Organic Tom Yum Paste



Enjoy a wholesome version of Thailand’s most famous soup! Our version of this popular Thai dish is made from fresh herbs and has all the “yum” without any yucky artificial flavors or colors. Make a broth, use to flavor pasta, fried rice, or noodles, or use as a tangy, punchy marinade.


  • USDA & EU Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • No refined sugar
  • Oil-Free

USDA Organic
EU Organic


Enjoy a wholesome version of Thailand’s most famous soup! Our version of this popular Thai dish is made from fresh herbs and has all the “yum” without any yucky artificial flavors or colors. Make a broth, use to flavor pasta, fried rice, or noodles, or use as a tangy, punchy marinade.

*USDA and EU certified organic


*No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors

*No refined sugar



Lime Juice*, Shallots*, Gluten-Free Soy Sauce* (Brown Rice*, Soybeans*, Salt, Water), Lemongrass*, Galangal*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Coconut Sugar*, Red Chilli*, Kaffir Lime Leaves*, Dried Red Chilli* *Organic ingredients
Mild spice

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235 reviews for Organic Tom Yum Paste

  1. Wave91

    Delicious Tom Yum Paste
    I have tried this product, along with the Lemongrass Turmeric and the Thai Basil Garlic paste. This Tom Yum is my favorite of the three. It is absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it. It tastes very fresh! Buy it! I want to continue to purchase this product. Thank you.

  2. Timmy T

    Reasonable price for organic and taste just as good as non pry

  3. KrHe

    Very flavorful with a delicate essence. So good;)

  4. K F.

    “Grateful to have tried Mekhala’s cooking pastes
    I chose Tom Yum
    It was incredibly flavorful
    It is a SMALL container – 3.53 ounces
    They had about 5 flavors to choose from
    I wanted to pick them all!
    Really good stuff and NO OIL! = ) “

  5. Sylvy P.

    “Full of flavor and spice!
    I love that is organic.
    I ve tried several red curries but never a Tom Yum paste. Quite different.
    I used it in a delicious soup so far‚ and more recipes to explore.”

  6. Helga I.

    Just made my tom yum shrimp & chicken dish with Mekhala’s Tom Yum paste and it was a perfection! Everyone loved it and was so interested to try Mekhala. Will try making the tom yum soup with it tomorrow!

  7. Lykke L.

    “As a fan of Thai food, I started looking for recipes to cook my favorite dishes. The recipes for Tom Yum require a specific list of ingredients
    that are difficult to source. I discovered the Mekhala product at Whole Foods and gave it a try. Add this to your homemade chicken stock
    and the process becomes effortless, but the taste is authentic, delicious Tom Yum. I love the organic curry as well. My curry rice has never
    tasted so good. I will be buying more of these products as they have simple, high-quality ingredients.”

  8. Michele Y.

    So hard to decide which curry paste to try. I went with the yellow curry paste and it was absolutely amazing!! Perfect blend of spices. Made it with chicken thighs, sweet potato, onions, mushrooms, and coconut milk and some fresh kaffir lime leaves from my herb garden . Rich and creamy. My husband had 3 helpings! 🤣

  9. Justine S.

    added a nice taste to my food. I like Asian food but do not know where to start so it was nice having these seasonsings so I can begin to explore

  10. Jordan P.

    I lived for making restaurant quality asian soups at home- it was so impressive! I loved being able to customize the dish but know I’m getting the savory flavor from these cooking pastes! They are so easy to work with and are pretty much fool-proof!!

  11. Marilyn W.

    Mekhala Organic cooking past is tasty and easy to use to add a vegan flavor to any dish. It is expansive for the amount you get. It also comes in a variety of excellent flavors.

  12. Courtney S.

    when you think jar pasta, right away you think of what is added in or how bland the flavor is. You wont have any issues with these! Yummy and very flavorful

  13. Courtney S.

    These paste were a great way to try a flavor offering from other cultures. I was pleasantly surprise by how tasty it was and how easy it was to add onto our favorite protein options.

  14. Holly A.

    Mekhala Organic Cooking Pastes are assertively spiced and ideal for entrees, soups, salads, and topping snacks. No heavy oils or sugars means more wholesome flavors.

  15. Evelina L.

    I really liked the original, very authentic taste. I tried it with rice and chicken, it was tasty. Highly recommend if you like Thai cuisine

  16. Darcy R.

    The Yum Yum sauce tasted like an authentic Vietnamese dish! It had the rich flavor and refreshing lemongrass taste. I can’t wait to use it as a marinade.

  17. Stephanie G.

    I tried the Tom Yum paste. I used it to make soup and it was amazing. It is a great base for broth adding so much yummy flavor. The whole family loved it. I would definitely recommend!

  18. Allison C.

    I love the fact that I can use this paste and more easily whip up a quick meal! I used the Tom Yum paste and it was super flavorful and my chicken turned out great Would definitely buy again!

  19. Christina T.

    This is a delicious soup base! The ingredients are clean and the quality is good. Tastes like Tom Yum that we order at Thai restaurants. The paste is quite concentrated so it’s very spicy. We followed the directions on the back of the jar for a basic Tom Yum soup and then diluted the soup by a cup more of water and it was still plenty spicy and flavorful. I will purchase this product again. So glad to have tried it.

  20. Zoriana Z.

    I recommend this product to all my friends! The dinner was delicious! All my guests asked me what is the spice I cooked! Now I have a recipe for this spice, and my family are waiting next holiday.

  21. Kayla S.

    I would absolutely LOVE to use all of these flavors. These are amazing flavors and great to cook with. Easy to find, nice price point, and really find it delicious.

  22. Jess K.

    Got to try this product for free, and really liked that this organic cooking paste used handpicked organic, all natural and vegan friendly ingredients

  23. MICHAEL M.

    I love these products. They are very very high quality although a bit pricey. They will amp up anything you put them in. I am going to try all of them, so should you 🙂

  24. Amy L.

    This little jar packs a huge punch of taste. I like the strong bold flavor of Tom Yum paste. The texture is smooth and blends well into soup bases, sauces, etc.

  25. greg p.

    This paste adds new great flavor to my otherwise bland soup l am use to. Great to spice up and make am more professional taste. Will be experimenting with other dishes I make

  26. Jennifer O.

    Glad to find an alternative to the usual cooking paste brands that you usually see in stores. The flavors really pop in these and I love that they are organic as well. Instead of 2 or three flavors, there are five to chose from (at least in my store) so it really inspires my cooking!

  27. Ady G.

    Tom yum is so tasty that it is like the real one! I dont have go order an expensive dish because I can just make the same thing at home, simpler!

  28. Bobbi J.

    We pretty much followed Mekhala’s recipe for salmon marinated with the Tom Yum paste, and it turned out really well! It’s extremely easy to prepare and really adds a lot of flavor. We’re usually pretty boring with our salmon dishes, so this was a nice way to kick things up a notch without much prep time.

  29. Molly B.

    I love these. Organic and such fun flavors. I always like to find no oil, vegan pastes so I can make my own food at home. I just wish there were no salt options.

  30. Jonathan L.

    I tried the Mekhala Organic Cooking Paste in the Tom Yum flavor, and it is delicious! I mainly use it to flavor Asian-style soups and broths I make, and it is awesome. It tastes so good and works with so many different meats and vegetable combinations. I definitely want to try the curry’s and the Lemongrass flavor next.

  31. Helen R.

    I used it for marinades, stir fries , and soup. It add a rich flavor to your food. It is made with organic ingredients. I highly suggest this product to anyone and will again

  32. Kelly T.

    We used this paste to add flavor to our soup. It was delicious. It made the plain soup much more tasty. It added more spice than I was expecting.

  33. Lou E.

    I really liked this product. Very good taste and consistency. I like all the different flavors. I made a dish with chicken and it really made the flavor pop.

  34. Kathryn K.

    I sampled the Organic Tom Yum Paste by Mekhala. I made Tom Yum Marinated Salmon following a recipe on the Mekhala website. It was super easy to prepare and the dish tasted phenomenal! I was so pleased to taste how authentic the dish was – my family couldn’t tell the difference between this home-prepared meal and takeout. A little product goes a long way with bold flavor. I love that this is a healthy, Organic, plant-based, cost-effective, authentic, and clean cooking paste. I will definitely be stocking my shelves with every other variety available at my local Whole Foods.

  35. victoire z.

    The sauce is very tasty. I like Asian food very much and with this sauce I could easily make good dishes at home. Good to know it’s organic and vegan.

  36. Mary Jo B.

    This review is for Tom Yum, but other choices from this brand are good too. Simmer a couple teaspoons in broth for great taste, healthy ingredients, and oh wow! fragrant aroma. Also useful for rice dishes, dressing and marinade.

  37. Todd S.

    I am always looking for new sauces and pastes that I can use in place of some of our traditional recipes. We recently tried Mekhala organic Tom Yum paste in place of some of the usual things we add in stir fry with chicken and vegetables. Had a really nice flavor and paired well with our vegetable choices.

  38. monika k.

    what a wonderful world where we have all this diverse food in usa.
    so glad to have to be able to tru this with chicken and fish at home with easy rice

  39. Beth M.

    I don’t usually bother cooking with many spices or sauces, but this Tom Yum paste was a quick way to add a nice flavor and turn a simple side dish into a savory complement. I followed the carrots recipe on the Mekhala website, and it turned out great. I appreciate that the pastes have spice ratings on the jar labels.

  40. Opal H.

    Tom yum was on point with flavors and delivery of a classic Thai flavor. I love that the paste is organic and vegan friendly. I love this company and am so glad I got the chance to try this so that I can try all of the flavors!

  41. Blanche B.

    It was nice to have a choice of sauces like these. They are convenient and tasty options and offer something a bit different than the usual fare. It made a nice soup base.

  42. Philinda B.

    Sorry for the headline, but it was nice to have a base to make a tom yum soup or noodles in soup dish. It was convenient and nice to know that there is a brand without undeclared fish sauce or shrimp paste.

  43. Anna W.

    I got Organic Tom Yum Paste by Mekhala at Whole Foods Market. Instead of making Tom Yum soup, I used the paste to marinate the chicken breasts. After a couple of hours, I cooked them in the oven, and the chicken dish was very flavorful.

  44. Winnie Y.

    Tried the Tom Yum flavor with my vegetables (just put a dab on top of boiled vegetables) which gave it a tasty flavor even though it wasn’t a stir fry.

  45. Kenda P.

    I tried the Tom Yum variety, and the flavor in this was incredible. I really enjoyed the intensity of the galangal and the brightness from the kaffir lime. It wasn’t too salty, and was surprisingly fresh tasting for a shelf stable jarred product. It’s a little more expensive than the brands I’ve tried before, but I would buy it again.

  46. Theja B.

    These cooking pastes are a game changer. So easy to make stir fry or fried rice or add flavor to a meal overall. Easy for weeknight dinners. I tried the tom yum flavor and my toddler liked the flavor too!

  47. Wing K.

    So I got the Tom Yum paste and I made some soup. I didn’t have high expectations, but it was surprisingly decent. Not as sour as the real thing, it still tasty.

  48. Cecelia J.

    I really did not know what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed this product. Makes me think of meal planning in a different way and it is no longer drudgery

  49. Tiffany M.

    This sauce is really tasty and easy to add to different dishes and foods. It goes really well on different foods and has a nice spice to it.

  50. Erika T.

    I tried the Tom Yum version of this and it was great. I added a few tablespoons to my ramen broth and it was incredibly flavorful and fresh tasting. Two thumbs up for me.

  51. deb f.

    We found the Mekhala cooking paste very tasty, easy to use, right out of the jar, enjoyed it on pasta, but could be used as stir fry as well Liked that it was organic and all natural.

  52. Julie E.

    I’ve made some amazingly delicious Tom Yum soup with the Mekhala paste. It turned out to taste like the dish in a restaurant. I also like that they are organic and vegan.

  53. tingxiu c.

    This cooking paste is so tasty and it balances the dishes perfectly. So far I tried to use the paste with meat, fish and veggies dishes, it amazingly works for all of them.

  54. Tiffany G.

    Organic cooking pastes by Mekhala are great to add in a cooking recipe or to try on top of veggies or protein. They have some interesting flavors.

  55. Megan G.

    I made Tom yum soup with the paste. It was delicious and flavorful. This would have been too hard for me to make the base on its own. The tom yum paste will definitely be purchased again!

  56. Danielle S.

    This paste really packs a punch for the small amount that you add to the recipe. I really enjoyed the tom yum and basil pastes in particular. They amplified my asian stifry dish and were not overly spicy either. I have trouble recreating thai dishes, but with this paste I was able to come pretty close to restaurant quality i crave.

  57. Jaishree S.

    I made vegan Thai curry this evening with the Tom Yum curry paste. It was wonderful! I have a sensitive palate and can’t tolerate much spice. This paste had a great flavor that tasted balanced with coconut cream and my other seasonings. I really enjoyed this Thai curry! It honestly tasted restaurant worthy. I might tweak a few things next time with the tofu but the paste was so easy to use. I used the whole thing for this dish, which worked out for me.

  58. Tiara G.

    As an Asian born I know exactly the taste of Asian dishes. It take a lot of ingredients to make one dish and this product has helped to save my time. The result for my food is fabulous, it taste delicious and it reminded me with my home country. The only thing I don’t like is it cames in a small jar, I need more than this lol.

  59. Yuri U.

    I tried making a vegan Tom yum soup that was written on the bottle. It was delicious! The spiciness was just right and I think it was very authentic. Would definitely buy again.

  60. Chippetria A.

    I was able to try the tom yum paste and I’m glad I did. I mixed it with crunchy peanut butter and coconut milk to make a nice thai sauce with some chicken and farro. I didn’t even know that there was a company that makes things like this and it’s a real time saver and it has nice ingredients already in it.

  61. Trang P.

    These cooking pastes are a lifesaver! It’s great that they’re organic and vegan-friendly! A lot of seasonings they sell in the store I don’t know if they’re safe but I can turn to them now.

  62. Cynthia H.

    Most “healthy” products usually aren’t (e.g., no cholesterol but high in refined sugar, or low sodium but contain seed oils), whereas this product truly is healthy as far as I can tell. The flavor was good. Next time, I’d liven it up with some fresh spices in addition to the paste, but as a 5-minute broth maker, it’s good as-is.

  63. Amber G.

    at first i was intimidated by the flavor selection, these are not typical flavors in my household. however, i decided to take a chance and try the tom yum paste. it had the closest flavor profile to things that my family and i enjoy. i didn’t really know what to make with it, so i looked at recipes on the website to get inspiration. i saw a lot of recipes with soups, so i added some to a chicken based soup. it was a new flavor, and was jarring at first, but i eventually came to enjoy it! i think these jars will last a long time, and i am looking forward to try other flavors like korean chilli and ginger scallion. i think these pastes will be very good with vegetables, and i am wanting to try that next.

  64. Phuong N.

    The flavor is great and easy solution for non expert cook like me. Highly recommended for everyone taste really nice. Maybe add a little more chilly for spicy flavor

  65. Layla L.

    I’ve seen this brand at my local Whole Foods but I’ve never tried it so I was really happy that I got to try the tom yum paste. It was so easy to use, perfect amount of spice!

  66. Jen J.

    Really enjoying the Tom Yum paste with salmon dishes! Very tasty, great value, and fresh flavor. Love that the product is organic and sustainably-made!

  67. Beth P.

    Such an easy and delightful soup base. Just add some shrimp, mushrooms and a squeeze of lime and dinner is done. We also like to add a side of rice for a filling meal

  68. Tiffany C.

    The Tom Yum paste is SO GOOD! I added it to my soup that I was cooking and it instantly added a spark to the taste and overall dish. I would love to dry the Green Curry paste next.

  69. ASHLEY H.

    This sauce surprised me with how much flavor it has! It was sweet but a little spicy. It wasn’t too much spice to where my mouth was on fire, but a sweet and tangy heat that made dinner soo much better!

  70. Jenna Q.

    A spoonful is enough to give a kick to the soup I made. Highly recommended! Looking forward to trying the Red Curry and Lemongrass turmeric as well.

  71. Saad S.

    This cooking paste is so easy to use. I love that you can make complex flavorful dishes with this simple paste. The recipe options are great too!

  72. Reana Marriz F.

    We love Tom Yum at home so we do cook it once in awhile and this has been a good replacement from what we are currently using. The paste is really good savoury and tasty it gives out the umami taste and the good Tom Yum flavor.

  73. tracy l.

    I really loved the flavor bomb this provided and it’s a bonus that it’s organic ingredients. The Tom yum is a great soup base that even my kids appreciated.

  74. Elizabeth Z.

    This paste is amazing. A little goes a long way to add flavor. I bought the Tom flavor.. I will definately be buying this again at the store if i see it.

  75. Shanta D.

    I added my paste to shrimp and broccoli sautée so delicious a tart and spicy flavor. Not much is needed in that the flavor goes a long way. I will purchase this again in the near future.

  76. Nixi D.

    Amazing pastes.
    The Yom Yum paste was absolutely fabulous and I will surely be buying it again.
    Thank you very much for these great pastes!!!

  77. Wanda T.

    Tried the Mekhala cooking paste and thought it was very tasty. It is a great adding ingredient for a flavorful stir fry. I can’t wait to try another flavor.

  78. Leela O.

    I tried the Tom Yum paste and I like how such a small jar contains so much flavor. I really enjoyed the savory taste of this organic cooking paste. I added a small amount to my bowl of ramen, and I liked how flavorful it made my noodles and how excited I was to eat it. I’ll definitely try the other flavors.

  79. hao c.

    Great product. Variable uses. Wish it came in a larger size. Definitely would recommend! Add this to your home made chicken stock and the process becomes effortless, but the taste is authentic, delicious Tom Yum.

  80. Cherry B.

    I’m a huge user of spices, so I was very excited to try the pastes! The texture is meltaway, the flavor is fresh and spectacular! I was super impressed by the ease, I’m used to bullion and freeze dried herbs. Paste is the new face of delicious cooking! A must try for the beginning cook or a seasoned chef!!

  81. Angie H.

    Excellent Tom Yum Paste. I added two teaspoon of this paste to the veggie broth along with broccoli and mushrooms. The soup turned out so tasty, flavorful and yummy. I went to the store to pick up red curry paste as well.

  82. Miriam G.

    Mekhala’s organic cooking pastes are vegan / 100% plant-based and pair well with vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, tempeh, beef, chicken, pork, fish or seafood.

  83. Christina C.

    We followed the recipe from the tag on the product and loved it! It paired so well with sweet potatoes and cauliflower. The level of spice was just right for my family’s preferences.

  84. Sylvia Y.

    these were really easy to find in Whole Foods. The jars were smaller than expected but they have a lot of flavor so it’s actual the right amount to make a meal. the flavors were authentic and made my meals much more flavorful and delicious without spending a lot of time in the kitchen

  85. melissa m.

    This organic cooking paste from Mekhala are absolutely delicious and fantastic. They are easy to use with my stir fry vegetables. I just mix it in and it makes my veggies come alive.
    I love the Asian flavor combinations.

  86. Seyma S.

    I picked up the Tom Yum paste which is perfect for soup base or even as a flavor for thai inspired dishes. It has all the ingredients and flavors of the Thai Tom Yum Paste I pick up from my local Asian Market but I can pick it up in my local grocery. I used it with seafood broth I made with shrimp, baby squid, baby octopus and cilantro. It came out delicious!

  87. Liz T.

    It is great I have a natural organic cooking Pastes to add to your meals, so many variations. You Candy so much with it. Lots of flavors …..

  88. joanna e.

    So i got this after picking a recipe that i thought i would like. It was not the easiest to use and spread or cook with and does require more ingredients thati am not so familiar with. although the ingredients sound great and the idea behind it is really great being organic and empowering women and children the flavors and options were just a little too forward thinking for me.

  89. Amy R.

    I tried the Tom Yum paste. It is so flavorful and robust. It’s delicious. I’ve used it in soup and it’s also been yummy with chicken and vegetables. It’s such high quality and I love that the ingredients are simple and healthy. I’m definitely going to try some of the other flavors.

  90. Steph M.

    I tried the Tom Yum sauce mixed with vegan chicken broth as a base for simmering raw kale and pasta. I love the spiciness and vibrant depth of flavor. The paste is easy to use. I’m planning to cook this with various veggies and pasta dishes.

  91. Michael I.

    This stuff is awesome. Cleaner, whole foods ingredients compared to other brands. It tastes like real food! I made a lovely Thai style coconut vegetable dish with some of this sauce and absolutely loved it.

  92. Betsy K.

    I love sauces like this that help me create fun and flavorful dinners even on busy weeknights. The Tom Yum sauce is really delicious and makes it easy for me. The whole family really enjoyed it and I will be buying this one again. I can’t wait to try the other varieties of sauces.

  93. Shirley M.

    I love the Tom Yum Paste and love even more that they included a recipe on the jar’s label! It was delicious and this is now a regular staple in my kitchen pantry!

  94. Pilar R.

    Very tasty and filled with flavor i would have never thought such a small bottle can have so much flavor cant wait to try the turmeric i know it will go well with an Indian inspired meal i love this paste!

  95. Mary L.

    I felt like the tom yum past made me able to reach a new level in preparing Thai food. I am definitely a beginner with Thai cooking and I value these products.

  96. tom H.

    My family loved the great taste of the delicious organic tom Yum paste by Mekhala that is Handpicked organic, all-natural & vegan-friendly ingredients.

  97. Linda K.

    Take me back to Thailand. Taste just like Thailand curry when I traveled there, I love the Tom yum soup, sour seafood with a kick of spicyiness it just sooo good and heart warming.

  98. David S.

    I made my own Tum Yum soup. The paste was intuitive to use. It was simple to use, store, and dispense, It was not messy to use. The taste was authentic. I would like to try the other pastes and would recommend this one without hesitation.

  99. Deborah S.

    I love making all kind of soups and stews. I had never made a Tom Yum soup before so I was excited to try it. Boy, am I glad I did! It was sooooo good. If this one product is this good I can’t wait to try the rest!

  100. William Z.

    I got the tom yum paste and it really elevates the dish and makes it so delicious! I think that it has the perfect amount of spice and flavor and makes a great soup.

  101. Maddie L.

    I tried the Tom Yum paste and used it in one of the recipes that came with the bottle. I thought the paste made the soup process a lot more convenient and fast, and I enjoyed the taste as well. I will say that I’ve never actually had Tom Yum before, so I can’t speak to how authentic this paste tastes, but I still enjoyed it!

  102. Catherine T.

    This is an excellent soup flavoring where it’s a paste bouillon I almost used the entire contents of the tiny jar for one vat of soup. So yummy! I still have some left and mixed some in with sour cream to make a quick dip! Unique exotic flavors!

  103. Brenda V.

    This was a delicious addition to Tom Tum soup. Made making it easy. Always love a product that is gluten and soy free and also organic. Also like that is low calorie.

  104. Richard M.


  105. Rosanna M.

    I loved the Tom Yum curry paste and I made a Tom Yum noodle soup with zucchini and shrimp. It was so easy to just put a few teaspoons of this paste with broth to make an incredible tasting experience. I will try the other pastes like the Red/Green/Yellow curry pastes to make chicken curry. I was very satisfied with this product.

  106. Sharmila R.

    I loved the flavors in the Tom yum paste. It’s my favorite soup but I’ve never been able to truly mimic what you get in a restaurant. This paste did just that! So easy. Fresh, flavorful, just spicy enough. A little squeeze of lime and it was perfect.

  107. winter p.

    jar of cooking paste goooooodness
    handpicked organic, all-natural & vegan-friendly ingredients
    exciting asian flavor combinations
    sustainably made for mindful cooking

  108. Rebecca G.

    This cooking pastes is good, using it for cooking my food is very delicious, when I use this cooking paste my food has more flavor. Really like it. Good flavor enjoyed the convenience of ready to use. I would really like if it were more readily available at other stores that I frequent. The cost was a little higher than I would like.

  109. Debra C.

    Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala offers great choices for all cooks. Flavoring has taken on a new angle or option for people who like to bake and want organic ingredients.

  110. Anastasiia M.

    I really love asían food , and my favorite Tom Yum soup , and now I can cook easy and fast with this pasta , and taste amazing, snd very important to me its organic

  111. Ada H.

    The flavor I tried is Tom Yum Paste, it is very good, I like it very much! It is a little bit small though, maybe next time I would try other flavors, like green curry.

  112. David S.

    I had no real idea what this product really was and how to use it. I was pleasantly surprised as it is a flavor enhancer and quite good. I added it to soups (lots of different ones) and stews. Really added to the flavors.

  113. Katie H.

    I used these pastes to spice up my normal meal prep. I thought they were easy to use and versatile in what I could use them for. The taste and texture were great!

  114. Enna J.

    I tried the tom yum paste sauce and it was deliciously authentic in taste and texture. It took my dish and elevated to the next level. I would definitely recommend

  115. Tori B.

    Tom Yum is a mix of hot/sour flavors with fragrant spices and this sauces is a great way to obtain the flavor without taking time to make stock from scratch. I love Asian cuisine and make it at home often. There are days when you don’t feel like cooking and making a sauce. That is where this product shines. You get lots of flavor with minimal effort. Will buy again.

  116. Jess G.

    New Favorite way to enjoy shrimp! I made a soup with the past and threw in some raw shrimp and I have a super delicious super fast super easy dinner!

  117. Jess G.

    I found these curry paste’s to be super flavorful and fantastic to use for quick dinners and soups. They are completely blended so they don’t leave any fibers in whatever you cook it in

  118. Johanna S.

    I got the organic Tom yum paste and used it in a curry dish and also a soup, they both tastes fabulous. The paste dissolves great and added a lot of flavor to my dishes.

  119. Jen M.

    This paste was a new taste for me. I liked it and it was a nice to try something new. Since I had no idea what to make with this, I found a recipe on the Mekhala website. I’d recommend taking a look there for ideas.

  120. Hanna S.

    I got the tom yum paste and made the tom yum soup recipe from Mekhala ( With the addition of a bit of chili pepper and frozen veggies, it was such a delicious and tasty meal! SO easy to make, would purchase the tom yum paste again to make this soup

  121. Tanya O.

    I am glad I had the opportunity to try this sauce! I got the Tom Yum paste and wasn’t sure quite what to do with it so I used it to make the soup recipe on the bottle. Wow! It was so tasty! The tomato combined with the lime was so good.

  122. Jessica T.

    It was a very nice convenient paste to make cooking easier. I made it in a big pot to make it a soup with a nice lemon grass Asian flavor which was tasty

  123. Mengyuan L.

    I love Thai food and it’s always a hassle to collect all the ingredients and make the paste for my dish. this cooking paste makes everything easier. and tastes good!

  124. Natalia S.

    The Tom yum paste was delicious and had so much flavor. It seems like there are a few servings per container, so it’s a decent value for the price. I would repurchase and try the other options.

  125. toniann s.

    this is very good paste. lots of good spices and seasonings. I added it to skillets and soups. So much flavor. I had the tom yom paste. Definitely want to get the other varieties.

  126. Pamm P.

    My Tom Yum Paste is a whole lotta yum. I slathered it on my protein of choice before baking roasting or grilling. A little goes a long way. The small jar will last a while.
    Be adventurous and use it on anything. I tried it on my toast for a savory delight.

  127. Mike S.

    Nice flavor difference to the chicken, I look forward to trying other flavors. I like spicy and enjoyed the kick. I would like larger size bottle.

  128. Michael K.

    Talk about a little goes a long way. Truth is I over did it on first use. Over powered. But using just the right amount and it was tasty as can be. Still using and will buy again.

  129. Siqi C.

    A small bottle. But the TOM YUM flavor is good. I like to use it to cook soup with mushrooms and shrimp and tomatoes. A little spicy and sour.

  130. Patti B.

    This is a fabulous tasting sauce, that was very easy to cook with. I used it to make a soup as well as to marinate chicken. The flavor was wonderful!

  131. Juhi P.

    I was skeptic about a jarred curry paste after trying the stuff from the Asian supermarket, but the Tom Yum paste was full of great ingredients and also tasted amazing. Putting dinner on the table in under 30 minutes is so easy with these pastes.

  132. Gina B.

    These cooking pastes are full of flavor and take a meal from ordinary to wonderfully flavorful and delicious. I love that the pastes come with a little tag that gives you a quick and and easy meal option. There are so many great flavor profiles to choose from.

  133. Olga B.

    My family and I enjoyed a delicious Tom yum soup made using Mekhala paste. It was pretty good and I’d be glad to make it again soon. Recommend everybody!

  134. Rachel R.

    I love how Mekhala gets all of the details right. Organic? Check. Unrefined salt? Check (This is important because processed salt leeches calcium from bones). Authentic ingredients? Check. Delicious taste? Check!

    I hope that their thai basil garlic paste comes to stores near me soon as I would love to try that one as well! Ether way, I’m making the switch from Mae Ploy to Mekhala for my curry needs!

  135. Em N.

    I made thai curry with this and it was really good. I also love the different options this brand has. I want to try all of them and make different curry

  136. Debbie V.

    Mekhala organic Tom yum paste is absolutely 💯 delicious. So full if flavor it made my shrimp and pasta dish a hit. No leftovers for next day since everyone wanted seconds

  137. ys C.

    I got the Tom Yum one, and used it for a recipe on tom yum noodles. Really reminds me of what I used to have when I was in Asia. Great taste and ingredients!

  138. Pat K.

    It was nice to try some different flavor marinades that I don’t usually do. They were really easy to use which I appreciated. I would definitely like to try more in the future.

  139. Sam S.

    I have never tried to cook anything tom yum flavor at home but have enjoyed it over the years at restaurants. While a cooking paste does not make me a restaurant level chef it has great flavor thst was definitely enjoyed.

  140. Haley R.

    I made Tom Yum soup with this paste, using chicken broth, chicken, shiitake mushrooms, onion, and water chestnuts. It was delicious! It took a while to make but tasted near restaurant quality.

  141. Christine G.

    I was curious the level of impact this paste would have in a marinade for vegetables I wanted to use for a curry. You would be surprised how far this small jar can take you in quantity of meals and potency of flavor. I was impressed it even carried a citrus depth that did not taste artificial, but instead like I hand squeezed lime juice into this marinade.

  142. Carol W.

    I used the Tom Yum paste to make a super-easy and delicious seafood Tom Yum soup with a recipe from the Mekhala website. I would definitely buy/make this again.

  143. Alla K.

    I am really impressed with the clean all-natural organic ingredients. The sauce I tried tasted great. I wish the jars were bigger though, for those of us with bigger families.

  144. Thanh N.

    I tried the tom yum flavor thinking it would be the least spicy, lime is the first ingredient. It was still spicy, but edible. The sour flavor is there and my favorite part of the paste. It flavored the broth nicely and was just rightly seasoned. Not too salty or sour, maybe a bit spicy.

  145. Stacy C.

    Just what I was hoping for. The flavorful Tom Yum sauce is such a delicious combination of spices. I love the convenience of having something that tastes like it’s been home cooked for hours in a jar. The jar is small but the sauce is concentrated and only a few teaspoons is needed for soups. We also used this as a marinade on grilled ,it was so good. If your’re looking for a way to add different flavor profiles to your cooking these pastes are the way (easy way) to go.

  146. Skye M.

    I definitely picked a more difficult paste in choosing Tom Yum. I made a kind of stew with it which turned out alright, but I’m going to check out more recipes for better culinary results.
    The paste itself is amazing- very aromatic, packed with flavour- & the quantity in the instructions are pretty on point. Using less will give a dish weaker taste. I will make more recipes with the paste as I think I need to try out more dishes 2 truly give this paste a fair shake. I’ll be back!

  147. Ashley H.

    We love cooking Thai and other Asian dishes and these pastes make that even more simple. They’re also delicious and reasonably priced so a win all around.

  148. Kristina s.

    Mekhala cooking paste adds that extra zing to your dish! The Asian flavor gives your food a gourmet taste without all the fuss. You too can be a gourmet cook without all the fuss and a shelf full of ingredients. Great product, give it a try!

  149. Kayla W.

    My family and I tried the Tom Yum cooking paste. We marinated chicken and then pan fried. It added a delicious flavor to the chicken with wonderful spices. Very delicious and convenient/easy to use to spice up any meal!

  150. Tiffany O.

    There are a lot of great qualities to these organic cooking pastes from Mekhala because they have exciting Asian flavor combinations and are made from organic ingredients

  151. Anna Lisa D.

    I loved that it packs a ton of flavor with high quality, fresh tasting ingredients. Makes for quick and delicious soup without having to grab a ton of ingredients that I don’t typically all have on hand.

  152. toby v.

    Mekhala organic Cooking Pastes are great secret shortcut. I usually live to make everything from scratch but in a pinch this is just as good as homemade

  153. Srishti K.

    I love cooking East Asian food and often try to make the paste at home. But it is hard to achieve an authentic taste, especially with vegan recipes. This product solves the issue. The taste is yummy, authentic, and VEGAN! Love it!

  154. Pat S.

    I had never had Tom Yum soup before, so this was new to me. I followed the recipe, which was easy, and ended up with a delicious soup. It is different than other Asian spoups have had, and will definitely be having it in the future along with my other favorites.

  155. Ida Q.

    I’ve never cooked anything Tom yum-flavored before however I enjoy it quite a lot at restaurants. Cooking with this Tom yum paste allowed me to recreate those dishes at home! Love the authentic flavors.

  156. Tyler N.

    I got this too try not really having too much high hopes but it was presently suprising, the flavor was so strong which was exactly what I was looking for in a flavoring paste and the price is very reasonable for the premium product you’re getting.

  157. Jenna p.

    I loved this paste. I used it to make stir fry and the flavor was absolutely phenomenal. I love that it’s easy to use, healthy, low cal, and delicious!

  158. Joanne K.

    I have used this Mekhala organic Tom Yum paste to make tom yum soup and a tom yum chicken marinade. As always, follow a trusted recipe that you like. The paste contains no refined sugar, gluten, nuts, seafood items or MSG. The paste is not overly spicy. Be sure to refrigerate after opening.

  159. Vanessa L.

    Mekhala Tom Yum Paste has a predominantly lime flavor that I don’t usually like, but I feel like the flavor was perfect with the combination of spices. I like how simple and clean the ingredients are, I like having a product that can deliver on the flavor without needing to add unnecessary ingredients such as gums or fillers. #trynatural

  160. Lisa P.

    The Mekhala Organic Tom Yum Paste was flavorful, easy to use, with a nice full body of flavor. This product is shelf stable, and elevated my soup and pasta flavors.

  161. james b.

    This product has about 6 flavors to try and I will be trying all of them soon. I love hot spicy flavor and this is great. I can’t wait to try them all.

  162. Meghan M.

    I got the Tom Yum paste and prepped it using the recipe that came with the jar. It was delicious without having to do any modifications to the flavor (I did add a bunch of veggies though). I loved how low calorie it was since they don’t add any oil to the paste.

  163. CC H.

    I got the Mekhala Organic Tom Yum paste to try. I made some Tom Yum soup with shrimp & veggies. We all love it! It’s simple and easy to make as well. Will definitely buy it again.

  164. Laura S.

    My family tried the soup recipe on the back of the Tom Yum Paste and fell in love. What an easy and healthy meal. The flavor was amazing and we will definitely be purchasing in the future!

  165. Mary S.

    I was not sure about this product because having “paste” in the description did not seem great. It really does add delicious flavor though & the paste is easy to use.

  166. Jackie f.

    I put this in with a noodle dish and it gave it some much taste. I added shrimp. So good.
    It could be used a lot of different ways. I am excited to use in more dishes.

  167. Elizabeth H.

    I picked up the Tom Yum paste flavor, and I’m so glad I did. I was making some carnitas over the weekend, and I used some of the paste as part of the seasonings I cooked the pork with, since it has lime and other chili seasonings in it, and it was amazing! It added a great flavor to the pork and it was a hit at dinner. I will definitely be using this in as many dishes as I can. I made ramen with it, and it added flavor complexity I really loved! I definitely recommend picking up some if you ever come by it on the shelf and want to try something new.

  168. Raeann D.

    Great and flavorful cooking paste! It is low in calories and has no added sugars. This paste is vegan, USDA organic and gluten-free too. Recommended!

  169. Shane E.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Organic Cooking Pastesby Mekhala. I particularly like that it is Organic, Gluten Free and Vegan. The flavor is really good and pairs well with stir frys.

  170. Karrie B.

    I never thought about making Tom Yum soup at home and now it’s so easy it’s going to be in the regular meal rotation. I can’t wait to explore different ideas with the paste!

  171. Greg M.

    I love the Tom Yum Paste. It added some great flavor to the vegetable soup I made. I mixed it in with the vegetable broth and a variety of different fresh vegetables

  172. Ary L.

    The paste was super easy to use and really yummy. The recipe on the back of the bottle was super helpful and easy to follow as well. It was really nice that they included that

  173. Miranda S.

    I’ve never used a cooking paste before, so i wasnt sure what to expect and didn’t have very high hopes to like this as much as i did but was pleasantly surprised at the ease and phenomenal flavor punch this paste has. I used this in chicken and rice and used zero other seasonings(besides the broth it says to use) so that i could truly taste this and it was amazing. Prior to trying this i would have spent quite a bit of time chopping vegetables and adding spices to create a similar flavor and I’m really excited for the time saving aspect of using a cooking paste. One of those things i never knew i was missing out on!

  174. Pamela L.

    The Mekhala Organic Tom Yum Paste is very versatile. I like to make fried rice with it. It has a nice flavor and is a little spicy, and my family loves it.

  175. Pamela L.

    The Mekhala Organic Tom Yum Paste is very versatile. I like to make fried rice with it. It has a nice flavor and is a little spicy and my family loves it.

  176. Alissa B.

    I like the idea of having a Tom Yum paste, but it still did not taste better or even match my local Thai. That could be because of the organic and all natural ingredients which is fine because I know it is much healthier for my family. I really was curious about the Lemongrass Turmeric but could not find at my store.

  177. Kelly S.

    Great variety of flavors that you don’t find easily in the normal spice area. Very little goes a long way to make your meals pop with flavor. We love all of these and will now keep all of them on hand for cooking.

  178. Molly B.

    Taste is good organic vegan friendly ingredients, sustainably made for mindful cooking. Made for convenience of cooking instead of having to make it homemade

  179. Mo L.

    Sauce was lovely and tasty! It definitely beat simmering some sauce for hours and the organic is always great too! We’ll try some other flavors soon!

  180. Kim L.

    Much easier than making my own! Great to have on hand to create a quick tasty meal! Can’t wait to try the other flavors! Wish it was a larger jar

  181. Cassie T.

    I tried the Tom Yum paste. I’ve tried curry pastes from other brands in the past, but this was my first time trying a Tom Yum paste. I really liked how flavorful it was. It tasted great, and I appreciated that it was organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Looking forward to trying the other varieties!

  182. M B.

    I tried Organic Cooking Paste By Mekhala. We tried the Tom Yum Flavor and the product had a great taste! The product gave us a great recipe idea right in the jar!

  183. Julie S.

    We purchased the Tom Yum container to help reduce cooki g time when making soup. We loved the product! It tasted like I just cut up and blended the spices for the soup. I almost feel like it was fresher tasting than mine!

  184. Jenna M.

    The texture of the paste is perfect without being too gritty or too watery. It has a great taste without being overpowering, and adds a little bit of spice to anything you add it in to.

  185. J.C. D.

    This paste had a wonderful lime citrusy flavor with a bit of heat to it. I served with chicken and rice and it was so delicious and made a quick and nutritious meal. I will buy this again and serve for a quick healthful meal for my spouse and kids. I recommend!

  186. dominique j.

    I tried the Mekhala Organic Tom Yum Cooking Paste. I thought the paste was tasty and added a depth of flavor to my noodles. I like that the product is organic

  187. Rebekah T.

    I have been looking for an organic Thai-style cooking paste for AGES so I was so happy to try Mekhala cooking pastes. The flavor was bright and fresh– perfect to have on hand for a quick soup. I am very curious to see what other products this company will produce. I will be keeping my eye on Mekhala!

  188. Brandy G.

    This paste was delicious. First time using it and fell in love with it. Great for a new type of dinner, something different. Has great taste and the whole family asked for it again.

  189. Philip R.

    I’ve tried the Tom Yum so far and have been adding to many dishes and soups and the flavor is amazing. I can’t wait try the rest of the flavors so I can stop adding this to everything and work to try more flavor palettes throughout my dishes!

  190. Zola L.

    Can’t wait to try the Organic Tom Yum Paste! I have not been able to find it in store but I will try a couple more. I think it will add wonderful flavors to my Asian dishes.

  191. Jennifer R.

    So glad I was able to try this Organic cooking pasta seasoning :). Adds extra favoring to pasta’s! A new twist on pasta if you haven’t ever tried Mekhala products before go out and try them, they just add a whole new taste to any pasta’s or rice

  192. Suzanne S.

    I received a coupon to try Mekhala organic cooking paste. I decided to try the Tom Yum flavor. My family really enjoyed it. Will definitely buy again.

  193. Heather G.

    This was a delicious and flavorful curry paste! I used it in a vegetarian soup with mushrooms, sugar snap peas, carrots, red pepper, coconut milk, veggie broth, and a bit of onion and tomato. I also included cilantro, onion grass, and a few splashes of soy sauce (the veggie broth was low sodium).
    I wasn’t sure how flavorful the soup would be with the paste doing most of the heavy lifting for taste, but it was delicious! My husband, mother-in-law, and kids all loved it! I loved that it was vegetarian, as well as corn and shellfish free due to allergies in our group.
    I’ll definitely be buying this again!

  194. KIM B.

    I made a wonderful fast and easy soup using this base. I added a bag of Asian frozen vegetables, coconut milk and Butler chick’n strips, and Spinach Ramon noodles. The base was key to this soup and had us enjoying seconds. We could have easily enjoyed this as a broth.

  195. Valerie N.

    I bought the Tom Yum Paste by Mekhala. The flavor from this paste is intense and made my Asian chicken and noodle bowls so yummy! It is easy to use and made with all organic ingredients. I will definitely buy more of this product.

  196. Terri H.

    It was really delicious! I made the soup recipe attached to the bottle! I loved it, my husband loved it, my neighbor loved it! I will definitely buy again!!

  197. James D.

    I made a noodle vegetable soup and used Tom Yum which turned out to be very tasty. The paste was easy to use and saved me a considerable amount of time to prepare.

  198. JOEL N.

    The Organic Cooking Pastes by Mekhala are great tasting products! I really liked the flavors I was able to create in dishes by using these pastes. They add really good and authentic flavors to your asian recipes. I will be trying all of these products!

  199. Misha G.

    I have always been intimidated trying to imitate my favorite asian foods but the recipes on the tags of these jars made it so easy. I made Tom Yum soup the other day and my kids thought I carried out. I have already picked up all the additional four flavors to try.

  200. Heli S.

    Great tasting paste. Super easy for a quick dinner. I’ll be buying more. Made the Tom Yum soup out of the paste and I can probably get 8 meals from one bottle. Great value.

  201. Jeannette B.

    I feel like you can taste the clean and natural ingredients in these sauces! I used the Tom Yum sauce because it sounded different than curry and it is such a delicious savory flavor addition to so many things. I have tried it mixed into tuna and also added to rice.

  202. Danielle .

    I absolutely loved cooking with Organic cooking pastes by Mekhala. They are super easy to use and have amazing flavor. I’m excited to try them all! #trynatural.

  203. Felecia S.

    #trynatural The organic Tom Yum Paste was delicious as an additive to my soup. It had a strong lime taste and also spicy, which I loved both. There are Other Interesting pastes by Mekhala that I hope to try but Tom Yum is definitely great!

  204. Aide T.

    I’m very happy with the taste and texture of this paste. It makes my dinner taste so much better than before. I also feel good that it’s all organic, all natural and has vegan ingredients. I would recommend it if you’re looking for new flavors in your food.

  205. Sandijoan L.

    The new organic cooking pastes r the best. I love how there r different flavors and they taste like nothing I’ve ever used before. I will certainly tell all my friends about this product and i will certainly be buying it again. What a fantastic product

  206. susan e.

    had to look around carefully at my local Meijer but found the product after much searching. I brought the product home and made a Spanish rice using it it was very yummy but just a bit too spicy for my taste will try kit again but use less of the product next time

  207. Kim F.

    I really enjoyed cooking with these and they had a wide variety of different flavors to try which made dinner that much easier. They tasted amazing! Definitely something that me and my whole family enjoyed trying.

  208. Emily R.

    this product is very good and is also made with really good ingredients. i bought the tom yum sauce and made a curry and i would definitely buy it again.

  209. Serenity R.

    I made Tom yum soup with the Tom yum paste and it was easy and delicious. I also really like that the paste can also be used as a marinade. I’ll have to try that next.

  210. Meaghan D.

    I used this paste to flavor a soup made with coconut milk, shredded chicken, and soba noodles. It was very flavorful and my family enjoyed it. It was slightly spicier than I had anticipated, but not overly so. All my children were able to eat and enjoy it.

  211. Jade F.

    This cooking paste is the absolute highest quality of paste I’ve ever used. It is absolutely delicious and the flavors are incredible. This is absolutely a new staple in my home..

  212. Sally T.

    I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious this product was. Easy to use and was an asset to my meal. I am going to make this a must have in my kitchen!

  213. Jackie C.

    I really enjoyed using the Tim Yum paste, it was rich in flavor. A little really went a long way. Really interested in trying the other flavors

  214. Sara M.

    I made the recipe that was recommended on the tag that was tied to the jar and I thought it was delicious. I won’t be making many soups in the near future due to the change in weather but I definitely will make it again.

  215. Frank B.

    I like to try new things and Im really starting to get into different cooking pastes for stir frys, pastas, and making home made bowl meals.

  216. Alexandra F.

    Nice flavour. Not a huge curry fan so we got the Tom Yum one. It is a really nice adiition to pasta dishes, soups or even added to a chicken dish

  217. Bogdan M.

    I got the Tom Yum paste since I m not a huge curry fan. Was delicious in my soups and pasta, really added a nice flavour. A jar is tiny but goes a long way

  218. Sarah D.

    I made Tom yum soup with the paste and it tastes just like the restaurant I was so happy and glad I have an option if I don’t want to order out!

  219. Lindsay A.

    I tried both the Tom Yum and Lemongrass Turmeric pastes. I was very happy with how my dishes turned out. Both pastes deliver amazing flavor without being too overbearing. I have to keep these around for my cooking from now on. They made cooking a breeze.

  220. Krystina D.

    I did not like the price too much, but the taste was great. I recommended this product to all of my close friends, and some tried it. Some liked it, some did not.

  221. Melinda F.

    Loves the Yum Yum sauce I had a chance to try. It’s of course amazing on things like fried rice but I’m trying to figure out ways to put it on everything.

  222. Rochelle Y.

    I purchased the tom yum paste and it was great! I made some soup with it and added in vegetables. It was a quick, and healthy meal. Good buy

  223. Don W.

    I bought the Tom Yum organic cooking paste from Mekhala. I made some authentic Thai soup with noodles. It was very good tasting. I recommend Makhala cooking paste to anyone who like authentic Thai food.

  224. Beth P.

    I really liked the Tom Yum paste – it’s a sauce I wouldn’t make on my own, so it’s a good one to have already made. Definitely will get again for a variation on my regular meal rotation.

  225. Basia D.

    I really enjoy Tom Yum Ramen when I go out to Asian restaurants so I decided to get that paste and try it. I love how flavorful the paste is and how easy it is to use. Definitely would purchase this again or try other flavors.

  226. Kathy G.

    I don’t usually like these kind of pastes because the flavor is too strong of curry, which I do not like at all. This one added great flavor without being over powering. My family and I enjoyed it.

  227. Brigette F.

    I absolutely love the tom yum past by Mekhala! It tastes delicious and adds a great flavor to the dishes I cook. I look forward to trying the other selections of Mekhala cooking pastes!

  228. Randy L.

    we tried the mekhala organic tom yum paste. it was a very good flavorful product. i would reccomend to all my friends and it is a time saver.

  229. Rhonda Q.

    These cooking pastes are easy to use and very tasty. They are fresh-tasting and vegan. I had a bit of trouble finding them in the storemthough and had to ask for help in locating them. Will try the other flavors, too.

  230. Briana P.

    It was easy to use & delicious. Sometimes I just crave green curry and this satisfies the tastebuds. Mixed with coconut milk and veggies over coconut rice. Perfects for stir fry. It has just the right amount of heat, not too hot & not too mild.

  231. ALICE J.

    I picked up the Mekhala Tom Yum paste. It was delicious! My husband and I tossed it with some roasted veggies and we both loved the unique flavor.

  232. Sophia N.

    I love this product! I am a vegetarian and I love to make different stir fries, curry’s, and noodle soups and it can be hard to find a sauce that doesn’t have animal products. I added this to a vegetable and noodle soup and it added so much flavor. I had never had Tom Yum before but now I am excited to try it!

  233. Joe M.

    I’ve always been a fan of Tom yum soup , but have never made it. I bought tomatoes, mushrooms, jalapenos and tofu and through it into broth with this paste. It was absolutely delicious and healthy!

  234. Christel F.

    I was so excited to try this and it did not disappoint. It was easy to use, mixed well with my dish, and added so much flavor. I can’t wait to try other flavors.

  235. Cathy G.

    I purchased the Tom yum paste at Whole Foods and didn’t know quite how to use it so I followed a recipe that came on the bottle Tom Yum Soba Noodle Souo. I added tge cikatro and it was delicious

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