Organic Thai Yellow Curry Paste



Thai Yellow (Massaman) Curry Paste made with turmeric and aromatics like cinnamon and clove. Mild heat and a smoky flavor.


  • USDA & EU Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • No added sugar
  • Oil-Free

USDA Organic
EU Organic


Savor this Indian/Arab-influenced Thai Yellow (Massaman) Curry Paste made with turmeric and aromatics like cinnamon and clove. Mild heat and a smokey flavour, great for beef, lamb, vegetables and noodles. Also doubles as a marinade.

*USDA and EU certified organic


*No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors

*No added sugar



Shallots*, Garlic*, Lime Juice*, Galangal*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Dried Red Chilli*, Spices*, Turmeric*, Water *Organic ingredients  
Mild spice

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270 reviews for Organic Thai Yellow Curry Paste

  1. Alice

    Delicious, easy-to-use!
    I tried both this and the Green Curry. In terms of spice levels, the Yellow Curry is milder than the Green, but the flavour is very different and more full-bodied (I think there are more spices in the yellow curry than the green). Delicious!

  2. Mel

    Great flavour!
    I absolutely loved this yellow curry. My 12 year old son too. If you mix it with coconut milk or cream plus Indian spices (like Kitchari) whith a pinch of real salt, pepper and a big squeeze of lime juice and you poor it into your freshly made sprouted and cooked garbanzo beans it is fabulous!

  3. Karo

    Very good
    Great flavor and just the right amount of heat. I would say it is not spice at all it just gives a sense of it.

  4. BarbiMedik

    Makes delicious dishes without being overpowering
    I was so happy to find this available on line. My town doesn’t have foodie stores and only so many small exotic spices are available in our stores. (Yes, yellow curry is exotic here.) I could find green or red curry, but not yellow.
    Makes delicious dishes. Not overpowering.

  5. LN

    Awesome paste that made awesome curry!
    Awesome product. Haven’t had Thai curry since SIP was put into action so ordered a bottle of Amazon. Chose this product over the others since it’s organic and packaging seems cleaner than other brands. Just made yellow curry with potatoes and carrots and the taste is pretty awesome . With 1 can of coconut milk (14 oz), 1 lb of chicken , 1 large potato and 1 carrot only 1/3 of the paste was needed. That means 7 bucks will yield 3 dinners. All for less than a meal at your local Thai restaurant. Will definitely get some again. If price can match those of whole foods then that would be awesome. Whole foods are selling these guys for $5 vs $7 on Amazon.

  6. Diana

    The yellow curry paste was great in a pasta sauce I made with white wine. It was just as tasty in scrambled eggs.

  7. Althea M

    Amazing and Healthy Paste!
    Used in Thai Yellow Curry dish. I used the whole thing, would recommend only using half of the bottle in one normal sized dish for 2 people.

  8. Judi

    Great Curry Flavor!
    Adding curry paste to one’s culinary creation is much easier than using curry powder – it blends in well and the flavor is wonderful; although a mite on the hot side, it doesn’t set one’s mouth on fire!

  9. Robert

    Goodness, this is such a favorable and enjoyable product. The aroma is amazing too. Made some wonderful curry rice and curry chicken with it. I just wish it came in a larger size. 🙂

  10. Booklover127

    This is a fantastic product! The ingredients are healthy, and the taste is amazing. Making a tasty dinner has never been easier.

  11. Aster C.

    So Good!
    I don’t normally love curry. I just wanted to try something different. I cannot believe how good this stuff is! And easy to use! I put some veggies and extra firm tofu crumbles in a frying pan with water (no oil). I added a decent amount of this stuff toward the end and stirred it around. No added coconut milk or oils (Not that there’s anything wrong with those! I just didn’t.) I put it over rice. And ate the leftovers for lunch in a wrap. So so so soooo good! I highly recommend.

  12. Trains

    Very Good. Hard to find in the Stores
    Yellow curry is such a great ingredient for curry dishes. I was surprised that I can only find yellow online
    This is flavorful and has just enough spice to up a dish you want medium or high spice you should add more red pepper flakes not necessarily more of this paste. Very happy with the flavor.

  13. Piggy Pink

    #EveryEffortCount #25JUL #185/365 #1172 Thai Yellow (Massaman) Curry Paste made with turmeric, clove and cinnamon. Not spicy and super yummy!

  14. Elle

    Love this product
    This is a staple in our house.

  15. Amy

    So delicious and versatile!
    I bought this product because I wanted to imitate Panera Bread’s Thai Chicken Soup which I think is delicious. I found a similar recipes on YouTube and they called for yellow curry paste.

    I succeeded and made a super delicious soup by sautéing onions, garlic, ginger, red peppers, mushrooms and thinly sliced chicken breast with the curry paste… then adding light (or
    regular) coconut milk, chicken broth, and a little brown sugar to taste… simmer of 15-20 minutes and you have a great nutritious soup.

    If you skip the broth, you can make a delicious chicken or pork curry to serve over rice or red noodles.
    ( You can also add soy and/or fish sauce instead of salt depending on the recipe).

    I like the immediate “authentic “ curry flavor I get from this curry paste without having to buy a dozen individual spices.

  16. Michele Y.

    So hard to decide which curry paste to try. I went with the yellow curry paste and it was absolutely amazing!! Perfect blend of spices. Made it with chicken thighs, sweet potato, onions, mushrooms, and coconut milk and some fresh kaffir lime leaves from my herb garden . Rich and creamy. My husband had 3 helpings! 🤣

  17. Linda D

    I got the yellow curry option and it was so good ! Easy to use, simple to find in the grocery store. I used it the first day I got it and can’t wait for more

  18. Satomi H.

    I love curry and was happy to try this product. I got the yellow curry and it was so aromatic and flavorful. I added chicken and ate it with rice. It was delicious. I can’t wait to try the other flavors

  19. Joyce S.

    The yellow Thai curry paste is soooo good. I cook potatoes, onion and carrots then add coconut milk and the paste. Eat it with rice. One of my favorite dishes

  20. Kehsin Y.

    What I love about it is that they are incredibly versatile. Another great thing about these cooking pastes is that they are really convenient. They come resealable pouches, which makes them easy to store and use.

  21. Erica L.

    I really enjoyed this organic cooking paste. I’ve been wanting to explore making curry for a while now but find the amount of ingredients daunting so this is a great option!

  22. Natalie R.

    This was so convenient and so flavorful. It tasted like i had been cooking all day but it was so quick and such a great pay off. Delicious and very recommended

  23. Iana M.

    I prefer to add it when I cook chicken, it’s quick and delicious if you want to do some special dish. Absolutely love it, easy cooking. I wish to try another flavor from this brand.

  24. Katherine A.

    This is one of the best cooking pace that I’ve tasted in a very long time. I love the curry style, and it has a lot of flavor and bold taste.

  25. Inem U.

    This was so delicious and so tasty. I like how it had a lot of combination of flavors in it and it’s also all natural and vegan friendly ingredients.

  26. Meni U.

    This is very delicious and very tasty. This has a lot of flavor to it and this is something that I could put on any types of meat and it pairs well with it.

  27. Iroh L.

    The Yellow Curry Organic Cooking Paste by Mekhala tasted great and added so much flavor to my meal. It was easy to use and had amazing flavor.

  28. SueAnn R.

    This paste is packed with flavor! I love that’s it’s made without gluten or added sugar. It has all organic ingredients and my family made this our new favorite.

  29. Nicole M

    this tastes so good I made curry cinnamon soup with the lemongrass turmeric flavor and the kids loved it, my dog tried eating it but I didnt let him eat it! amazing price and taste!!! will buy again and again!

  30. Nicole M

    This cooking paste was a nice base to the pasta I made. It was the perfect thickness. Not watery at all. I have to also say it was flavorful.

  31. Theresa N.

    The variety of pastes that were available was shocking. I tried the organic yellow curry paste and it was soooo good. The flavors were so bold. Delicious!

  32. Lexi L.

    This tasted delicious with lentil pasta and also tasted great as a sauce to my vegetables. I highly recommend these as convenient and creative way to tasty up your meals and really look forward to experiencing the other flavors as well.

  33. Courtney S.

    I really enjoyed this easy to use paste to bring in that asian flavor that our family enjoys, This was also a great way to try a new flavor that we haven’t had before to see if we liked it.

  34. Melissa M.

    I tried the yellow curry paste and was surprised by the amazing flavor and how little I had to use to create a delicious meal. I made a tofu curry dish with this and it came out perfect. I can’t wait to try it in other meals!

  35. Pam G.

    The organic cooking pastes products are full of flavor and so easy to use. I loved that I could make curry, something I have not made much of, and have a delicious simple dinner that my family loves.

  36. Molly B.

    This yellow Thai curry paste is wonderful! I love yellow curry from Thai restaurants, and this curry paste is a great help to making it at home without needing to buy and measure out so many spices.

  37. Marshal C.

    Nice, complex flavors for this paste. I found it easy to spoon out of the jar and use. I added it to some boiling water that I used to cook rice and it brought a nice flavor base to the dish. The label states that it has 390mg of sodium per tablespoon, but it did not taste salty to me. One thing to note is that since this is an all natural product, it doesn’t have a long shelf-life.

  38. ELENA R.

    This made cooking so much easier and yummier! We have a very busy households with several mouths to feed all day long lol! What a great mix to use in cooking

  39. Susan C.

    I was thrilled to get to try this because I love Asian food, but cannot share that love with my nut-allergic child. We avoid Asian restaurants due to nut contamination risk. I have tried to prepare meals at home and some work, some don’t. Mekhala has made it easier to experiment with already prepared flavor combinations that I can just add to the items I’m preparing. We look forward to trying more flavors!

  40. Amber P.

    I had seen these before or thought I had. The ones I had seen were big jars when I went to pick this up they were so small and I felt like they wouldn’t last long. We love curry in this house! All different kinds and I love to experiment with spices and paste this is one of my favorites!

  41. Donna R.

    So I’m not the best cook. I’m not bad but not as creative as my husband so right off the bat I knew who would be using this paste. He made some amazing noodles and they came out so delicious! They always do but the paste gave it a different but lovely taste and I just couldn’t stop eating. I took some for lunch to work the next day. Really recommend trying these out.

  42. Brandee K.

    I have been looking for a delicious but easy way to make yellow curry and I have found it! I obviously tried the organic yellow curry paste and I thought it was super tasty and easy to use! I will be purchasing this again!

  43. McKenLee L.

    I really liked this product. I usually cook curry using curry powder. Using Mekhala Organic Curry Paste made my curry taste delicious. This was my first time using this product and paste for this dish. Using this curry paste with a side of rice was delicious. I also liked how the product can store for a long time.

  44. Vera V.

    These products are Great at a great value and quality. The taste are remarkable and supreme. I enjoyed every bit of it. I will repurchase these again. Also, suggest for others to give it a try as well

  45. Edita P.

    Love love love these cooking pastes. I already repurchased a different flavor. These are easy to use and you can find recipes on the manufacturer’s website. The taste was great, just the perfect amount of heat.

  46. Orion S.

    I love getting curry at restaurants but never tried making a simple recipe until using this paste. Strong fragrant flavor that incorporates easily into my soups and dishes.

  47. Phyllis E.

    Great was to add spice and a little heat to your favorite dishes. I really enjoyed the yellow Curry. Very flavorful. I would like to try the other Pastes as well.

  48. Andrea H.

    I added this curry paste to cooked chicken and cauliflower pasta. I made a sauce with milk and it coated the ingredients perfectly. the taste of the curry is amazing. It isn’t too strong. I only used one tablespoon for two servings. I look forward to trying the other flavors.

  49. Laura P.

    I have never actually cooked with curry paste, so was excited to try this . I found a recipe for chicken and it came out really well. Tasty and easy to use. I used a bot less since I was t sire how spicy it would be, it was perfect.

  50. Amaia G.

    I tried the yellow curry paste and it’s so easy to use and turned out fantastic for a chicken curry with vegetables. Fragrant, slightly spicy and very easy to prepare. Definitely would recommend it!

  51. Lauren C.

    Loved this curry paste with coconut milk (yellow) and veggies as an option to my usual store bought sauce. I love that I can use the paste as needed, less storage and fridge space, its a keeper!

  52. Carley H.

    Got the organic yellow curry paste. Rich, full flavor with a nice heat for a yellow curry. I made vegetable curry over rice and will buy again for convenience, vegan friendly & organic, high quality.

  53. Irina K.

    This stuff makes rice taste great. I only tried yellow curry so far. I’m in for the rest of the variety.

  54. Emily B.

    I’m not typically someone who would seek out a curry paste in the grocery store but let me tell you, this curry paste was delicious. I’ve only every tried curry at my favorite local Indian restaurant. Usually, I would have been skeptical to try making curry at home because I would have assumed it would not have tasted the same. This curry paste surpassed my expectations, it was delicious and tasted just like my favorite Indian dish!

  55. Christine B.

    I’ve only made curry once before but now I see myself making it much more often. The flavor in this yellow curry paste was marvelous. I love that there is a simple recipe formula on the bottle itself and it came with a specific recipe tag on the bottle.

  56. Alison W.

    We found this curry to be a nice touch to our quinoa and veggies, along with some coconut cream. It was very easy to use, and the flavor was mellow with a hint of heat.

  57. Sat Nam K.

    I love finding an actually CLEAN product. MEKHALA pastes only have real food ingredients. No artificial flavors and NO Natural flavors- which in my world of concern can always be hidden MSG. I tried the Organic Yellow curry paste in a Curry rice noodle bowl. I stir fired some baby bella mushrooms on the side. Then steamed haricot verte- aka skinny green beans and cut up broccoli. Meanwhile I flash boiled some rice vermicelli. In another big pot I sauteed carrots and celery. I added some leftover coconut milk and coconut cream. Then a teaspoon of the Yellow curry paste. That was just enough for this single serving noodle bowl. I served all the above over some shredded romaine lettuce. Topped it off with the mushrooms. DEE-LICIOUS!!

  58. Lilah M.

    I used the sauce for my chicken Curry and it was so flavorful and easy to add with my other spices. Lovely and so homemade and authentic. I want to try them all.

  59. Kayla Y.

    I’ve always been a fan of Thai curry pastes, since they’re such an easy way to set up a healthy, flavorful meal. This yellow curry took the cake! I loved the depth of flavors, and I enjoyed the fact that it has a heat level that I don’t find in many yellow curry pastes. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s just enough of a kick to wake up your tastebuds. I’m definitely getting this again!

  60. Angela P.

    This paste by MEKHALA, is absolutely DELICIOUS, and my family and friends enjoyed the texture and flavor. We made a delicious chicken and pasta with this, and IT WAS AWESOME..

  61. Sophia C.

    I really enjoyed this curry paste. I put some in with coconut milk and simmered it with some chicken and vegetables. It tasted like a curry dish I would get at a restaurant and I would definitely recommend.

  62. Irma M.

    I tried the organic yellow paste in my meat and the dish came out very delicious. The ingredients are all natural and you can actually taste the freshness in the food. I will be buying it on regular basis.

  63. Elysia M.

    I was able to make a great, quick and tasty curry for dinner the entire family enjoyed. Definitely a time saver and no need for measuring out a bunch of spices to get a flavor packed meal

  64. Jim S.

    I purchased the YELLOW Curry Organic Cooking Paste by Mekhala. All quality, colorful labels & packaging, easy to find on the shelf with plenty in stock too.

  65. Akira N.

    I followed directions provided on the product details. It was easy to follow, very simple and yet recipe turned out really good! I’m going to try out other available recipes as well.

  66. Serena B.

    I bought the yellow curry one and I love that the ingredients are so simple. A really good flavor to spice up any dish. I would highly recommend this product if you want a cheaper healthier option to your favorite foods.

  67. Alexia V.

    The most fabulous curry paste I have tried!
    Ingredients are simple and clean and make for the most authentic curries I have ever made. so much better than any other brand of curry paste to make fishes delicious and authentic.

  68. Jennifer W.

    I cooked some veggies, chicken, and some noodles in a skillet and added in the sauce and it was amazing! This was a quality meal, and I will definitely make again! The flavor is spot on!

  69. Sandra S.

    I really enjoyed this sauce. It really added flavor to my rice and chicken dish, while at the same time making dinner quick and easy. I’m excited to try the other flavors.

  70. crystal j.

    This was an amazing cooking paste. It tastes so great and it was so versatile you could put it with everything. I would hardly recommend it. We’ll definitely be purchasing this frequently.

  71. Ann G.

    My husband enjoys cooking with these flavors, and is very pleased with the yellow curry. He is looking forward to trying some of the other varieties as well.

  72. Ashley G.

    I love that this product provides recipes in the back. I used it for a curry and it was absolutely delicious. I definitely want to try it with ramen or just on a sandwich because it was super flavorful

  73. Carmen M.

    We bought the yellow curry and made it with chicken, peppers, potatoes, and carrots. Our whole family loved it and kids even asked for seconds!

  74. Sandy G.

    I loved this sauce. Jar has suggested recipe. Super easy, just add to chicken breast. It taste great and is a wonderful way to change up your chicken breast recipes.

  75. Emily G.

    I used the yellow curry paste to make a delicious fish curry. I absolutely loved this product! It was so flavorful, and a little bit went a long way! I know I am going to get many dishes out of this small container. I think this product tastes very similar to what you would get at your local thai restaurant.

  76. Nicole P.

    I got mine from Whole Foods and tried the yellow curry paste. I mixed it with a bunch of roasted vegetables and cooked lentils. It made for a great, filling, nutritious lunch!

  77. Morgan F.

    Easy to use. Made a delicious curry dish come together quickly for dinner. My family and I really enjoyed this sauce. I will definitely buy again.

  78. Serge G.

    After watching a cooking show on tv I wanted to make a vegetarian curry and by chance, i had just picked up a this product. Easy to use, full of flavor and versatile in the kitchen, this a must have in any pantry

  79. Marie F.

    There is so much flavor packed in this paste! I tried the yellow curry with my coupon and also purchased the green curry separately. I love that they’re in an eco friendly glass jar with metal lid (which can both be recycled versus plastic which can’t).

  80. Viola Q.

    Though it comes in a small container, you really only need a small spoonful or two to cook a large dish. They yellow curry has a kick and went well with my turkey and vegetable stir fry. I used chicken broth with it and I think it would have been better with a milk base.

  81. Natalie P.

    I tested this brand of yellow curry paste and really liked it. It is making a dish so flavorful with right amount of spice. Also liked the fact that this paste has clean and limited ingredient list. Definitely worth of trying.

  82. Donna D.

    I found this at Whole Foods, and I bought the yellow curry flavor. I I used it with veggies and rice. It was good, and the jar was a little small for the price

  83. Melby T.

    I love these sauces with currys and for all the great flavor that offers , so exotic and inspired in asian flavors. I share it with my friends.

  84. cathy p.

    The yellow curry paste I used helped to make the dish so flavorful. It took less time and everyone thought I spent all day cooking it. It was a big hit in our house and I plan on trying all of the Melaka products.

  85. Anisha B.

    This was so flavorful! It was so easy to make a yellow curry with and tasted like a curry I have made from scratch. Can use it as a sauce in other ways too!

  86. Gracie P.

    I was so excited to try this product! I love that it is vegan friendly and organic, and thought the flavor options were so interesting. This encouraged me to try a new meal I wouldn’t have otherwise cooked.

  87. Stephanie B.

    Best curry paste had a great place to it. It was not overwhelming and I was able to enjoy it on the chicken. I would definitely buy it again.

  88. Jennifer B.

    So yum, I have no complaints & would be happy to purchase this again in the future. Very comparable to the brand I typically purchase, in both quality & taste.

  89. Liberty A.

    Price point might be a little high but then it is the quality you are paying for. As soon as I got the voucher, I hurriedly went to whole foods to claim it. Whipped Chicken Curry and used this good stuff. Everybody enjoyed dinner that night!

  90. Jodi H.

    I never have good luck with buying any ethnic sauces or pastes. They always seem to taste like they came from a bottle or packet. BUT, I really liked this sauce. My family liked it too! I love the curry flavor. I will definatley be trying more flavors!

  91. Susan L.

    We just picked up the Curry paste to try when we marianade some chicken soon. I will write a review when we cook and eat the chicken. Stay tuned.

  92. Sofia S.

    This is a life saver when you are in a hurry but want to cook something really quick.
    All the flavor that you need together in a container. Works perfect with chicken/beef.

  93. Ad G.

    The curry was great on rice and as a standalone dish! It goes well with a soba noodles. It also had an easy to close lid, and keeps well in the fridge!

  94. F L.

    I used this paste in a coconut curry dish and my family loved the taste. I appreciate the high quality ingredients, transparency in sourcing and nice packaging. Overall I give this product 5 stars and would buy it in the future. My only criticism is that we were limited to the yellow paste as an option because we don’t eat soy and most of the other flavors contain soy sauce (albeit gluten free, which I appreciate in a pinch, but do not like to actively include soy in family meals).

  95. Am G.

    This yellow curry paste is versatile and full of flavor as it includes many spices! I’ve added it in a tofu and rice meal. A little yellow curry paste goes a long way. Can’t wait to use it in other meals.

  96. Marion T.

    I really enjoyed this product! Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never used anything quite like this before. But we put it on chicken and the amount of flavor it added was amazing. It was something different, and my whole family truly enjoyed it. I love the fact that it’s healthy, organic and natural, we will definitely be making this again.

  97. Fran T.

    My first time making Pad Thai but the Yellow Curry Paste really made it pop without making it overly hot or spicy! I’m looking forward to experimenting with other recipes using the leftover portion. I love that it’s gluten and fat free with no added sugar as well as being organic.

  98. Jane H.

    I thought the paste was very flavorful. I followed the easy directions on the bottle. I used the sauce over red lentil penne and fresh green beans. It gave the penne a kick that was enjoyed by all.

  99. Jennifer L.

    I often use green and red curry pastes in my cooking. I tried Mekhala’s yellow curry paste and it was absolutely delicious in a simple vegetable curry over rice. I will definitely be buying this again.

  100. Nima D.

    These coping pastes taste really good. They are so easy to use. One bottle can get me a few meals. They taste really good and there are many options at the store.

  101. Jessica N.

    I really love this paste. I go shopping to Whole Foods. This was easy to find but I’m short so a tall man and hos gf had to get off shelf for me. I made my chicken with this over it so delicious!!

  102. Yolanda A.

    Yes I liked the bottle is nice and the curry love it to paint my rice yellow and chicken good flavor taste so good and smell to recommend is quality

  103. Judith W.

    I really liked the Organic Cooking Sauce. It was very flavorful and made my chicken taste very good. I plan to try it on beef and fish and maybe even vegetables

  104. Inelda G.

    I love using this organic pasta. I especially like that there are varieties to use in different dishes and achieve a different flavor. My favorite is Organic Yellow.

  105. Azeen K.

    the flavors are incredible, the packaging is gorgeous and simple, and i am just blown away. the price is still steep for the quantity but this feels authentic and tasty

  106. Dara S.

    I’ve been wanting to eat a curry dish for a while and this curry paste made it so easy to make and enjoy. Mekhala’s website has great recipes.

  107. Cindy M.

    The Yellow Curry paste is mild and spiced with cloves and cinnamon. They use organic and natural ingredients, sourced from local farms in Northern Thailand. There is a recipe on the jar and on their web site. I have been adding some paste to any of my soups I make also. I’m excited to try the red curry next!

  108. Coleen B.

    I absolutely love anything curry! This paste was amazing and so delicious! I usually just use curry powder but this was certainly far better than that!

  109. Holly J.

    I loved the flavor and connivence of the curry sauce. It made it so easy to put a fast and flavorful meal together. I will definitely be trying the other sauce varieties

  110. Mus H.

    My family loved the great taste of the delicious organic yellow curry paste by Mekhala that is Handpicked organic, all-natural & vegan-friendly ingredients.

  111. Nicki C.

    I love this yellow curry paste! Not only is it organic and made from ingredients you can pronounce, but it is SO flavorful! It is a simple and easy way to start a curry base or sauce! The spice temperature is low but it does have a lot of flavor! Love it!

  112. Celine S.

    The Organic Yellow Curry paste was delicious. However, I am a little sad that there is only a small jar version. It would have been nice to have larger size.

  113. Gustavo O.

    Great quality and super tasty. I love using these for nights I don’t want to cook and need a quick and easy solution. Another thing I love is that the flavor feels light and tasty rather than overly salty.

  114. Samantha M.

    If I were Guy Fieri, I’d use this paste as a VIP ticket to flavor-town. We tried the organic yellow curry paste and it was spot on- absolutely delicious. Sooooo yummy, I’d eat it on a flip-flop.

  115. Shalon B.

    I would Recommend this to your Friend and family
    Organic yellow curry paste I use chicken wings add to the rice I’m gonna buy the other flavors use my recipe to create a Quality Taste easy to find in the store love the taste

  116. Diana K M.

    We got to try the yellow curry paste from Mekhala and we were so impressed with the flavor it added to our dish. It’s so easy to use, affordable, and a little goes a long way. Definitely looking forward to try out the other flavors.

  117. Michelle K.

    I was invited to the the Mekhala cooking paste. It took me a minute to find it, it’s on a tiny jar! I selected the yellow curry as that is a family favorite. Looking at the gradients I love that it’s all ingredients I can pronounce and am familiar with. A little goes a long was. The flavor was great, we made a veggie yellow curry and the spice level was very nice and it was easy to adjust to taste. It’s also organic and sustainable. Their website also has more recipes that I look forward to trying in the near future.

  118. Kristy M.

    This sauce was great and convenient to whip up for a whole week’s worth of meal prep. I made pad thai curry noodles and the sauce was flavorful, and just enough salt. I would recommend.

  119. Kristin J.

    This was a great product with a clean ingredient list. I appreciated how little you had to use to get such a great flavor and didn’t feel like I needed to add any additional salt.

  120. Veronica P.

    Oh my goodness!! This cooking paste is soooo good!!! We absolutely loved the flavor and creaminess. My only complaint was that the jar is kinda small. I think a jar twice the size would be a great buy.

  121. Laura A.

    Great for cooking! I have always used a yellow curry paste for my favorite curry stew and salmon curry sauce and found this brand to be the first organic I have found. It felt like a high quality product with readable ingredients and information and I like the glass jar vs some curry pastes that come in a plastic bag inside a plastic tub. Very gourmet quality, I love it.

  122. Xin z.

    It’s smaller than I thought but then I realize that it’s condensed. The flavor I tired was yellow curry and it was great! Goes good with potatoes and carrots.

  123. Jisun Z.

    I admittedly have not used this for cooking yet however I smelled it and it is great. The ingredients list are already much of what I have in my cupboard and use in my everyday cooking. I think this is a great convenience product.

  124. Tam H.

    My family loved the great taste of the delicious organic yellow curry paste by Mekhala that is Handpicked organic, all-natural & vegan-friendly ingredients.

  125. Christina J.

    I hadn’t cooked with a yellow curry paste before, but my meal turned out really tasty. I would definitely buy this brand again for the other flavors as well.

  126. Carol H.

    Just tried MEKHALA, Organic Yellow Curry Past. It has a delicious taste and the consistency was just right. My son made a dipping sauce using the Organic Yellow Curry. We dipped coconut shrimp in it and it was delicious. The ingredients where 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons orange marmalade, and 1 teaspoon organic yellow curry paste. It was the perfect dipping sauce for the coconut shrimp. Such delicious taste, not spicy. Great paste.

  127. Emily H.

    I loved how easy this was to use! It added so much flavor to my chicken and vegetable stir fry. It was much healthier than a sauce on a stir fry. I loved this

  128. Alexa A.

    I was a little surprised at how easy it was to use this product to make a delicious meal. I was skeptical if this paste would be flavorful enough or have enough spices but was very happy that it did. I also think that it’s such a great deal considering you can use the paste for so many different recipes and because it lasts so long. I can definitely see myself buying this every time I get a craving for curry and I’d be interested to try the other flavors available.

  129. Emma B.

    This has a unique flavor for my curry. I would recommend the product as an addition to the traditional product you use for your normal recipes. Please recommend to a friend!

  130. Tegan R.

    This made dinner so easy and tasty! The yellow curry paste was amazing the flavors and the fact that it didn’t have the bad ingredients. I love the fact that it’s organic I shall be going back to get the other curry paste flavors.

  131. Robert N.

    This was my first time trying the brand and I was very pleased with it. I had the yellow curry and made curried chicken with basmati rice. so delicious!

  132. Tracy G.

    Used this product over a bed of rice with garbanzo beans and it’s definitely tasty! Authentic flavor, would love to try to other paste options they have.

  133. Geri N.

    We tried the organic yellow curry paste with some tempeh skewers and rice. I tried the recipe form the Mekhala website. They were very easy to make and even easier to eat. Perfect appetizers for any meal, whether it’s with family or friends. I cannot wait to try all the different flavors.

  134. Beth S.

    Organic cooking pastes by mekhala is so good. So flavorful. I used it to make my chickpea for my empanadas. It has light spice. It’s not super salty. Give it a try. Oh I added coconut milk to my dish. Great pair.

  135. Karen W.

    I cook curry on a regular basis it’s an English thing. Got to say I really liked this paste the taste colour a n d texture was very good. Made a great Indian curry.

  136. JEANNE w.

    I tried the organic yellow curry paste and made a noodle dinner with it. It has an amazing taste and was as good as going to any restaurant and buying a curry dish. I will definitely buy different flavors in the future

  137. Alexa R.

    I tried Mekhala’s organic yellow curry paste. I loved that it is organic with natural ingredients. The flavor profile was perfect for me! I made a chickpea and vegetable curry with it.

  138. Sandra V.

    I didn’t expect a little bit of the organic cooking paste giving my boneless skinless chicken thighs so much flavor. Yellow curry is my favorite curry and that is what I got. I normally buy curry powder from an indian bazaar store and it was my go to until I tried this concentrated paste. It doesn’t only taste delicious, it is easy to use and a little goes a long way.

  139. Yuan H.

    The sauce tastes good! I used the sauce to make a yellow curry dish and it turned out well. I wish the size can be bigger since I can only use twice with this size.

  140. Marianne S.

    Yellow curry paste is amazing. I love that this Mekala brand is so natural and vegan (no nuts or fish!) . So easy to use and doesn’t need any extra spices. Restaurant quality at home!

  141. Sloane g.

    Great flavor, and makes dinner in under 20 minutes. Super delicious, very easy to use, and the perfect amount of spice. Love throwing in with vegetable and tofu for an easy dinner. Will purchase regularly.

  142. Amy B.

    Well-sealed jar of spices. Seems to be of high quality. It is not a powder, but not quite a paste either. Easy to use. It has a great curry flavor.

  143. Caren F.

    I got the yellow curry and decided NOT to wing it (sorry, bad pun) by sticking it into my usual throw-together stir fries this time , but instead try to make an actual Thai dish and see how it stacked up to my restaurant experiences. I made a chicken coconut curry following the recipe on the Mekhala website, and it came out pretty darn good. Even picky husband liked. It had a. nice, not overwhelming balance of spices, and as a cook who doesn’t normally use all many of the raw ingredients that go into a yellow curry spice blend, using this would be a time and money saver, My only complaint is that the jar is so small.

  144. Johnny N.

    The whole family loved it, we got the Yellow Curry. It was really delicious. It smells so good and it taste like restaurant quality after preparing your meals. I would get it again.

  145. Diana P.

    This organic yellow curry paste is a very good cooking paste to include in any recipe. It has a very strong flavor and aroma. Ingredients list is very good as well

  146. Diane S.

    I got the MEKHALA Organic Thia Yellow Curry Paste Thai Paste for a quick and easy meal. It is simple to use, you add a cup of liquid with 2 heaping teaspoons of the paste. after 5 to 7 minutes you add your protein and veggies. I can’t wait to try the other flavors.

  147. Lisa C.

    Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala are convenient and easy to use to quickly flavor your food. I loved using it on pasta and chicken as it added unique flavors that made our food taste fantastic!
    I love that it’s organic and all natural and the various flavors that are available to buy. It really turned up the notch on my cooking.

  148. Kelsey D.

    Mehkhala’s organic cooking pastes help me make an easy and authentically spiced dinner. I used some of the yellow curry paste when sauteing chicken and veggies, and poured the chicken over rice. That’s it! Remarkably easy and delicious.

  149. Maya K.

    Lovely flavor. I used in stir fry with seitan and the dish turned out wonderful. Not at all greasy. The smell does have more clove than I typically like so I would use sparingly.

  150. Amie D.

    Loved the convenience of this product to make authentic curry. The recipes on the website helped someone who was scared to make curry at home into someone that will enjoy curry at home on a regular basis.

  151. Monica M.

    Perfect spice combination to prepare a quick curry recipe. Instead of combine the spices, toast them, you just add a spoonful of paste to your curry dish and you get a delicious Asian meal.

  152. Ellie C.

    Good paste. Used it for some noodles and they came out good. I used the recommended water:paste ratio and the taste was pretty subtle and not too salty.

  153. Cindy W.

    There was a simple recipe on the label. I made a chicken curry for dinner, and it was a hit! So easy!

  154. Anil W.

    I got the Mekhala yellow cooking paste. It is not too spicy but the taste was delicious . I loved the fact that they used all natural and organic ingredients.

  155. Vital A.

    delicious,easy to use,the perfect ratio of spices to give your dish the full flavor. of the reds,greens,and yellows,yellow is my favorite. a small amount is enough for most, but i like a strong flavor, so one jar is enough to flavor 6 generous servings.

  156. Tiffany F.

    This has nice clean ingredients and better for you with that. Made for a great yellow chicken curry and smelled delicious. I highly enjoyed it.

  157. Alec B.

    These sauces are incredibly authentic, delicious, and versatile! I tried a new recipe, adapted an old one, and even mixed some together to make something unique and amazing! Highly recommend these!

  158. Sue L.

    I tried the Organic Yellow Curry Paste and cooked it with chicken, potatoes and carrots. The paste added a great flavor and made dinner fast and simple.

  159. Connie M.

    We had the yellow curry and served it w/ shrimp over rice. Will definitely do this again. Will try the other flavors when on sale – it’s fairly expensive.

  160. Jasmine k.

    This was great. I also really enjoyed the little tag on the bottle that talked more about the product t. It also had a simple recipe for cauliflower and sweet potato curry which I made. Great touch

  161. Garima G.

    I tried the organic curry paste and the result was delicious. I mixed the paste with veggies and coconut milk and served with rice. I love that its all natural and organic.

  162. Ashley T.

    The texture and flavor were both amazing. I loved it cooked and also cold was so good! Would definitely recommend and will buy again. Looking forward to trying other flavors as well.

  163. Monica L.

    The flavors were really nice. I really enjoyed it. I appreciate the fact that I can taylor the spice level. The family also loved it. It was a great for a quick dinner.

  164. Allison E.

    I’d never used a curry paste before, but this turned out quite delicious! I made the mistake of not measuring when I mixed the curry paste and the bouillon, so I had to adjust it after the fact, but the flavor is very tasty and easy to adapt. Next time, I think I’ll crockpot it and let the flavors really develop and simmer overnight. My only complaint is that it’s a little spendy, and it needs to be refrigerated once opened. Overall, not sure if it’s my new usual, but I definitely loved it!

  165. Christina P.

    Tasty sauce paste that enchanted the flavors of meat and veggies. Easy to use. Little goes a long way Adds a flair to boring meat and jazzys I’m up the flavor

  166. Shinu G.

    If your like me and can’t think of what to make for dinner half of the time ..this is for you! I had a meal prep ready meal in less than thirty minutes! I loved how the flavors tasted authentic and made the dish better. My house smelled like I had been slow cooking this product for hours. Great flavors and healthy

  167. Kay L.

    We eat curry often, and I prefer my homemade curry to most restaurant curry. I picked up the yellow curry paste to try because my kids don’t like spicy food. This was super easy to use and the flavor was great. I love that you get multiple uses from one jar. I took another batch to a potluck and it was a big hit.

  168. Laurie N.

    Like this product, nice clean ingredients with a fresh taste! Better than other curry pastes I’ve tried. A little goes a long way and good depth of flavor

  169. Erica P.

    I tried the yellow curry paste and it made it so easy to make a curry at home! I always want to make curry but it seems like too many different spices and ingredients to buy and could get expensive. The flavor is complex and not spicy just so delicious. This way it was all done for me but still allowed me to do homemade. Will definitely try the other flavors.

  170. Joanna R.

    So much flavor and spices in this curry paste! It made for a delicious curry and I only had to use a little of it. It is definitely better than trying to make my own sauce!

  171. Brenda V.

    This paste was really great. It incorporated into my recipe for curried chicken very nicely. The flavor was not overpowering or too subtle. Perfect.

  172. Matilde C.

    I am a curry lover so I was so excited to try this. The container is tiny but the curry paste is very concentrated and it could probably be used to cook for 10 times. I tried the yellow curry and it has a very strong ginger and turmeric flavor. I added a spoon of the paste in shrimp and I cooked it with coconut milk. This makes cooking curry so easy as it is so easy to measure.

  173. Karissa M.

    Ok, I love these flavors! I am not a super experimental cook, but I try to cook asian food a few times a month. I have done it by scratch and I have done it with a mix, pouch, jar of sauce… These are essential to me! They make it so so so much easier to cook asian food. All I need is chicken, veggies, rice and a jar of this cooking paste to make an easy and delicious ethnic meal. It actually save me money, rather than buying every seasoning and ingredient needed for some of the curries, etc. that I enjoy!

  174. Iris W.

    Was easy to use and easy to find at the store. Great taste and good to know that it was organic. I would definitely buy this product again !

  175. Donna D. M.

    Tried the yellow curry paste. Used it in several recipes. Enjoyed the flavor and taste. Definitely got the curry flavor in the dish. The paste was easy to use in my dishes too. I’d definitely recommend trying these pastes. #trynatural

  176. Katie M.

    The curry paste was easy to use and had great flavor! Made it very easy to make a curry. Loved the convenience for sure! The price was good too!

  177. Tammy T.

    So many things to like about Mekhala Cooking Paste. It made it very easy to prepare the meal because they already prepared the paste, saved alot of time. It’s very important to my that it’s organic and made of natural food, I also like that it’s in a glass jar, no worries about BPA. It was high quality tasting and the flavor was like by everyone. We’ll try the other flavors soon.

  178. Keri A.

    This cooking paste was incredibly flavorful and delicious. I used it with chicken and vegetables, but I think beef, shrimp or tofu would also be very good too.

  179. Gwen B.

    I love products that allow me to pull together a very quick and delicious meal and this is one of those products. I found this at my local Whole Foods, and was glad I had a chance to try it as I might not have tried such a small jar on my own. However, nothing about the flavor was small and this was a big hit in my house— would purchase again!

  180. Sandra G.

    I am so impressed with this formula. My relatives love curry but have dietary restrictions and this worked perfectly for them and was so easy to prepare!! I will be doing this again because I can’t make any mistakes with the easy preparation and it taste so good!!

  181. Danielle T.

    i brought this over for a friends cooking nights and it was a hit! we used this in one of our dishes we made and it was very very yummy!!!!!

  182. Jean T.

    It is great and I love that it is all natural and plant-based! On top of that, it is perfect that it is USDA certified organic! I also like that is oil free, making it even better! All this and more makes it very healthy!

  183. Melissa M.

    I really liked using a concentrated cooking paste, I’ve never used one before and my experience was wonderful. They are packed with flavor and you can add a can of coconut milk to get another type of dish!

  184. Dachel G.

    I loved this curry, it adds an intense flavor to meals, ideal for rice dishes. With small amounts you can prepare abundant meals. Recommend!

  185. Jaclyn W.

    I was very excited to try the yellow curry paste, because my fiance is a big fan of curry chicken. This particular paste is perfect to mix in with chicken and give you that Indian kind of dinner.

  186. beth w.

    I love these organic cooking pastes. They come in wonderful flavors that are ready to complete your meals. I like to use them for pasta sauces. They are nice and spicy with just the right amount of heat. It’s an added bonus that they are organic and vegan friendly. I highly recommend them.

  187. Hannah B.

    I love using cooking pastes. They’re such an easy way to add flavor to any dish. These are particularly enjoyable to use due to the organic, vegan ingredients. I like to reuse the containers for other things as well – just be careful because they smell strongly due to the high concentration!

  188. Laura L.

    I used this yellow curry paste to make a coconut curry with pumpkin, sweet potato, and chickpeas. The flavor is incredible and the perfect level of spice for my preference.

  189. Courtney M.

    I chose the yellow curry paste and used it in a veggie chickpea curry. It was well balanced . Not too spicy, has good flavor that can be tweaked at your will simply by using more or less of the paste.
    As a vegetarian, its hard to find curry pastes without things like shrimp or fidh sauce, etc so I appreciate that these are vegetarian friendly.

  190. Rebecca N.

    I liked the packaging of this product. The curry dish will be something new and different for my family to try. Excited to try something new!

  191. Louis T.

    This curry paste was so delicous! it had really good and strong flavor that brought a lot of aromatics and spices to my dish, the jar was a little smaller than expected. But it was so tasty and strongly spiced that it made up for the size and worthwhile to use!

  192. Riley M.

    This is easily the best cooking pastes I’ve ever purchased in stores. It is flavorful and balanced. They have a lot of options to choose from. It’s affordable and appropriately portioned. My favorite part is it’s in a smaller container as sometimes I don’t get through the container fast enough and waste ingredients. My only feedback is you can probably use more than they recommend. Other than that, this is an amazing product. Will use as my standard choice from now on.

  193. Cynthia C.

    I used my Organic Yellow Curry Cooking Paste to make Curry Chicken and Rice. It tasted absolutely delicious and my kids thoroughly enjoyed it as well. I told a few people about the sauce and I intend to purchase it in the very near future.

  194. Nancy G

    Using this starter provided me to a good shortcut to making the dishes I enjoy. My family gave it their approval also. I was happy with the ingredients .

  195. Karen S.

    What a great product with so much flavor all in one product. Enjoyed. this made seasoning easy to use because of the great flavor I will purchase again definitely

  196. Vicki K.

    I like to create new dishes. Trying new sauces to the vegetables and meat to create an overall tasty dish to serve over rice for example. Quite delicious.

  197. Jan E.

    For being organic and all natural this surprisingly had a lot of flavor. It’s a nice thick paste and easy to use container good for storage. I like the suggestions on the bottle of things to use it on.

  198. Kyley B.

    The jar was so much smaller than I thought but the flavor made up for it. Warm and rich and not spicy which my family loves. Love that it is vegan and oil free! Will be buying again for my chickpea curry with rice!

  199. Ashley S.

    I love to cook, and I love international cuisine. These cooking pastes allow me to unleash my creativity in the kitchen. My entire family is impressed with this cooking paste.

  200. Melinda N.

    Got this just around the time I was craving curry and can easily say I was impressed! Very flavorful and easy to use, would highly recommend!

  201. Elizabeth V.

    I really enjoyed this spice paste. I tried the yellow curry paste and it was the right amount of spice for me. I love how much flavor is packed into this paste. I also really appreciate that this paste is made from whole foods and is vegan friendly. Best of all, it’s oil free! It is so hard to find products without added oils – so this paste is definitely a gem!

  202. Tracy W.

    This was the perfect addition to my meat curry dish. It added lost of flavor to it. It was a hit. I really enjoyed how favorable it was. It was just wonderful over rice.

  203. Mary P.

    We tried the yellow curry and we thrilled with the flavor and spice level. It’s a little bottle, but a little goes a long way and adds just the right kick to our Asian cooking.

  204. Kori T.

    These are delicious! I am so happy that I got to try them! I can’t wait to try the other flavors! I will highly recommend to my friends and family! This is my new go-to!

  205. Allison I.

    I love to cook Indian food so I tried the yellow curry paste and it was great in my food! It’s a good option for cooking especially for curry.

  206. Lauren F.

    I loved the Mekhala Yellow Curry paste for my Asian cooking recipes. I made a chicken and vegetable curry over rice and a curry soup and both turned out delicious! I love that the pastes are organic and are full of great flavor! I’m excited to try the other varieties.

  207. Jingke X.

    I love that this is a healthier option compared to the ones sell at my local Asian grocery market. The flavor is authentic and the flavor is not compromised. I think this is my new favorite!

  208. Mariah G.

    I really enjoyed the Mekhala organic cooking paste! I tried the yellow curry variety, and ended up using it in a new chicken curry recipe with coconut milk. It was a big hit! The flavor of the spice is really nicely balanced with just the right amount of heat. I’m really looking forward to using this in other recipes as well. Will be buying again!

  209. Jill E.

    I very much enjoyed the Mekhala cooking paste. I tried the yellow curry and thought it was versatile and could be used with different foods. it was a mellow yet exciting flavor. I appreciated how it was organic, something that is hard to find in sauces like this.

  210. Trevor C.

    This was a very good paste for my shrimp curry. It had just the right amount of spice and the consistency was great would definitely buy this for my next curry dish and would highly recommend

  211. Vin P.

    I like the cooking paste from this brand. It goes great on veggies, tofu, meat too. It adds a great rich flavor and makes eating healthy better too. It is easy to use and a great product it is.

  212. Atsuko M.

    I love Thai food. I was excited to try this new product. The ingredients are clear, simple, and trustworthy. I tried Yellow Curry Paste. I love the taste and aroma! I just put some paste into stir fried – shrimp, onion, carrots, and broccoli. It was served over jasmine rice. YUM! Another best thing was how quickly I can cook a healthy, flavorful Thai at home. I cannot wait to adventure myself with Tom Yum paste.

  213. Morgan S.

    I loved this product! I thought it was delicious and had a great amount of flavor. I look forward to trying the other flavors. I used this as a marinate.

  214. Cierra S.

    I picked the yellow curry paste and I was happy I did. The sauce acts as a good base for whatever meal you are making, nice valance of flavors and nice coverage. Will buy again!

  215. Jennifer F.

    Mekhala cooking pastes are a new fan favorite for all of our meal flavorings whenever we can. It has a rich taste that makes any meal better which is always a plus when you are feeding a crowd that has kids and adults in it every night!

  216. Carey G.

    This is my new favorite! So easy to mix with coconut milk and veggies, put over rice and a perfect meal. This is the first product that I have tried that has made restaurant quality curry at home. Love! Love! Love!

  217. iris z.

    i love this product and it is great concept, i love supporting minority owned business. I love the flavor and it is approved by my indian friend too

  218. Michelle V.

    I love having these cooking paste on hand because they make for an easy dinner. Not only are they easy to use but they are also super delicious!

  219. Sonia M.

    I love trying new foods and usually my main throw back is finding the ingredients for it. When cooking Indian food you want to get the flavor of their curry and it can only be done with top notch ingredients…like this amazing curry! I will buy it again for sure!!!!

  220. Krystle E.

    I made a Thai yellow curry dish. Garnished with a little bit of green onions on top and it was absolutely perfect. I love the organic ingredients and the brand is very reputable. It’s always amazing when you can eat something that’s clean, but perfect at the same time. Highly recommend to try for anyone!

  221. JUSTINA J.

    The organic cooking paste by mekhala are awesome. I tried the organic yellow curry paste and my recipe came out delicious and very flavorful

  222. Sherry B.

    I have diabetes and am lactose intolerant so not having dairy products but still being healthy is a plus for me. I love garlic cumin and cinnamon which gives it a flavor.

  223. CATHRYN D.

    Very impressed with the Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala. First time trying anything like this so I looked up a recipe that I could use the Yellow Curry in. Quite tasty more spicy than Im used to but good overall.

  224. Taylor B.

    I enjoyed using this curry paste in my tofu and vegetable curry. It has a bright, spicy flavor that pairs well with coconut milk and all the ingredients in my curry. Planning on trying the other flavors!

  225. Stacy G.

    I tried Mekhala Organic Cooking Pastes for free in exchange for my honest review. I tried the Yellow Curry Paste. I have never used a product like this before, so I had no idea what to expect. I had it on chicken. I don’t really like chicken – and have been looking for a way to prepare it, that I enjoy. It was delicious! You don’t need a lot, (unless you like it really hot). I would recommend it.

  226. Cynthia B.

    I thought this curry was very flavorful and delicious. I love that it is allegen friendly, vegan, and gluten free. The yellow was the perfect spice level for me (not spicy at all). I would buy this product again!

  227. Karen H.

    The organic yellow curry cooking paste by Mekhala is great for cooking curry at home with fresh vegetables and your favorite protein. Simply delicious!

  228. Nervalene G.

    I got the Mekhala organic curry paste. This paste is full of flavor. I love the spicy taste that enhance the flavor of my food. This product I would buy again.

  229. Natalia M.

    We usually use powdered curry blend for our cooking. This sauce is a game changer. First the sauce is convenient to use because you just scoop it right out of the jar. Way less messy than powder flying everywhere. Most importantly though is the flavor because this really packs in the flavor!

  230. Jordan P.

    Wow I love these pastes! They are super fragrant and tasty, everything I’ve tried them in has so much more flavor and I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone with trying new recipes too!

  231. Joseph P.

    I tried the organic yellow curry paste and it was amazing. I usually use powdered curry for homemade Chinese food but I substituted and used the paste and it was so delicious.

  232. Rita G.

    This is so much fun. I get huge headaches eating out at Asian restaurants but I absolutely love the flavor. I bought the curry and Tom Yum both full of delicious flavor and no headaches because of the healthy ingredients.

  233. Denise C.

    My husband really enjoyed it with some noodles first time, and later used with beef and rice. He loves Indian food, and I love the fact it’s healthy, no bad stuff in this product. I will continue to buy.. Great flavor.

  234. Garden F.

    I bought the yellow curry and added less than a tablespoon it to my salmon soup and boy oh boy you can it’s powerful and very flavorful. Didn’t need to add more thus, you can make up to maybe 7 -10 serving with it.

  235. anna b.

    The yellow curry paste I tried is very flavorful. My family and I love this so much. I was able to make a chicken curry and rice in just a few minutes. Very convenient to cook. Definitely recommend this.

  236. Jason E.

    This was a great product. I never heard of it before trying it but man I’m happy I did give it a try. It tasted great and was a fair price at the store. This will be a staple in our family’s home.

  237. Cora B

    I got the yellow curry paste, thinking I would have to plan a whole meal around it. But it’s come in handy for several dinners to elevate the dish. It is easy to use a little or a lot, it’s so delicious and flavourful.

  238. Kelsey W.

    I am always looking for good jarred curry pastes that are not bad for you. The yellow curry has just the right amount of spice without being too fattening or salt-heavy.

  239. Brianna S.

    We made a yellow curry with this paste, and it was the best curry I’ve ever made! Not too spicy and so full of flavor, I’d for sure buy it again in the future.

  240. Sam B.

    Love that this little container adds so much big flavor to my otherwise easy cooking! The organic cooking pastes really elevates the dish to make it taste like takeout!

  241. T.j. P.

    These pastes are amazing as I make curry dishes a lot because I love spice forward foods. I’ve also used a little paste mixed with tomato sauce for a fusion of Indian and pizza which is absolutely delicious with roasted cauliflower, chicken, and mozzarella cheese!

  242. Angela E.

    It was hard to choose which paste I wanted to try, but I opted for yellow curry. The other night I wanted to make something with ingredients I already had on hand, and I found an easy curry recipe on Pinterest, including things like coconut milk, broth, ramen noodles, curry paste and powder, a few other spices, and veggies – so I got to try out my new Mekhala paste. It turned out really nicely and I appreciated the great taste and simple ingredients. Next, I’ll have to try the red curry to see how it compares to my current brand, which I have no specific attachment to. I also read more about the Mekhala brand on their website and really like their sustainability efforts and background in aiming to provide healthy, plant-based pastes with interesting and exciting flavors. So glad I’m aware of this brand now!

  243. Natalie V.

    I really love this curry sauce. It has so much flavor and it’s so easy to make!! Would buy this again! I used this with chicken stock and coconut milk

  244. Sharon S.

    I absolutely loved this product! I had been looking for a yellow curry paste, and this took the cake !! I made a peace bowl with vegetables and quinoa and rice . It was SOO good!

  245. Lisa O

    I Purchased the yellow curry paste and have used it many times. I added it to sauces and made dressings with it. It was a very convenient shortcut to adding flavor and consistency to the dinners I made.

  246. Liz S.

    We used the yellow curry paste to make a chicken curry dish. It was very delicious with a nice amount of spice without being overpowering. I would definitely use this again.

  247. Heather J.

    Tried the organic yellow curry paste. Made a dish with chicken and veggies. My family was impressed! Sauce is a good consistency and has flavors that leave you desiring more

  248. Robin K.

    First it was so easy to incorporate into my meal and I love sauces and lots of spice and flavor. This did not disappoint it had so much yummy flavor I can’t wait to try other flavors.

  249. shenika h.

    Mekhala cooking pastes were something i did not realize i needed, but one i tried them I am in love with this brand. I love that it is all natural and vegan friendly.

  250. Anna F.

    I used Mekhala’s Organic Yellow Curry paste to make a delicious curry that my family loved! I added it to chicken, veggies and coconut milk. The result was perfectly balanced and tasty. It made it easy to make a nice dish since this curry paste has all the seasonings you need.

  251. Kathy D.

    If you love Indian or Oriental dishes Melkhala Organic Cooking Pastes are right for you! The flavors tickle your tastebuds #trynatural with its flavor combinations. It is easy to use in when you are cooking your meal or add it to flavor your dish.

  252. Maria L.

    Me and my family homemade food specially healthy we enjoyed curry so much and this organic yellow curry paste was so a great choice very good flavor for your meals my new favorite

  253. Candice J.

    I was a cook by profession and these are wonderful. So quick and easy. I love how quick dinner can be prepared. I will try all of the flavors.

  254. Anjelica D.

    I do a lot of Asian cooking and this paste tastes very authentic. It’s got just the right amount of salt and umami flavoring. I would definitely buy this again!

  255. Jenny W.

    I made a yellow curry dish( using this paste )with chicken, carrots, and potatoes that was so good it had me smiling as I ate it, like one of those cheesy restaurant commercials. It was that delish.

  256. Ana A.

    I really enjoyed trying this cooking paste. A little went a long way and it was very flavorful and tasty. My family really enjoyed the flavor in the food I prepared using this paste.

  257. Sophia R.

    I really liked this curry paste! I had the yellow curry and it was flavorful with a nice bite at the end! I felt that it could have been a more full flavor but did get some umami in the dish as well.

  258. Lesley K.

    I love that these pastes are organic and all natural. They have such good flavor packed in such a small amount of paste. I am looking forward to try more of the available flavors!

  259. Cathy S.

    This is an excellent curry base. Good flavor, not too hot. No funny aftertaste. with coconut milk for lovely sauce. Makes a great vegan curry with rice, peas, cauliflower and raisins.

  260. Steve C.

    There were so many options for pastes i had to get a few. everyone was great. high quality and very flavorful. organic all natural ingredients make each flavor bold and unique. you have to try these.

  261. Sameerah S.

    I liked this cooking paste. I just added a little fresh cilantro and a tiny bit of salt and the flavor was perfect. This definitely makes for a quick meal and helps add variety to boring chicken and fish.

  262. Maria f.

    I love the paste use it in rice and on vegetable dishes. Great flavors. My family loved the flavor. Really gives a nice flavor. Will definitely buy again

  263. Jerica T.

    I’ve never used cooking pastes before, but this was really easy. Such a convenient way to get great flavor and cook healthy meals that would normally be too labor and ingredient intensive.

  264. Kate T.

    Loved cooking with it, used it in my chicken recipe and it turned out very good and I think also a fair value for this amount, can recommend!!

  265. Kim M.

    This was my first time trying this type of product. I tried the yellow curry paste and found the product to have wonderful depth of flavor! I love that the paste is organic, vegan, and non-GMO. My first time using it was with some simple roasted potatoes and my family loved it. I’m excited to try some more adventurous dishes with this great natural product! #trynatural

  266. Mary D.

    I tried the yellow curry paste and loved it! I added to chicken and vegetables and topped basmati rice with the mixture. The flavor is stronger than you might think, and you don’t need to use a lot, so the paste will easily stretch across several meals. Great deal, and I definitely plan to try some of the other flavors.

  267. Jenifer S.

    I really liked this cooking paste, I did put it with some noodles and I also saved some to put in some hamburger for the grill. Both turned out GREAT. Very easy to use and is a wonderful taste to add to most any food. I had rolled it in to the hamburger before making patties for the grill and it was so good! I really want to try all the varieties and I will be using them often. I will certain buy this product

  268. Ellen G.

    I’ve tried other flavor paste similar before and this was good. I will definitely buy again. I recommend more people try it. I don’t see yellow curry paste anymore so it’s nice to try it again.

  269. Zoe B.

    I tried the yellow curry option and I thought that it was really good. I added it to a rice dish and the paste was super flavorful, only needed a little bit.

  270. Brittany Z.

    I loved the yellow curry paste! I made a chicken and rice dish with it. I thought that it had a great yellow curry flavor. I can’t wait to make it again.

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