just bigger.

  248. Kirstin M.

    So easy to find at the grocery store I go to . Stood out with this absolutely gorgeous packaging they have g I by on . The flavor was beyond my expectations

  249. Andy E.

    I’ve never used any cooking pastes before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how to cook with it. But, the recipe was super easy to make and it only had very simple ingredients. I was impressed at how amazing the final product was and it was super healthy and natural! A+!!!

  250. Olga L.

    It turned out such a delicious dish thanks to this sauce. The most interesting thing is that everything turned out very quickly and delicious like in a restaurant.

  251. Veda H.

    it is soo good we all love love love it and the best thing about this product is that it is ver yummy, Must get when we go to bring groceries.

  252. Susan s.

    the product is amazing and I would like buy more and more because this product was very easy to found out, thank you for the opportunity to try it

  253. Em W.

    These cooking pastes added so much flavor to my dish. I have been making the same coconut curry recipe for years now and it was taken to a new level using the red curry paste

  254. Mark L.

    This was absolutely delicious and packed with a lot of flavor. I love this curry paste and I like how it is vegan and all natural. This is something I definitely would love to eat.

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    I would suggest tasting while you cook, so you don’t overdo it and think you need to use a lot to get the full flavor. I don’t have much experience with making or using curry, so I can’t compare it to anything, but there’s a ton of flavor in these little jars. Very impressed.”

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    I made a Thai red curry noodle soup using 3 tablespoons of the red curry paste. I added a lot of other spices, so it’s difficult to know which flavors came from the paste, but the soup was a huge hit with my family. My primary complaints are that the jar is so small and it’s on the pricier side. I have also purchased Thai Kitchen’s red curry paste, and I will soon have to do a taste test between the two.

  377. Patricia B.

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    I love Thai curry pastes and use them all the time. Usually I have to get them from the Asian market. Very excited these are available at my local Whole Foods.

  390. Kimberly L.

    They cooking pastes were great. Great depth of flavor that you can tailor to be saltier or light based on how much you use and how much water you add. It brings great flavor to all your dishes and is a nice twist to your daily meals.

  391. Mercie L.

    I love using this I tried the recipe on the jar and was pleasantly surprised at the results. I love that this product is free of sugar, etc.

  392. Melissa W.

    i got the red curry paste and it has elevated my meals to a whole other level! delicious pastes and super easy to throw a weeknight meal together.

  393. Micky T.

    I was very interested in this product because I am trying to cook more of my favorite dishes at home rather than buy take out. This helped me make a great tasting curry dish that was comparable to my favorite take out. Bonus that I can control the ingredients that i put into the dish.

  394. Lindsey M.

    This cooking paste was really delicious and easy to use. I used it to make red curry and it tasted great, it wasn’t too salty and my family loved it.

  395. Ed P.

    Perfectly perfect…simple, so dang easy to use, and tasty, too! I look forward to trying the other organic and exciting Asian flavor combinations.

  396. Katie F.

    I’m VERY picky about red curry, and I will try just about any paste out there until I find the best one. This is now my 100% go-to. Plus, the super duper easy recipe on the card that comes with it is amazing and so easy to make and adjust to my tastes. Yum!

  397. Amanda G.

    The Red Curry Organic Cooking Paste by Mekhala was excellent! It has a great flavor, and made a really quick, easy and tasty meal when added to some pre-cooked chicken. And only a little went a long way, so the jar lasts a long time.

  398. S F.

    Love that these pastes are tasty but also vegan friendly. These did not disappoint and were easy to find. I’d love to see what other flavor profiles this brand produces!

  399. Wynne S.

    I think this sauce is one of the best I have tried that wasn’t homemade. It is rich in flavor and I Liked the texture of the sauce. I plan to try all of the flavors and use it on different foods

  400. Danielle N.

    Mekhala comes in the cutest little 3.5 ounce bottle, but that tiny bottle has so much flavor. My family loved the addition of the red curry paste to our tofu. It added a great taste.

  401. Grace z.

    This brand is good choice. the taste is so good, it is not too salty at all. It save my time to cook. I can only need to made rice and then I can mix the paste and the rice. I like it!!

  402. Jamisecia B.

    Very good!! Used to make curry and made it amazing I loved it will be purchasing often ! So much flavor and smooth texture ! I ate this with rice!

  403. David W.

    Made red curry with veggies, and Impossible steak tips. This paste was really easy to use, and tasted great. Most thai curry pastes have a lot of oil, and fish, or shellfish in them . This paste is as good, or better than any Thai curry I have had, and is oil, and fish free.

  404. Sara G.

    I tried the red curry paste. I really debated between the red curry paste and the tom yum paste. I was happy with my choice buy the red curry but will definitely try other flavors.

  405. Kati E.

    I have actually been buying this product for several months now and love it since it lasts a long time and can be used to quickly whip up a base of a curry or soup.

  406. Whitney S.

    I use a lot of curry paste in my cooking and I always just use Thai kitchen and this is so much better. You get some much more flavor with this product.

  407. Megan T.

    My family loved this cooking paste! We tried the red curry and everyone loved it! Very easy to use and very flavorful! I am unsure if I would purchase it again though because it is very pricey for the size of container.

  408. Sue E.

    Love that this is an organic paste and made with clean, quality ingredients. It is bold, spicy and very flavorful and packs quite a punch! Used less than the suggested portion because it is hot, but still made a nice curry

  409. Olga S.

    It’s easy to use and a quick way to make a delicious meal! My whole family liked the shrimp curry and veggies. It’s not overly spicy! Looking forward to try other flavors

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    This cooking paste will take your boring flat meals to the next level! My daughter and I love international food but that can become really expensive in a restaurant. We had a chance to bring the restaurant to us and we were very pleased!

  413. Natasha W.

    I love to cook and with this as an addition it makes cooking even better. Great flavor profiles and give your dish that extra added kick to amplify the taste profile. Many choices to choose from also

  414. Zeynep T.

    I made a salmon red thai curry and it was wonderful! The paste was very concentrated and the aromatics were amazing. The red one is spicy so be sure that’s what you want!

  415. Winnie L.

    I found this very easily in my Whole Foods and had all the options in stock. I am happy with my red curry paste and like that it’s organic and all natural.

  416. Shaun L.

    I bought the red curry paste. A little goes a long way! I’m very satisfied with this purchase and I’m excited to try the other flavor offerings

  417. Isabelle M.

    This red curry paste is very good, and tastes surprisingly authentic. Yes, it’s hot, but not crazy, and one can simply adjust to taste and dilute with coconut milk. We added Fish Sauce to our recipe as well, great to have a sauce already prepared to use quickly to make a tasty meal.

  418. Ludmila S.

    This curry paste is delicious – you only need a teaspoon for a ton of flavor! Jar is smaller than I expected, but just one tablespoon makes for a perfect curry.

  419. Phil F.


  420. Ashlee S.

    I cook often but don’t usually use pastes as a base so this was new to me. I got the red curry paste and made a stir fry. I like that the paste has no added sugar and nothing artificial. I will definitely use this again.

  421. Oksana R.

    Curry paste with organic and natural ingredients. It tastes so much like restaurant dishes. It has the right spiciness that my family like. It will be my must have item in my pantry.

  422. Adam D.

    I tried the red curry paste and it was absolutely amazing. I mixed it into a chicken thai red curry dish and it added so much amazing flavor. It is the perfect amount of spice and flavor.

  423. Margaret l.

    The taste of this red curry paste was delicious and flavorful with my plant based chicken, coconut milk and vegetable along with some brown rice

  424. Angela D.

    I love to try and introduce new foods to friends and , and this turned out to be A MASSIVE HIT. I made some boneless chicken with the Organic Curry paste, with rice. THEY LOVED IT….

  425. Kaitlyn B.

    This was delicious. I used this with chicken and vegetables. It made for a quick and easy dinner. It was so good. I will definitely keep this on hand for quick week night dinners. My whole family loved this.

  426. Jana P.

    All you need is mekhala, coconut milk and whatever else you’re cooking and it’ll make your meal delicious! Some of the pastes are spicy, so watch out if you’re cooking for the entire family including the kids

  427. NIKEE H.

    I was honestly surprised by how much flavor this little jar boasted. The red curry paste was amazing and I’ll absolutely be going back to try more of the other options.

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    It was so convenient to use, and so flavorful.
    Will definitely recommend this product, it is our new family favorite.

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    Natural ingredients with the right proportion yields to a yummy and delicious curry
    They have really aced this product and I would highly recommend this product

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  434. terri s.

    I am truly looking forward to this becoming a staple in my house. It made adding new flavors in my cooking so quick and easy. I am looking forward to trying more flavors.

  435. Ruko Y.

    It took a light bit of effort to find the Mekhala curry Pastes on the spices aisle at Whole Foods but after asking someone we were able to locate it. Sadly the only option they had was red but at least glad they had some. I used a recipe outside of the label that was heavily veggie based. What really amazed me and I greatly appreciated was the spiciness. I highly recommend Mekhala curry paste if you are a huge fan of curry or interested in trying some.

  436. SARA L.

    We used this to make a delicious sauce to marinade/cook our tofu in, to eat over rice with vegetables for a simple meal to replace expensive unhealthy takeout.

  437. Bridgit M.

    Wasn’t expecting the Red Curry to be so good. I thought it was just going to be natural color, with little flavor. I made Red Curry Chicken Stew. I will now buy only pates from them. Very flavorful. New pantry staple!

  438. Beth A.

    Mekhala cooking pastes are such an easy way to upgrade you meal. Instead of bland old chicken give it a curry zip that will transport you and elevate your food. Not a great cook? People will think you are after using this product. You can even shred a store bought rotisserie chicken and mix it in for a great pulled chicken curry sandwich. #trynatural

  439. Thomas K.

    This paste is absolutely delicious. This Red curry is so full of flavor. Myself and my son both went back for seconds after cooking with this product for the first time.

  440. Winnie L.

    I love trying to cook different cuisines and was excited to try using this organic red curry paste. I thought it had a bold flavor and a little went a long way.

  441. Alexander A.

    Delicious product and easy to use! I enjoyed using this for a quick, improvised dinner with whatever I had in the house without a grocery store trip! I’m excited to try other flavors!

  442. Vijeth K.

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  445. Nathan B.

    I’m a big fan of all kinds of curries, and this one didn’t miss. It’s not as spicy as I’d like, but the flavor profile is there. It’s really simply to use and was really quick to make, which are all pluses. I could probably add a little punch for my liking, but it’s not bad as is. My kids would eat it, and that’s all that matters to me.

  446. Robyn P.

    This stuff is great. I followed the directions on the side of the jar and had a fantastic meal. It’s nice to have a restaurant style meal in the comforts of home.

  447. Grace C.

    I recently cooked using this paste to make a thai red curry and it turned out so well. It was super flavorful and tasted like restaurant quality.

  448. Cristina R.

    These were so easy to cook with I used to the red curry one was so food to make a delicious dish. It was also super easy to find in store. I found mine at Whole Foods.

  449. Samantha B.

    I typically buy a Thai brand curry paste. I was excited to try something new. I tried the organic red curry paste. It tasted similar to my other brand. I look forward to get the other flavors.

  450. Keri Y.

    I liked the red curry paste. Small jar for the price, but it tastes authentic and is flavorful. I could see it being used for stir fries and curries. I like that you can tell it’s a quality product

  451. Allan W.

    A great curry product – plenty of aroma and HEAT! It is extremely spicy but I like the spiciness. It is also all natural with organic ingredients. Very rich and very flavorful. Perfect for cooking any curry dish.

  452. bik y.

    An incredibly tasty sauce and more flavorful than traditional curry. The paste is way easier to use and offers a taste that is closer to restaurant curry

  453. Latonia B.

    I liked the small jars of paste and that they had a recipe card attached to the top. I like that it’s organic and authentic and gluten-free. No artificial ingredients and the taste will open up your tastebuds. you can transform any old leftovers to a most delicious way possible with Mekhala pastes.

  454. Mrs C.

    These pastes are life savers. After a busy day, i made some roasted vegetables and used this paste. So tasty. The red curry was divine and I can’t wait to try the rest.

  455. Vivian N.

    This curry paste was flavorful and easy to use – as most pastes are. It was quite spicy compared to some other pastes I have used so keep that in mind. It’s a bit pricey for the small jar so I am 50/50 if I would purchase again.

  456. Smita N.

    I tried adding the red curry paste to a vegetable curry, and it came out just perfect. No more grinding or cutting garlic, coriander, and spices, this paste has it all. It gave a very nice kick to the dish and the curry turned out very flavorful. Quick and easy to use and incorporate into dishes and love that it is all natural with no colors or preservatives

  457. Suz S.

    I really liked the depth and warmth this added to my dish. It was an easy way to elevate my cooking and I defiently can see the diversity in this product. I would buy again!

  458. Nadia C.

    Organic red curry paste is a great addition to your cuisine. It is healthy and delicious, makes the food more inviting. The flavor exceeded my expectations.

  459. Bridget E.

    We bought Mekhala organic red curry paste. It is the perfect amount of flavor and spicefor any curry dish and very easy to use. I look forward to trying their other flavors.

  460. Jennifer L.

    This red curry paste was definitely spicier than the one I usually use- I didn’t mind at all, but will probably use a little less next time. It’s also different from my usual brand because it doesn’t have any oil, so I’m not sure if that contributed to how spicy it was. I think what I was using previously may be of lower quality, because the Mekhala paste seemed much more concentrated and had a nice, rich color to it. Overall, I really enjoyed using this product in my cooking.

  461. Cristina R.

    This was so easy to make a delicious dish with these cooking paste. I love the curry ones they pack so much flavor and punch and you don’t have to use that much.

  462. Emily O.

    This brand has such good cooking pastes. It really adds amazing flavor to anything I’m cooking so I love to use it when I’m just in one of those moods to not deal with really cooking.

  463. regine r.

    Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala bringing a unique flavored to my cooking .It was easy to use & delicious. Stir fry is the way to go n veggies over coconut rice. OMG Yum! It has just the right amount of heat, not too hot & not too mild. Kick in alot of flavor and jazz up your dish

  464. Christine R.

    my family and I enjoyed the recipe provided on the bottle to make red curry. It was creamy, smooth and fresh ingredients. The sauce itself can be eaten as a dip with crackers or bread.

  465. Tiffany M.

    I love cooking with this. I have to say, they are delicious and super easy to use. Depending on what you are cooking. It adds so much flavor, and the best part is, I don’t have to worry about if it’s full of junk I don’t need. It is delicious in everything I use it in. The jar is small, BUT it’s not like you use a ton of it at a time. Makes an excellent Thai curry.

  466. Kaithlin D.

    This was absolutely one of the best pastes I have used. The flavors were amazing and while the instructions were pretty vague you’ll want to fry the paste up for a few minutes first before adding any other ingredients.

  467. Debra B.

    Great product! This Asian paste is easy to use and is delicious on many different vegetables and rice! I especially love that it is gluten and dairy free!

  468. Vibha G.

    All of the cooking pastes are so delicious. I loved using it for dinner in my weekly routine. It makes my life easier and I’m able to use it.

  469. Lauren S.

    I love how easy it is to spice up my meals by adding these cooking pastes with veggies. I Love curry flavors and really enjoyed the red curry paste and how much it added to my meal!

  470. Paula Q.

    I really love cooking pastes and how it makes the cooking process a lot easier. I do with I could know more about what this company is doing to be sustainable.

  471. Devin F.

    This was very tasty and had a strong flavor with using such a small amount, which I like. It not only adds a lot of flavor to the food but only having to use a small amount extends the life of the container

  472. Margaret W.

    The red Curry paste with some coconut milk, tofu and frozen veg was fast, delicious, and easy. The quality of ingredients and glass jar feel better than the cheap canned Curry pastes I get at the local asian market and flavor was just as good

  473. Rebecca G.

    Colorful packaging and the paste looks appealing coming out of the jar. Easy to use and tastes great! Was very easy to find at Wholefoods Market.

  474. Jenny J.

    We used the whole jar to make thai red curry. It was really spicy before we added other vegetables and stuff! I appreciate that the spice wasn’t toned down and the flavor seems authentic.

  475. Katherine L.

    Love Thai curry and was so happy to be able to try this out! Delicious! Although, I have to say that the quantity and the bottle is much smaller than I anticipated. Don’t think I’d buy it at this price point and at this size. It was enjoyable though!

  476. Linda H.

    Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala are like having your own taste passport. These cooking pastes will transport you to another continent without leaving home.

  477. Nirali D.

    This curry paste from Mekhala was phenomenal. It had the perfect amount of heat. It was well balanced with flavors. There is so much you can do with this paste. 10/10!

  478. Dave Tracey H.

    I usually don’t go crazy writing a review but this was one of the best cooking pastes I have tried. The texture was as good as a fresh thai restaurant entree.

  479. Philippe D.

    I used Mekhala organic red curry paste to make a recipe that I am familiar with.The mekhala paste is very good but also a lot stronger than the paste I am using usually. I believe that the key to get great results is to find the right amount of paste to your liking.

  480. Charles B.

    So I’m not sure if it’s just the taste of curry itself or my poor cooking skills – but I did not like the result at all. I’ll blame it on myself honestly

  481. Melissa B.

    I absolutely LOVED the red curry paste! I have used many different kinds that seem to be watered down and this one is thick and a little goes a long way. Definitely buy for sure.

  482. Jean H.

    I really liked this organic cooking paste from mekhala because it was a boost of flavor i did not expect! I cooked it with chicken and vegetables and it was very good.

  483. Tiffany O.

    These organic cooking pastes from Mekhala are great because they are made from handpicked organic, all- natural, and vegan-friendly ingredients

  484. Hina Lateef N.

    I used this to make Thai red curry (using coconut milk) and I liked that it packed good flavor in less than what I use of another popular brand. That said, it’s slightly on the hotter side, so it might be a bit much for someone who can’t handle spice. I can, so I’m not complaining!

  485. Kanwaldeep K.

    I liked the mekhala red curry paste I got at whole foods. Pairs well with any kind of protein. Though a little expensive, but good to buy occasionally.

  486. Abby K.

    I truly loved this spice to add to anything. I made a nice pasta with chicken and added this cooking paste for some extra flavor. I will be using this constantly from now on.

  487. Sam S.

    These cooking pastes are SO good. My family loved them! We’ve only tried the red curry so far, but we’re really excited to try more. Especially the tom yum and lemongrass turmeric!

  488. DAVID M.

    I found this flavor to be very enjoyable as a curry base. Mixed with my traditional vegetables and coconut milk, the red curry paste provided me just what I needed for homemade Thai. I’ll be more adventurous and seek out some of the other flavors next time.

  489. Sarah M.

    This organic cooking paste added the right amount of flavor and consistency to my meals. It was easy to add and the flavor varieties make mealtime fun! I recommend these cooking pastes to anyone who loves to experiment in the kitchen.

  490. Melinda C.

    Wow!! These Indian inspired paste are really good! I tried the organic red curry paste, loved the flavor and the kick of spice. Found at Whole Foods!

  491. Stephanie C.

    Mekhala has a beautifully balanced blend of ingredients and just the right amount of kick in their red curry paste. This will have to be a staple in my kitchen from here on!

  492. Alina. M.

    It was easy to use and made making dinner after a long day of work supper easy. Instead of making a sauce, I just had to open a jar and it was yummy.

  493. Laura S.

    I really enjoyed these cooking pastes. I used the red curry in a soup that I made and it added great flavor. I like that they are organic and all natural. I had trouble finding them in the store and had to go to a different retailer unfortunately.

  494. Vicki E.

    Great tasting and very easy to use., Lots of flavor was added to the dish I prepared. The sodium count is not too high, which is great because a lot of these type of products contain a high amount of sodium. I look forward to trying them all!

  495. Marie J.

    My boyfriend and i love indian food but have a hard time getting the flavors right. this paste is amazing. we add it in our chicken and it makes everything taste amazing. this is so quick to use because you just add it in to what you want.

  496. Kimberly B.

    I loved the flavor of this red curry paste; it’s my new favorite! I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors. It was easy to find and is even easier to use in recipes.

  497. Katrina A.

    Was skeptical at first but added to my meal it added just enough flavor and wasn’t too overwhelming . It was a vibrant color and matched the taste

  498. tara c.

    Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala is easy to use. I just had to add coconut milk. The flavors are so good and the ingredient list is healthy

  499. Qilu G.

    I was easy to cook and made my dish flavorful. I had a hard time to decide which flavor I should try because all flavors looked attractive. And the ingredients are healthy.

  500. Valarie L.

    I used the cooking paste to make chicken curry. It was delicious! It was almost as good as restaurant quality. I was very impressed, and would certainly make it again. It was so easy using: rotisserie chicken, a carrot, a potato, half an onion, coconut milk, and the curry paste. YUMMY. #Trynatural.

  501. Heather W.

    We are always on the lookout for new curry options to introduce into our dinner schedule. This was a great fast option that we all loved! A+

  502. Nicole N.

    This red curry was delicious but even better was the ingredients list. It was really simple too. The only flavor it needed was coconut milk.

  503. Brigitte L.

    I love cooking Asian cuisine and also love for quick and easy meals, especially during the week. This makes cooking easier and really has ALOT of flavor to the dish. Love that it’s simple, clean ingredients and that it’s sourced through local farmers.

  504. shalini d.

    I use cooking paste for cooking and I tried mekhala cooking paste. They have so many different varieties of paste. These enhance the taste in the food.

  505. Lisa C.

    I’m not a fan of spicy foods and when I tasted this out of the bottle it was pretty spicy. Recipe for Thai curry called for two Tablespoons so I just used one. And it was perfect!! WOW, what a great flavour. I’m looking forward to lunch again today. I cooked it with some veggies and soy curls and it was amazing. I will be using this bottle up very quickly! I also love that it is organic. I try to only buy organic foods not only for my health but to support organic farmers. This is a winner red curry paste.

  506. Andrea L.

    The Mekhala Organic Pastes are easy to use and come in unique flavors. Easy to incorporate into your current recipes to create a better taste. Recipes also available on the website.

  507. Yasmine H.

    Loved this red curry paste. Couldn’t be easier to just add to chopped up chicken and simmer then serve with rice. Loved the flavor. Just like the restaurant.

  508. Christina S.

    Tiny jar but full of flavor. I grabbed the Red Curry paste and used it in some stir fry. It was bomb. A little definitely goes a long way and I love how its made with all natural ingredients. I’ll definitely be trying out the lemongrass turmeric paste and green curry paste.

  509. AnneMarie K.

    The flavor on the red curry was exceptional. The perfect amount of spice no weird aftertaste. I will be buying this product again. Product was easy to find as well in the store.

  510. pam a.

    I have alway loved cooking pastes before but when it is organic, vegan friendly and Asian to boot what can one say but it’s GREAT! And did I say it was free?

  511. Catherine V.

    Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala is unbelievable. It can be used in ao many different ways even non traditional. I used it on cubed tofu squares and air fryer them

  512. Leon S.

    The company has hot the bull’s eye with the flavor. I use a small tablespoon even in my no-Asian cooking and it delivers a flavor punch each time!

  513. Amelia M.

    I love that these are vegan and not oily, I add it to coconut milk to make curries or cook my veggies and tofu with it in a frying pan. It makes meals so much easier.

  514. Sharena M.

    I absolutely loved the organic cooking paste from Mekhala. I love red and green curry and often by it in a jar at the store. I tried both the red and the green cooking paste from Mekhala. Red was my favorite. But Red typically is my favorite curry.

  515. Lauren D.

    I’ve recently begun WW and have been trying to eat less meat, so I’ve turned to tofu. I got the red curry paste and just tweaked one of my go to recipes to incorporate this paste instead. It was really good and not overly powerful. I’m looking forward to using it in other recipes soon.

  516. Sue L.

    The organic cooking pastes by Mekhala is delicious! I love making curries and these are really great alternatives to mixing and getting the ingredients for curry.

  517. Chasidy S.

    I’ve used Mekhala’s Organic Cooking Pastes in stir-fry’s, soups, and stews! Excellent flavor varieties but my favorite is the Thai Red Curry!!!
    Quick and easy to use. I love that I can make a delicious dinner in a flash!!!
    I will definitely be purchasing this often. Highly recommended.!!!!

  518. Madeline K.

    This Curry paste was so easy to use and definitely will become a kitchen staple for us. We do with it had a little bit more heat to it though! Easy to substitute this in to your other recipes!

  519. Peter B.

    I love hot stuff. I mean the spicier, the better for me. Of the choices that were at Whole Foods, I chose the organic red curry paste. I tasted a tiny bit of it when I got home and oh boy it was hot. Hot in a good way. A little goes a long way. It’s a flavor punch in a small bottle.

  520. Yao W.

    The paste is a game changer in the kitchen. They are made with all-natural and organic ingredients, so I feel good about using them in my cooking. The flavors are amazing, it only takes a small amount to add a ton of taste to my dishes. Love it

  521. Maram N.

    Will last for many dishes and many uses, I tried it as a curry base and even used it as a rub for roasting vegetables. It is so tasty and I think it will last a while, a little went a very long way!

  522. Marwa N.

    Awesome taste, very convenient and relatively cheap! It is great for curry base but also amazing as a spice rub for meat and vegetables, I will be buying again!

  523. Marla M.

    I have never cooked with curry befor trying Mekhala Red Curry Paste. I’ve enjoyed curry in Thai restaurants before but never attempted anything like this at home. It was so easy and so delicious! I stir fried vegetables, added the curry paste and served it over brown rice for an easy, healthy and nutritious meal.

  524. Lily t.

    we really liked the new organic cooking paste by mekhala in red curry as a great and easy to use base for curries and spicy soups. we will trey all options asap

  525. Sam M.

    Of all the high end curry based cooking pastes that I have bought in the last 18 years, this is easily the best. The fact I have not bought any others has no bearing on my previous statement.

  526. Craig W.

    I love these ready to eat pastes. These are very easy to add to coconut milk, or sour cream or just olive oil and butter to create a delicious sauce to flavor meats or pastas. The curry choices red, green or yellow are all authentic asian flavors. These work well with stir fried vegetables or meat equally well. They are a terrific way to make a meal on short notice. I would recommend keeping several in your pantry.

  527. Margaret C.

    I had a recipe for red curry noodles and got this red curry paste to use in it. Very tasty and very convenient. Also, very fresh and quality ingredients.

  528. Angela S.

    This paste contains everything I need to give my food that extra kick without piling on the calories and it is not loaded with sugar either. Each serving contains less than one gram. I have found many uses for it, but by far my favorite is to make a vegetable curry loaded with all my favorite veggies and a liberal serving of this paste. I also like to use it as a marinade for certain meats. I like the fact it has no artificial preservatives, coloring or flavoring. Love it!

  529. Meagan Z.

    This paste was so great to use while making a coconut curry sauce to pair with some grilled thai curry chicken. So so good. Flavorful and easy to use. Will definitely going back for different flavors

  530. Katie Jo B.

    I didn’t know it was possible to make curried food at home without buying either a) a million ingredients or b) a sauce that was horrible for you.
    This was delicious and I loved that it was made from clean ingredients.

  531. Claudia T.

    It’s so versatile, authentic, flavorful and easy to prepare. I’m a vegetarian so I used it on a chicken substitute with veggies and rice and it was delicious! I’m excited to try all the other flavors.

  532. Jenna S.

    I tried the red curry paste and made some chicken and rice with it. I thought the flavor was delicious! I’m not super experience in working with curry paste, but I found it easy to use!

  533. Bekah P.

    So much flavor in such a small package! I have found it helpful with my own cooking that having a cooking paste sets the foundation for a meal that you can build off of. The red curry paste was full of flavor and produced a restaurant quality meal!

  534. Lexi N.

    I don’t cook with pastes a lot so this was a great product to try. It’s made with better for you ingredients which makes me guilt free about using and eating it! The smell and the taste is incredible! Also makes cooking a lot more simple and enjoyable.

  535. MICHELLE K.

    It was very easy to use! Good quality, good tasting, and I will probably try almost all of the flavors at some point. We both really liked it.

  536. Denise P.

    I recently tried Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala.. I like trying out various Asian recipes. And this product gives me more options. I made a chicken and rice dish with the red curry paste. It was easy to use and my dish was ready in a half hour. I can’t wait to try their other flavor combinations.

  537. Colleen C.

    My family loved this cooking paste. We tried the red curry, and it was delicious! I would recommend this to family and friends. It was a good price, good quality and fantastic taste. We will definitely be adding this to our regular purchases, and are excited to try other kinds!

  538. Michael T.

    Purchased the red curry pastes very good taste flavor .was surprised a bit that it was that good for an organic product price was great also very surprised how many different varieties there were hard to chose which one to purchase

  539. Rema M.

    I went rogue with the red curry paste and made a curry with veggies and coconut milk/red curry paste served over rice. This curry paste is out of this world. I will never go back to my old curry pastes!

  540. Sandra A.

    This is a very different spice for me. I haven’t tried a specialty spice in a while. This one is different & very pleasantly unusual & unique at the same time! I tried it with my rice the first time and what a difference it made in the chicken & rice dish I usually make. I will be trying the other flavors the next time I shop! Thanks!

  541. Becky R.

    you all….. this product is awesome. taste just like a expensive restaurant. i got the red curry pasta really wanted the Tom yum but the store has been out for forever. still happy with what i got.

  542. Judy E.

    This sauce was flavorful light on the palate had the appropriate amount of seasoning. When I made my meal it was exponential executed with style and grace.

  543. Jenny N.

    The red curry paste was awesome! It added some great flavor to my dish, and I love that it’s not only organic but all natural and vegan friendly too

  544. Mailia H.

    Mekhala is an amazing curry. I love that you can a more if you want to enhance the flavor. I used it with carrots, chicken, potatoes, onions, and rice. I will definitely use it again.

  545. Maddie K.

    Added such great flavor to my dish. Was able to branch out so much with my cooking because of the unique flavors involved here! Definitely something I would purchase again.

  546. April c.

    It was hard to choose a flavor because all of them sounded good I will have to go back and try the others kkkkkkk

  547. Melissa B.

    I purchased the Red Curry paste. As someone who has been working at bringing more Thai flavors into my midwest life, this was very, very good. It has some spice to it, but it is just right. I made a lamb curry and it was just so flavorful. I have since purchased several other pastes Green, Yellow and Tom Yum. Can’t wait to use them ad expand my culinary horizons.

  548. Heidi G.

    I tried the Red Curry Paste. Very flavorful. I have been using a different brand, but the Mekhala brand is much more robust and flavorful. I like that it is organic and simple ingredients. I next one I will be trying is Mekhala Tom Yum Pastes.

  549. gail p.

    Makes a fast and wonderful meal. It is very zesty and flavorful without being overly spicy. I made a chicken curry but would work equally well with seafood or even tofu.

  550. Katie W.

    I thought that this sauce was super tasty and the flavor was great as well. I would like to try out different flavors and products from this company in the future as well.

  551. Amanda-Mae A.

    Love this Mekhala organic red curry paste. It helped me reduce my cooking time greatly. The whole family enjoyed the flavor. Will get again!

  552. Julie P.

    These are such bold flavors and so easy to mix with your meals. Wonderful variety and very little adds so much flavor to every dish. These have become a regular in my household and I love the difference it gives to every meal.

  553. Donna M.

    I tried the red curry paste. It was really easy to find at Meijer. The jar is small but the curry paste packs a punch so you don’t need much to add to your dish. I make a chicken curry, it was easy to use and had a wonderfully bold flavor. I definitely will continue to use this and am excited to try other flavors.

  554. Cyndi S.

    This cooking paste is a great way to cook authentic Asian food. It’s a great base and allows me to be creative while cooking. Even better, it’s organic and all-natural.

  555. zaid g.

    I added these to a small batch of cubed chicken breast. I also added olive oil and spices to the slurry and allowed it to marinate overnight before taking portions throughout the week for easy meal prep.

  556. Rusty M.

    I really don’t use cooking pastes much but when I do, it’s red curry paste. This is amazing. And oil-free, which is always a bonus. I especially liked that they had a recipe attached to the bottle and it’s a lovely and easy way to make a delicious meal.

  557. Sarah H.

    I LOVE this red curry paste so much! I was first drawn to it as it was one of the only ones at the store that didn’t have any inflammatory oils included in the ingredient list. I made some red curry basil garlic oil noodles and this made it taste so good.

  558. Cassandra S.

    I tried the Red Curry Paste and it was pretty good. We tried it on a few different dishes. It was easy to mix in other things and I’m surprised on the taste it was yummy!

  559. Minnie G.

    I made a delicious shrimp curry with the Red curry paste. The curry was bursting with flavor. You could taste the flavor of chill pepper and so much more. I would recommend that everyone have this paste in the spice cabinet. I made two different curry in one week.

  560. Tatiana Z.

    I got the red curry paste and I really liked it. I’ve made a homemade paste before and this ended up being very similar to it. Tastes very homemade and I really like how its organic and vegan friendly ingredients.

  561. Natalie E.

    I was quite impressed by this organic cooking paste which I found to be very unique and very flavorful. It added a nice accompanyment to some tofu I was making and I was enjoying the flavor which is very addictive and I wanted more since it was so good.I had guests over today so for an appetizer I served this in everyone was quite impressed Thank you for such a great product.

  562. Esther S.

    I was so excited to replace a former red curry I had that tasted something like a savory chili oil. I used the red curry paste in a lentil, sweet potato soup, and it definitely brightened up the flavor and made it warm , herbal and spicy. I’m happy that it doesn’t have oil because I can be cafe with how much oil I add to the pot and know that the curry isn’t adding many calories.

  563. domenica s.

    I made a shrimp dish with the Red Curry and it was out of this world. The flavor was so good that I even had seconds. My friends and family already know about this delicious paste because after I made it I had to let them know to go and get it

  564. Sandra M.

    amazing. the aroma was so appealing. the flavor so well mixed, the flavors just blended so well together, very easy to use and so many ways to use the sauces

  565. Christine S.

    I tried Mekhala’s Red Curry, as we often cook with curry–it was really delicious. I made a stirfry of noodles, chicken, and several vegetables and then used the curry paste to finish the dish. It finished it nicely and enhanced the stir fry flavors. Having ready-made pastes like this is a terrific idea as we don’t always have all the spices required with many Asian recipes and don’t always know what can be substituted easily. Mekhala has some great flavors, and I would highly recommend it.

  566. Rachael O.

    I love this sauce in the Red Curry flavor and it added some extra flavor to my dish. I would like to try the green curry next based on this positive experience.

  567. Qing B.

    Great selection of sauces – The jar was a nice size and had a great presentation. I loved the short ingredients list and numerous health/eco benefits.

  568. Sarah R.

    I purchased the red curry and was really impressed with the flavors. I love that all of these are organic and vegan friendly. I will be getting these again.

  569. Taylor S.

    These pastes have so much flavor! It tastes like you have been cooking all day long and could not be easier. I love curry and the red curry paste was delicious!

  570. katherine k.

    I really enjoyed using the Organic red curry paste by Mekhala. The paste was easy to use. I added it to my chicken and rice dish, and it jazzed it up to an excellent meal. I would purchase these again as they are perfect for an easy weeknight dinner.

  571. Bets B.

    Wow, I used the red curry paste in our curry and it added incredible flavor to our meal. It was delicious, quite spicy but very flavorful. Looking forward to cooking with it again. Appreciate it was made in a nut free facility.

  572. Fran H.

    I love Asian food but some recipes call for ingredients that I have to buy and using this Red Curry paste makes it so much easier. The recipes I found on the Mekhala page were great. I made the chicken with veggies. So easy to make with just chicken, coconut milk and your choice of veggies.

  573. GERALD M.

    great product with an outstanding taste. easy to use. a must in every kitchen. A great variety of different flavors. The red curry is my favorite.

  574. Lisa K.

    Love this cooking sauce! Easy to use and great recipes to follow on website. I made vegetable red curry with tofu and my whole family loved it. The flavor of the cooking sauce was delicious!

  575. Nikki T.

    This is a versatile curry paste which I also use as a base for my curry laksa broth. It’s delicious and I love the clean ingredients. Love that it is oil free too. Worth trying!

  576. Tammy F.

    I do use red curry paste somewhat often and am happy to have found this one. It’s a bit more expensive than my usual brand but I really liked it.

  577. Stephanie H.

    It is easy to quickly pull together a curry with this paste. The red curry has a nice heat and flavor. I added it to chickpeas with onions and tomatoes and some coconut milk and it was delicious!

  578. Annette K.

    The organic Red Curry Paste has just enough of heat . We did a steak sliced very thin with zucchini, yellow squash , white onion, and asparagus. Served it over rice and it was amazing!!!!

  579. Sayed H.

    I tried the red curry paste and it was full of flavors, the best curry we ever had. I highly recommend everyone to try it once in their life.

  580. sawsan b.

    I was a bit hesitant in trying spicy curry, but I was amazed with the taste. It didn’t take a lot of time to prepare a decent chicken curry meal with rice with this new paste. Though, it was a bit spicy but I absolutely love it and recommend it to asian food lovers.

  581. Kevin H.

    Mekhala cooking paste is very good . the size of the jar was a surprise . it was about half the size of what i was expecting , but it is a concentrated paste so it did make 2 meals . all that aside . it was very good. Not too much of any one ingredient that over powered any other , it was a perfect combo that complimented my meals . definitely a must buy in the future.

  582. Kim M.

    Love these new flavors. My boring dishes now have new life thansks to the Lemongrass Turmeric and Red Curry pastes. These totally improved my week night cooking.

  583. Jena C.

    This adds a great flavor to my chicken dishes and isn’t too spicy. I really love it. I did however have trouble figuring out what the different flavors are like their flavor profile, I did look at label and seen the ingredients, that’s how I chose the one I chose. I suggest adding a recipe of something to label.

  584. Beth M.

    Mekhala Organic coking paste is fantastic. I mix with a bit of oil then add it to tofu and vegies. Would also be great on other proteins like chicken. Love that it’s all natural and organic. It is also vegan which is great for my daughter.

  585. Claudia S.

    The only dislike I had was that it was a little hard to find. Otherwise it was very tasty!! I made a chicken coconut red curry Thai dish! Family loved it

  586. ANKUR N.

    One of the best asian styled pastes I have tried. Great ingredients and great flavors. The only issue is I am not sure how much to use if this is a concentrate. Would enjoy some bigger packaging as well. pricier but great quality

  587. Jennifer O.

    This paste is a great! The ingredients are incredible, and it mixes well. The flavor is great, really packs a punch. There is a spice but it is very tolerable with coconut milk and honey added.

  588. Karen T.

    Loved this product. It is not easy to find quality vegan sauces and this one did not disappoint. It was flavorful and complex and makes an awesome curry sauce.

  589. Grace s.

    As a culinary enthusiast who loves experimenting with flavors, and someone who loves red curry a lot, this sauce did not disappoint me. It is such a great pantry staple.

  590. PAM C.

    I just tried mekhala organic red curry paste and I absolutely loved it. I made some chili and I put a tablespoon on it. It tasted good. I will absolutely tell all my friends about it.

  591. Joan N.

    This sauce had tons of flavor. It turned a simple, plain dish into a very nice weekday dish. I appreciate the vegan friendly option that this sauce offered.

  592. Orion R.

    I really enjoyed the flavor of the paste. While it’s not AS good as sitting down at a restaurant, it definitely hits the spot when an easy night is in order where you don’t want to go out and you don’t want to spend hours cooking from scratch. A neat little product to stock up on when you want to feel like you’re eating real, healthy food, but don’t want to take the extra time to do it from scratch.

  593. Rita M.

    If you like a little spice and a lot of flavor in your food then this is the paste for you. Cuts cooking time and preparation in half. I love the simple and easy recipes

  594. Tasha S.

    I tried the Red Curry paste, and I enjoyed it. It comes in a small container, but the taste is good. I paired it with some chicken and I thought it worked really well.

  595. Rebekah P.

    Tried the tai red curry Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala. The flavor was spot on exquisite totally enhanced my stir fry. Texture was great paired with chicken vegetable and rice. Cannot wait to try the other flavors.

  596. Ting S.

    I got the red curry paste. It only take 1-2 tablespoon for the meal and it’s delicious. I like it being organic and all-natural. One thing I would suggest is to add a little spice to make it more flavorful. Overall great for the price.

  597. Ruby D.

    I’ve never tried the Mekhala brand products, so I was super excited to try the pastes. My family and I absolutely cooking and eating Thai food, so this was right up our alley. The Red curry paste was super flavorful, packed a good punch of heat, and was a great base for my chicken dish.

  598. Dawn V.

    Bought the red curry paste and it made the best rub for the chicken! I highly recommend these pastes for the base to any recipe. It is my new favorite pate to incorporate into any recipes

  599. Alana V.

    I got the Organic Red Curry Paste. It is absolutely delicious! It gave the perfect taste for our dinner! I will be trying the other flavors after I run out of this one!

  600. Marlena C.

    We tested out a new curry recipe with one of these and honestly it was really good. The flavor was honestly better than a lot of different ones we have tried before!

  601. P S.

    These cooking pastes are new and unique and will flavor up your dinners and save time. I use this in the instant pot for a quick dinner. The ingredients are clean and I can pronounce everything in there. Highly recommended

  602. shanshan c.

    I got the red one and tested out some nice recipes with this small jar! Honestly it is really good. The flavor is much better han a lot of different curry I have tried before! Highly recommonded!

  603. Sammy n.

    Love this product and it’s authenticity. The taste is over welming. I difenetly will buy all other flavors. I like to cook other recipes with this product

  604. thomas b.

    i tried the organic red curry paste i love spicy food this red curry hit my taste buds just right. i will be buying this all the time if you like a little spice in your food you need to try this.

  605. Kim C.

    I love the red curry paste because I use it in coconut curry and other dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala and curried red lentils. I love that this one is sugar free and all natural.

  606. Lucy H.

    They are delicious, authentic and easy to use. They can be used to make tasty curries at home, in combinations with many other integrates such as vegetables, tofu, meat, seafood, etc. They are also healthy, organic, all-natural and plant-based.

  607. Christine S.

    I tried the Organic Red Curry Paste in a chicken stir fry dish. I just put a little in, and I’m glad I did as it was just right. At least for us, a little goes a long way. But very tadty!

  608. Adrienne C.

    Wonderful flavorful red curry! Perfect amount of spice. Great clean ingredients and very easy to prepare and use. Excited to try other products from this brand. #trynatural

  609. Mary H.

    This paste has a great kick to it-spicy, full of flavor and hot. It gives neat just the right amount of flavor and elevates rice to a whole new level

  610. JP R.

    This product is very tasty. No weird aftertaste, no gritty texture either and mixes right in with meats, rice, noodles, even salad! Will be purchasing this again and trying different flavors!

  611. Leo F.

    Really liked the red curry paste, is organic which really helps when you are trying to eat healthier, was full of flavour and make all the dishes I added it to taste so much better

  612. Jennifer M.

    This was my first time cooking with a red curry paste and it did not disappoint. It was full of flavor! I like that it is made from clean ingredients. I was able to use in a few different meals.

  613. JOSPHINE M.

    “One of the best-tasting curry paste i ever had
    I had made a stir fry that all my family and friends did enjoy
    The item was priced right would recommend it to all my family and friends”

  614. Jazmin T.

    I really liked this it was really yummy it went well in my curry it had a great taste and consistency my family loved it Definitely will buy again

  615. Jennifer M.

    I received the Organic Red Curry Paste complimentary from Mekhala in exchange for my honest review. I found this sauce to work very well when cooking as part of my favorite dish. The flavor was excellent and authentic.

  616. Simi K.

    Mekhala sauce had a great amount of flavor. It was the perfect addition to our curry dish. I would highly recommend their products and will be trying the remaining varieties.

  617. Niki A.

    The Mekhala cooking pastes are are like potent, complex, natural flavor bombs for cooking! A large amount of incredible spices are combined to deliver an unmatched flavor that livens up any dish! A little goes a long way, wether warmed with coconut milk for a curry, or sauteing chicken or fish with olive oil. A dollop of the paste also works well mixed into a big pot of rice or other grain! These pastes are adventurous, delicious, and add so much flavor that is unmatchable! Restaurant quality for sure!

  618. Tori B.

    I tried the red curry paste and really enjoyed it. I make my own red curry sauce often but this was a really convenient way to get dinner ready fast. The ingredients are a lot better than many other options I’ve looked at which makes me want to buy it again!

  619. J R.

    I used this paste to make curry for my family. It was delicious! Definitely spicy, but has really great flavor. Was very easy to use and would recommend.

  620. Mark C.

    A definite replacement for my old brand! Thanks again for letting me try it. I will be recommending it to my friends and family. Can’t wait to try other flavors.

  621. David F.

    pleasant surprise with this product in taste and texture Wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised Was great to rub on or mix with others for different taste

  622. Piroska R.

    Little goes a long way, it’s a small jar. I used it with coconut milk, vegetable followed the recipe on the jar. Turned out amazing, and it’s gluten free.

  623. Shannon S.

    I loved this cooking paste. Had such a great flavor and added spice to my dish. It was so easy to use and cook with. I will buy again because it makes cooking easy

  624. Diana I.

    Tiny jar, but boy it packs a punch. I was able to cook a pound of chicken breast plus veggies with one jar. The paste tastes really good. I did not have to add any other seasonings, it is concentrated with flavors.

  625. Prabina C.

    I am very satisfied about this product. It has very good taste with all simple ingredients in it. Preparing the sauce is hectic work.. This an easy grab for dinner

  626. Tatum C.

    The Mekhala red curry paste is delicious and free of gluten, nuts, fish and shrimp. So every one can partake! Very convenient and very easy to use!

  627. Gabrielle D.

    This was absolutely delicious. I’ve tried many curry pastes and the red curry was my absolute favorite. Had so much flavor just a little bit of spicyness to it but all I can say is wow now that I’ve tried it I definitely will be purchasing more

  628. Jessica W.

    Didnt have much hopes about this product because there’re just too many wanna be curry pastes out there but this is totally worth it. The taste is great especially with coconut milk. Better than that other common brand typically seen in store.

  629. Linda S.

    We eat a lot of Asian food out and haven’t made a lot of dishes at home, but these curry pastes made a big difference. I have been making chicken and shrimp curries with them which my husband loves. Very good flavor!

  630. Miriam S.

    Great flavor and very versatile! Goes great with chicken and rice! This cooking paste is easy to use and mixes diversely with the flavors! Very happy with how easy it is to use!!

  631. Bridget V.

    This was totally new to me. I got a voucher and tried it. Have gone back and bought more flavors. I live these. I’m liking aisian flavors more and this is a really nice easy way to add it.

  632. Tammy G.

    Never tried a cooking paste and I would purchase it again so different but I would purchase it again we all enjoyed it very much I was surprised it something I wouldn’t have biught

  633. Codette E.

    I purchased the Red Curry flavor to try. Upon opening the jar, the smell is wonderful, and it tastes delicious! The jars are quite small, which concerned me, but a little goes a long way with these cooking pastes. I would purchase it again, and I am looking forward to trying some of the other flavors available.

  634. Viswanath N.

    It was delicious. Made pad thai and it came out really well. It’s made with all natural organic ingredients. Very flavorful and tasty. I would recommend it.

  635. Skylar T.

    Great addition to any meal. Makes cooking easy and they’re really flavorful. I added it to chicken I was cooking and put it over white rice and it made a great dinner!

  636. Emily Q.

    I purchased the Red curry paste from Meijer. A little bit goes a long way. It is packed with flavor and is perfect for cooking Thai dishes. Yum!

  637. Timery T.

    “I tried the red curry and it packs a lot of flavor! I used it to make a Thai curry and it was amazing! I would
    Definitely purchase this brand again when making a curry. The flavor is spot on and it really is an authentic flavor.”

  638. Lorianna V.

    My family and I loved this product. The flavor was great and nit overpowering. This was easy to locate in the store. Would recommend to family and friends.

  639. Melissa M.

    My family LOVED the dinners I made with this. I got the red curry paste which went miles above my expectations. We were used to the Thai Kitchen brand, which is all I thought we had near us. I was SO pleasantly wrong! New favorite brand in the house with amazing taste and quality of the spices in the blend.

  640. LaTasha F.

    I honestly don’t have any complaints for this Mekhala organic Red Curry Paste, honestly it was flavorful and added to no beans it’s delightful.

  641. Priti S.

    Loved this! I used it in a Thai dish we made and it cut my typical prep time to half. The flavors were so amazing and it has become a family staple!

  642. Deena S.

    This product was a true winner from the start. Something so new and different that’s easy and very versatile plus the fact that it elevates any and every dish and the taste is crazy good and out of this work

  643. Andre P.

    I don’t have much experience with curry, especially with preparing it at home, but this paste made it very easy to make and enjoy my own curry.

  644. Allen J.

    This makes for an easy curry! Not only was it easy, but it also tased good! I mixed it with rice and tofu and it made for a good oil-free dinner!

  645. Amber H.

    I was excited to try these. I love curry and having these flavors available at grocery store is perfect. The consistency blended really well.

  646. Tara P.

    I could tell this was going to be delicious as soon as I smelled it…there is a nice amount of spice to it – but it isn’t too spicy. I love that I can use as much or as little as I want to at a time. Made my ramen 3 times better!!

  647. Terry J.

    Mekhala Organic Red Curry Paste is delicious. I used it with chicken and vegetables, just added some coconut milk and had the most wonderful dinner. The flavor was well-balanced and pleasant.

  648. Chelsea S.

    I bought the red curry paste product. it was just the right amount of heat and flavor. I used it in a Thai curry soup and it was delish. The texture of the paste was perfect and it appeared premium compared to other brands.

  649. KIM B.

    I got the red curry paste and we really enjoyed it. It had a good over all flavor and not too strong. We make it with Chicken, green beans and rice. It had a good flavor and covered thr chicken well. Not watery or oily like others we had tried.

  650. Tania S.

    I really enjoy cooking with your organic pastes!! I find that the food is more tastier & Richer in taste! I highly recommend this product to my family, friends & neighbors!

  651. Nkenge M.

    I really liked this product. I used some of the paste to make stir fry noodles with coconut milk. I used some in miso soup with udon noodles.

  652. Jennifer R.

    I’m not sure what I expected it to be like and I’m not sure I have anything to compare it to but I definitely enjoyed it and would by it again. I put it over veggies and rice. It was Rich but tasted real. Some sauces taste like they have a million additives this did not.

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