Loaded Quesadillas with an Asian Kick

Loaded Quesadillas with an Asian Kick

Can you handle the heat? Replace jalapenos and hot sauce with this Asian inspired dip.

Ingredients (Quesadillas):
(Serves 1-2 pax)
Soft tortillas
Red onion and or red cabbage
Vegan cheese
Scallions or green onions for garnish

Ingredients (Dip):
2 tsps Mekhala Organic Sichuan Mala Chilli Paste
½ cup Tomato sauce
¼ cup vegan yogurt or vegan mayo
Salt to taste


  1. Fill half of each tortilla with ingredients, fold over and pan fry covered on a skillet with no oil until underside is golden and crisp. 
  2. Flip over and cook uncovered for another 2-3 minutes.
  3. Blitz dip ingredients together.
  4. Drizzle dip over quesadillas and serve!

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