Warm Salmon Salad

A hearty, lip-smackingly delicious salad for the perfect weekend lunch!

(Serves 2)
2x220gm salmon fillet
125gm fine beans
6 stems of asparagus
6 brown mushrooms
1/2 Japanese or Lebanese cucumber, seeds removed, cut into small crescents
1 tsp toasted sesame seeds
1 handful roasted peanuts
3-4 Tbsp Mekhala Organic Shallot Kaffir Lime Dressing
1 fresh lime cut into quarters
Spring onion, sliced into 2cm pieces


  1. Coat mushrooms, beans, and asparagus in olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Fry on a griddle or fry pan and set aside.
  2. Pat dry and season salmon with salt and pepper. Fry skin side down in griddle or fry pan until fish is 2/3 cooked. Turn over and continue cooking till cooked through.
  3. Arrange vegetables, cucumber in a platter. Tear fish into large pieces and arrange over vegetables.
  4. Drizzle Mekhala Organic Shallot Kaffir Lime Dressing. Scatter sesame seeds, peanuts, spring onions, coriander, and sliced chilies, with lime wedges.

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