Stock Up on These 7 Organic Asian Cooking Pastes from Mekhala Living!

You can’t talk about Asian food without bringing up cooking pastes. These spicy, aromatic, and downright delicious blends, made from several fresh and dried ingredients ground together, lend authentic Asian dishes their distinctive flavor- whether it’s noodles, curries, or anything in between.

But here’s the catch, creating a paste from scratch is harder than you’d think. For starters, you might not find all the ingredients you’ll need at your local Asian grocery store. Plus, the grinding takes a ton of time- something you probably don’t have to spare on a busy weekday.

Does that mean you can’t whip up mouth-watering Asian foods at home? Absolutely not. That’s where Mekhala Living enters the scene!

7 Must-Have Asian Cooking Pastes from Mekhala Living

In the mood for some Thai Red Curry? How about a spicy sambal dip for your nachos? Mekhala has it all! Let’s introduce you to seven of our authentic, organic, Asian cooking pastes that can elevate your cooking experience like nothing else.

1. Roasted Chili Sambal

If spicy is your thing and you haven’t tried sambal before, get ready to have your mind blown. This Indonesian chili paste has an extensive history in southeast Asia- and a serious fan base in the US.

Basic sambal is made from red chili peppers, vinegar, and salt. The texture is slightly chunkier than Sriracha, which gives it a bright, peppery flavor. Some variations also have shrimp paste, anchovies, and garlic as enhancers.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy sambal. You could use it as a condiment, spoon some onto your noodles, or mix it with mayonnaise to create a lip-smacking dip. Take your pick!
Looking to transition your way into sambal? Try Mekhala’s vegan, organic sambal chili paste with mild heat. You’re going to keep coming back for more!

2. Thai Red and Green Curry Paste

Both red and green curries are staples in Thai cuisine- with just one significant difference. While red curry uses dry red chilies as a base for its paste, green curry requires green chilies. Also, red curry is typically hotter than green curry, although the spice content might vary based on who’s cooking.

Mekhala’s best-selling and incredibly flavorful Thai red/green curry pastes sure pack a punch. Not only do they go perfectly well with vegetables, tofu, and fruit (yes, you read that right), but they also double as a savory marinade. What’s more, the spicy curry paste is entirely vegan, non-GMO, and sugar-free, making it a perfect fit for multiple diets.

3. Korean Chili Paste

Remember the tubs of Korean pastes you saw at your local Asian grocer? Chances are they’re probably ssamjang, doenjang, or gochujang. And no, they’re not the same.

Gochujang is a pepper-based Korean paste with just the right level of spiciness- not too mild, not too overwhelming. It’s used in marinades, dips, soups, rice- basically everything you can think of.

Ssamjang (literally, wrap paste) is the ultimate bomb. It’s a heady mix of gochujang, doenjang, garlic, sesame, and other lovely ingredients that make it a perfect dip for your classic lettuce wraps. You could also use it as a dipping sauce for meat and vegetables.

Getting your hands on authentic ssamjang or gochujang could be difficult, so why not try Mekhala’s organic Korean chili paste? This punchy blend contains rich fermented beans and chilies, adds a kick to your stir fries, and makes for the perfect condiment! Order yours today.

4. Tom Yum Paste

When we say Tom ‘Yum’ soup is deserving of its name, we mean it. Few things are as comforting as a delicious bowl of this hot, sour, and spicy extravaganza on a cold winter afternoon. The flavoring used for the soup- the tom yum paste– contains several iconic Thai herbs and spices that create its unique umami taste.

That said, authentic tom yum paste contains shrimp paste and dried shrimp. In case you don’t lean that way, bring home Mekhala’s 100% vegan (also suitable for those with Seafood Allergies) and organic Tom Yum paste. With no gluten, refined sugar (we use coconut sugar) , artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, our cooking pastes are as healthy as they get.

5. Miso Ginger Paste

Miso, or fermented soybean paste, contains soybeans, grains, and koji culture. Although there are multiple types of miso out there, you can broadly categorize them based on colors- red, yellow, and white.

Each miso type varies in terms of taste, aroma, texture, and saltiness. And if you’re wondering how to use it, you can:

    • Stir it into your soups
    • Whisk it into a salad dressing
    • Make it a mustard
    • Add it to softened butter
    • Stir it into your pasta
    • Rub it on your turkey
    • Add it to ice cream

Mekhala’s miso ginger paste is a twist on the Japanese shogayaki and is made from gluten-free miso paste and fresh ginger. Also, it’s USDA and EU-certified organic and tastes like a dream. Get yourself a jar to know what we’re talking about!

6. Sichuan Mala Chili Paste

Blended with dried chilies, spices, and tongue-numbing peppercorns, this fiery sauce hails from China’s southwestern region of Sichuan. It’s at the root of several popular Chinese recipes, including the malatang hot pot and its stir-fried version, mala Xiang Gao.

If you’re looking for a healthier, MSG-free version of this delectable Chinese cooking paste, Mekhala’s got you covered. Our vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic Sichuan mala chili paste can help you add that zing to your vegetables, proteins, noodles, and soups!

7. Lemongrass Turmeric Paste

Southeast Asian cooking wouldn’t be complete without lemongrass and turmeric– ingredients well-loved for their flavors and medicinal properties. It’s also perfect for people with a lower spice tolerance than usual- because it gives you all the taste and none of the sweats.

Cook up a Vietnamese street food spread with this aromatic lemongrass turmeric paste from Mekhala Living! Use it as a marinade, in stir-fries, or as a curry base- the possibilities are endless!

The Bottom Line

No matter what kind of flavor profile you’re looking for, there’s an Asian cooking paste that fits the bill. Keep these seven organic pastes from Mekhala’s extensive range in your pantry to spruce up those busy weekday dinners just a tad bit more. Happy cooking!

Mekhala’s products are certified organic by US and Canadian standards. Plus, we’re committed to using clean and natural ingredients that are good for you and the planet. If you want to see what else we have up our sleeves, browse our inventory or use our store locator to find a retailer near you today!

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