Plant-Based Starter Packs

Introducing Mekhala's Plant-Based Starter Packs!

Introducing Mekhala's Plant-Based Starter Packs

Introducing Mekhala's Plant-Based Starter Packs


Mekhala plant-based starter packs healthy meals in 4 easy steps

What's in the box?

Our plant-based starter packs contain:

  • a sachet of Textured Pea Protein Meatless Mince (we’ve lovingly named them “crumbles”), and
  • a sachet of Mekhala’s Organic Asian Sauce. 


By combining these with veggies of your choice you can prepare a healthy meal for 2-4 in just 15 min.


Unlike other products which mix dried seasoning into the plant protein, Mekhala’s sauce comes separately, so you can add your favorite ingredients and flavor the entire dish with our well-loved, clean and delicious, Asian-inspired sauces.


So easy, the planet will love you!

4 Easy Steps To Healthy Delicious

What is Textured Pea Protein?

Textured Pea Protein is made from just two ingredients –

  1. Water, and
  2. Pea Protein Isolate


🌱 Yellow peas are de-shelled and milled into a flour, then filtered and distilled into a pea protein powder, a.k.a. pea protein isolate.


🌱 Pea protein powder is added to water then extruded with pressure and puffed with heat to make textured pea protein. 


Our starter packs combine a sachet of non-GMO textured pea protein, with a flavor-packed organic and vegan Mekhala sauce for a meal that both your family and our planet will love!

High Protein

Our non-GMO "meatless crumbles" (pea-based, solvent-free textured protein) replaces 8oz of meat and is a great pantry staple for a quick, high-protein vegan meal.

Ready in 15 minutes

With just 4 simple steps you can create a healthy, plant-based Asian-inspired meal in no time.

Certified Organic Sauce

Each starter pack contains one of Mekhala's delicious and USDA certified organic sauce sachets to take your taste buds on a Asian flavor adventure!


Enjoy a gluten-free meal by combining our pea-based meatless crumbles, Mekhala's gluten-free sauce and your favorite veggies or carbs into the mix!

Versatile & Delicious

Whip up Teriyaki, Kung Pao or Pad Thai or challenge your creativity in the kitchen with our starter packs that offer countless recipe combinations!


Tangy, slightly sweet and bursting with flavor, our Thai Tamarind starter pack will surely impress. Make a protein-rich and low sugar version of Thailand’s national dish (the Pad Thai), or create your own recipe by combining your favorite ingredients!


Add noodles, vegetables, and any other ingredient of your choice, plus Mekhala’s organic Pad Thai sauce and enjoy a satisfying dish in no time.

A healthier, organic version of a classic Japanese sauce (Teriyaki) elevates our plant-based meatless crumbles to make wholesome, delicious meals. All in the comfort of your kitchen.


This starter pack is incredibly versatile and flavorful! Let your imagination fly by adding vegetables and other ingredients of your choice to create a 15 min masterpiece.

Enjoy a uniquely Chinese experience with the spice and tang of Sichuan Kung Pao sauce combined with our healthy & plant protein-rich meatless crumbles.

A robust taste that will make your tastebuds smile, this Sichuan Kung pao starter pack works well with your favorite root vegetables and any type of protein.

Versatile & Delicious

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