Schools of Hope – Empowering Women and Youths

I wake most days excited and grateful for this job that I do. Yes, we are not curing cancer or eradicating poverty, but we are creating healthier, happier and more delicious lives every day. What’s not to love? Add to that our new internship programme with the Schools Of Hope.



The description on the website says : “Founded by Mekhala co-founder, Jang, and her husband, the Schools of Hope is a charitable school for Shan children and is situated 1km from Mekhala’s facility in Chiang Mai. In 2019, Mekhala started an internship programme with students, teaching them real life skills like production, logistics and marketing, with the aim of providing them with a portfolio of experience for their future.”


The idea of this programme came to me when I met the kids at the school last summer. Here are some bright, go-getting kids who unfortunately are either orphaned, or have had to live away from their family for an education and hopefully, a chance at a better life. As a mother of two little boys, I felt strongly that these incredible kids too deserved opportunities. here Empowerment is part of Mekhala’s ethos, and now we hope to empower women and youths. After all, who are we but luckier people?


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