Basil Garlic Gyoza

Mekhala’s twist on a Japanese snack that originally hailed from China! Gyoza is such a delicious and healthy snack, and not as easy to make as one might think. Flavoured with Mekhala Thai Basil Garlic Paste, these are ideal for a light meal, as a starter, for entertaining and even kids will love them! Extras can be frozen for another day!

(Serves 2-3 people)
700gm Pork Mince*
1 Cup Frozen Peas
5 Button Mushrooms
2-3 Mekhala Thai Basil Garlic Paste
Gyoza/Dumpling Wrappers
1.5 Tblspn Oil For Each Batch of Gyoza
¼ Cup Water for Each Batch of Gyoza

1. Dice mushrooms.
2. Mix pork, peas, mushroom and Mekhala Thai Basil Garlic Paste in a large bowl.
3. Add 1 tblspn of mixture to the middle of one wrapper.
4. Wet edges of wrapper, bring two sides together, then pleat and fold.
5. Heat oil in a pan. Place gyoza one at a time on one side onto pan and fry till golden brown.
6. Add water to pan and cover. When water is evaporated, remove lid and serve on its own or with soy and vinegar.

*For vegan/vegetarian version, substitute with hard tofu, or use a combination of mushrooms.


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